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Class clown

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H/n always distrusting your reading. Being loud. Until you get flashbacks.

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H/n= his name

H/n was the class clown, always disrupting your reading, you were the quiet one in class. You were always reading.

Right now he was telling jokes to the whole class, throwing paper everywhere. Making it impossible for you to finish the chapter you were on.

"H/n." you say in a strong demanding voice all over the noise. He stops talking abruptly, his eyes widen and his eyebrows raise attentively.

He was listening... good.

"Shut.up." you say sharply. Your eyebrow raised behind your glasses.

He immediately stands up and walks away from the crowd surrounding him, and starts walking his way over to you.

He leans into your ear and whispers, "Sorryyy." dragging out the 'y'. "Don't do it again." you say softly.

A memory crawled it's way through your thoughts. The memory of telling him off and his immediate obedience following.

Although it wasn't in the classroom, rather in the bedroom... with him whimpering under you.

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