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Kosmic: The Rangers of Northern Falls 2

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After another job gone wrong, Sichiro finds himself in max security detainment. Just when he's ready to give up, the High King calls for him

Fantasy / Action
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Heart to Heart

A guard walked down a large, cold, steel corridor with a wooden food tray of some mysterious slop. Murderers and bandits all called out to her from their cells, catcalling, disrespecting and spitting in her direction as she walked.

She reached the large steel door on the other side of the corridor and opened it, inside she found an Elf.

He was naked, his torso was bound by chain so his arms were secured behind his back and his ankles were chained together to the ceiling.

Blood dripped from his nose, evidence he’s been in this position for more time than a doctor would recommend. The guard placed the tray just under him, next to the last four untouched trays.

She scoffed and walked away, slamming the large steel door behind her.

Sichiro listened to the footsteps get fainter, and fainter.

He opened his eyes.

It was morning. He managed to fall asleep again, his muscles and joints ached and his head spun.

He looked at the trays below him, five trays.

Five backstabbers.

The memories came flooding back again, and so did the frustration.

‘Autumn’ he though ‘She was so nice, why would she run with Swiper?’

’She said his name before I mentioned it, and claimed she heard me say it in my sleep? That was the most obvious bullshit she could’ve said, I don’t know why I didn’t confront her right then and there. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.” he mentally cursed to himself.

’I proposed, I brought her to my home, cooked for her, and even showed her my stash-

He paused

Then came to a horrible realization

His nose began to leak a little and he lifted his neck as much as he could, essentially doing sit ups. He took deep breaths and with one mighty effort he kicked his feet below him and lodged the ceiling chain in between his ear and shoulder.

He grunted as he gasped for air, his feet ached but at least now oxygen was reaching his brain.

Suddenly he heard the steel door’s latch unlock and he swung back down

Ryan entered the room with a piece of paper and a bucket of water, he watched Sichiro swing back and forth dramatically

“Getting too restless, are we?” he asked as he closed the large door behind him. He grabbed the only wooden chair in the room and placed it right under Sichiro, Ryan caught the boy by the shoulder and removed the gag.

Sichiro coughed and spat cloth out of his mouth

Ryan sat in the chair, he placed the bucket down and crossed his arms with the paper in-hand

“Look at you, I always knew you’d end up in here but I never thought you’d go so far as to get detained to S class treatment. Honestly I don’t know which to be infuriated with more, the fact that they think so highly of you or that they haven’t hung you yet” he confessed

“Even naked..and upside down. You still find some ways to be jealous of me, I’m touched Ryan” Sichiro said

Ryan got up and tossed the paper aside, he punched Sichiro in the stomach and he let out a big “oof”

“Now, you’re touched” Ryan said

Ryan picked up the water bucket and threw some on Sichiro

Sichiro was already coughing from the initial gut punch but now he was being drowned, he cough violently and shook his head

“You know the routine Sichiro, let’s hurry this up though. We don’t have a lot of time today. do your best! Ryan cheered as he punched Sichiro in the cheek

Sichiro was sent backwards and a new bruise grew just under his eye

Ryan threw blow after blow but none drew blood

“You can take a punch I’ll give you that” Ryan admitted breathlessly as he stopped Sichiro from swinging

“After...a week...you get used to...some methods of...torture” Sichiro responded

“Pity. Anyway it turns out you won’t be in her much longer” Ryan scoffed as he ran a hand through his hair

Sichiro looked at him through a shaggy strand of grey hair

“What?” he asked

“Turns out the expedition the king has been preparing is reaching its final stages and is ready to be carried out, he was going to have us Jaegers lead the party but he’s afraid of the city being attacked by Az’Ra again so” Ryan said grabbing the bucket again

Sichiro closed his eyes as cold water hit him chest and face. He coughed and shook his head

“He’s having convicts be the party, whoever finds what he’s looking for gets an automatic life sentence reduction.” Ryan told him

Sichiro glared at him

“Your story as for you got here, it can wait. I came here to tell you you’ve been personally invited by the High King to participate in the expedition, on the count of some luck or whatever. I could’ve came in here and killed you, told the king you croaked last night but I’m telling you this because you can make up for your wrong doings and still make it back as a free Elf before winter” Ryan told him

“That’s if I come back, why’re you riding so much on me Ryan? Go see Dad yourself, he doesn’t understand why his only blood child doesn’t like being around. We have our differences but that’s no reason to back out on family Ryan” Sichiro lectured

“Oh? And what do you know of family? You wouldn’t understand where I’m coming from, you never had a family of your own to begin with. I’m suffering now because I had those ties, some things break families and sometimes it’s best to just take care of your loved ones from a distance” Ryan said keeping eye contact as he turned his back on him

Sichiro scoffed

“Look at you, being open with your feelings” he teased

Ryan smacked his teeth and walked towards him but the steel door was swung open, it was Ryan’s commanding officer, The head of the Jaeger Regiment, Executive Valentine Phoenix

“Let’s go, Johnson! Time to move out, take that boy down from there and return his belongings then report to ground zero asap. We got a bogie of some sort just on the horizon” The Commander said

“Yes sir!” Ryan saluted

The door closed.

Ryan looked at Sichiro

Sichiro scoffed then smirked

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