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The Secret of Flowers

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“Never trust a witch. They will ask for your blood and last whisper in exchange for a paradise. But it doesn’t end in paradise, it never does.” But she was so gentle. “They are demons with no beating heart, and no care for the nature that you walk on. They only want to consume all that is not yet theirs, and all that will soon become theirs.” And he was so quiet.

Fantasy / Romance
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Never share your book with anyone. The knowledge contained within the scripts can cause healing or destruction. Only use with good intentions, and never brew while under the influence of Solai.

Do not fall in love with others who are not Manai. It will never end in paradise, and our blood compels people to do reckless things. For their sake, and yours, do not associate with those who are not like us.

Listen to the plants that surround you. They will guide you and seek to protect you. Hear carefully for the secrets they whisper to you, the warnings tbey caution. Plants are naturally born with the inability to lie. Should you ever be lost, listen to the plants.

Apart from one flower. The Abyss Blossom. You will know if your eyes should ever stumble upon it. Do not listen to its voice, stay away from its perfume, and run the other way. Should a Manai ever be seen holding this flower, exterminate them immediately.

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