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The Unfound Elements : Part -1

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In Dreamsville and Penelope, two cities in Fanelle, an unfound island near to the antarctic circle. There are 4 unique people who are chosen to represent each of the four elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. In this fantasy, The crystal gems appear to the chosen ones and disappear suddenly, not anywhere but into their heart. This part has 4 chapters and still needs to be completed with a part 2, but I'll complete part 2 within a few days. Personal Note: If you think that this is an unimpressive story, just remember that it was all created by an 11 year old. - Likhila K

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

16th July 1898
In Dreamsville, Fanelle.
An undiscovered island just outside the Antarctic circle.
At Blake's house, it was a fight between his parents.
"Yes hunny?"
"How do you explain this lipstick stain on your shirt?!"
Blake put on his headphones and sat down on a corner of his room, sobbing as his parents fought.
"Why god?! Why?! What did I do to deserve this?!"
Suddenly, he felt a wave in his body. Such a specific wave of heat, flames and anger. He took off his headphones and smashed them on the ground. Blaze marched up to the living room furiously and yelled.
"Stop this, you guys!!"
Blake's parents turned to him, surprised.
"Just, just stay quiet, I beg you".
He walked back up to his room and looked down on the floor. To his shock, he saw a red ruby. Blake realised that the ruby seemed familiar. Wait! It was the stone in his headphones! The headphones were the ones that his best friend gave him. Blake took the diamond and held it to his heart. Blake's best friend
had left a long time ago, and gave the headphones to Blake before he left.

Just and he wiped a tear from his eye, another one fell on the red ruby, making it shine and, disappear. Blake was shocked and nervous for some reason.
Turns out, the ruby held some magical powers.

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