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The Alpha Wants Everything Book 2 The Devil's Baker

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Welcome to Black Shadow. A species of werewolf like no other. Torture drives them, fear excites them, a demon mind is no place for the weak. A pack so savage, so brutal only one can lead them. An Alpha that stands more powerful than any other and known as The Devil. Adonis Bradshaw a walking nightmare. The man all fear. Mercy and remorse are not two words in his vocabulary. For when you mess with The Devil, he brings hell when he comes for you. An innocent with a past cloaked in darkness and pain, Kenzi Templeton is pure light and warmth the likes of which you have never known. The perfect sunshine on a beautiful day, that you wait a lifetime to feel again. Hope is a four letter word she clings to. When the world is raging and crying around her there is always hope it will get better. The Devil wants his mate. An Angel hopes for her fairy tale. But Fate is still playing it's hand. What happens when The Devil meets his Angel? What does Fate have in store for them? Is there enough hope to see them through to the end or will hell swallow them both?

Fantasy / Romance
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His feet pound the ground like rolling thunder as he ran through the dense forest of Algonquin Park. He needed to clear his head, he needed to run. Having just gone through his yearly round of when are you going to find your mate with the man who still claimed he was his father he needed the wind in his fur. How can you still claim to be someone’s father when you reject them? ‘Come up for a visit son, it’ll be fun.’ That was a lie, it was never fun. The hellbeast in his head growled when he heard the word roll off the man’s tongue, son, it sounded demeaning, fake and insincere. The man only calls him son when it suits him. It was not the word the bastard really wanted to say. ‘We don’t see you that much.’ Think there might be a reason. He kept the visits far apart for a fucking reason, he didn’t want to have the same conversation more than once a fucking year nor did he want to see them anymore than that. Seeing them once a year was generous and torturous enough. Considering they still looked upon him like he was the defective one. The broken one. Him and Odin argued over whether or not to make amends with his family, Odin was against it; he hated them and made it a point to let them know every chance he got. He would growl and grumble like an unappeased tantruming child. Are you sure that’s all me? Shut up! Adonis used the winning argument of keeping your friends close but your enemies closer to sway Odin onto his side. It wasn’t really amends, it was more a civil discord based on a deep-seated loathing. Basically it just meant he wouldn’t kill them on sight and he promised Odin he could make his displeasure for them known as loud as he wants. Truthfully if it wasn’t for the man that took him in and treated him like a son he’d wash his hands of his old family. He’d have destroyed them a long time ago and been done with it. The packs share a border, and that fact alone was the reason why he hadn’t done just that. Sure things are fine for a day or two then the questions, the frustrations, the annoyances. ‘So son have you found your mate?’ No. ‘When are you going to find her Adonis?’ When I do. ‘Are you even looking for her Adonis?’ He would stare blankly, refusing to answer that question. It was none of his fucking business whether or not he was looking for his mate. He was looking and has been looking for his mate for years, but has not had any luck finding her. He has gone to every Mate Ball, every year in every state or province that holds them in hopes that she’ll be there.

Most werewolves shift at sixteen and find their mates within two years of their first shift, but he was an early shifter, meaning his wolf was stronger then most. When he still hadn’t found his mate at eighteen rumours started flying. The Devil doesn’t get rewarded with a mate. He was a ruthless, cold, heartless, savage, brutal beast. Some even said he was born without a soul, maybe they were right. He took great joy in destroying things, pleasure in ripping them apart. Torturing them until they screamed and begged him to stop and his wolf seemed to have an unquenchable thirst to spill the blood of others. The longer his search went for her, the meaner, the angrier and the more distant and destructive he became, but he wasn’t always like that, before he became The Devil, he was just a boy. Now twenty one and still mateless he had the strongest pack in Canada, Black Shadow Pack, the problem was his pack didn’t have a home, didn’t have a territory, no place to call theirs. He wouldn’t settle until he found his mate, so they travelled all over Ontario looking for her. When his search in Quebec came up empty handed, his Beta Jackson was relieved. He couldn’t stand French girls, he thought them snotty and a little stuck up. Jackson could be a bit of an asshole though and had no problems running his mouth, he’s gotten them in trouble a few times. Maybe it was time to branch out to the west. He’s always liked the mountains. When he was younger he would travel to British Columbia as often as he could, they felt home for him.

The rest of the conversation with his father played out in his head, then his brother had to chime in with his two cents. He’s a fucking idiot so all he has is two cents. ‘Every Alpha needs his Luna!’ Think I don’t know that, Eric, but are you sure you want that. Even unmated, I am still stronger than you. My mate will only make me stronger. ‘You’re the last one to find your mate even Evan found his mate.’ Of course Evan found his mate, she literally fell in his lap. He was pretty sure if that didn’t happen Evan’s laziness would have kept him from finding one. That being said when Evan did find his mate there were rumours and speculations that they would have to share one. He made an extra trip home that year to put those rumours to bed. When the woman in question walked into Eric’s office they all looked at him with glee on their faces to see if he felt the bond. Those looks quickly fell when he asked who the fuck she was and where was his supposed mate. Her snarky reply was to call herself his mate. He laughed, and replied with a simple No and walked away. He was thankful the whore wasn’t his mate. He would have snapped Evan’s neck right there in the office and rejected her. No way in hell he would touch anything his degenerate twin touched and he wasn’t sharing. The Devil doesn’t share!

The youngest of twelve brothers he was the last one to be mated, maybe the rumours were true, The Devil doesn’t get a mate. Don’t say that! He could hear Odin’s disgust at his words in his head. He had a lot to say when it was suggested he take a mate, like most of his brothers had. Odin was the reason he needed to run. He swore up and down that he would never touch or mark another that wasn’t his true mate. He also went as far as threatening to eat her. How would he explain that? Gee took your advice and picked a nice she-wolf too bad the psychotic furball in my head fucking ate her! Maybe that would make him stop asking! Though he was the youngest, he was the tallest, biggest and the strongest of his brothers. He was also the most different. He was the bad seed, the rotten apple, the black sheep and all those other clichés. He was the tarnish on his father’s existence, and they loved to remind him of this. The only one of his son’s unable to find their mate. He was an embarrassment, though he had many accomplishments far more than any of his brothers, that was the only thing they saw. The mateless son.

His twin Evan older by three minutes and yes he points it out every single fucking time, though born identical, they did not stay that way. They had the same face, same brow structure, same chiseled jaw, same nose, though Evan’s was now slightly bent after Adonis broke it…..twice. One can only hear well I’m older by three minutes so many times before they lose their shit and snap. There were a few glaring differences between the two. Standing taller, just shy of 6’11 he towered over everyone. The broadness of his well defined muscular chest has on occasion been compared to the width of a sequoia, if he wasn’t being called The Devil he was being referred to as a monster. He was big, lean and mean. His eyes were a deep emerald green with golden swirls, while Evan’s like the rest of his family were a lighter shade of green and he stood only 6’6, he was not the shortest of his brothers, more in the middle. They all ranged in height from 6’4 to 6’8. The one huge difference that started this whole he was The Devil thing. Their hair colour, again like the rest of them Evan was dirty blonde, while his own turned jet black with a blue tinge when he was four. Then there was Odin, his wolf, bigger, faster and more powerful. He was a force, standing almost seven feet tall. He was impressive. Pure black all over, but it was his eye colour that had others shaking, the colour of burning fire. They would see the glow and know The Devil was coming for them.

Being in a national park he knew he needed to be careful and keep to the thicker part of the woods, but sometimes he couldn’t help himself. He would watch the humans going about their walks and hikes, not a care in the world. Unknown to them that a predator was stalking them. How easily he could just snatch one up if he wanted. He was also starting to feel an itch that he needed to scratch. Just pick one! Odin barked in his head. Now, Odin, I can’t just pick one! What does it matter? You’re just going to fuck ’em and chuck ’em! Crude Odin! Though Odin had a point, that was his intention. He had a rule, just sex no strings, no intimacy of any kind. No hand holding, no promises, no sweet talk or whispered words, no cuddling afterwards and absolutely no kissing on the lips. He didn’t want to be intimate with anyone other than his mate. How about the stupid blonde? Odin suggested. He looked over at the blonde jogging down the trail, she seemed sporty and in good shape, a little too much make up for his liking. No, we can do better! The brunette? The one slapping mosquitoes? Sure why not? You can kiss the bug bites away! What has you so pissy? I want our mate, not whores and one night stands! Not you too! What? I’m looking, I’ve been looking for years! Pulling himself deeper into the woods and away from the main trail he continued on his run.

I know you’ve been looking, just not as actively as you once were! Maybe I’m losing hope of finding her. Maybe I’m not so sure she’s out there! She’s out there! Yeah! Just like Santa Claus! No longer in the mood to run, he slowed down to a trot. The blonde wasn’t so bad! Not interested anymore! Wanna kill something? That’s your answer for everything! Yours is too fuck it! Touché! Debating on whether to find something to kill or someone to fuck, he heard a sound, a voice, enchanting and bewitching. What is that? I don’t know, but I like it! Me too! It captivated him, enthralled him to hunt it down, he wanted to know who it belonged to. Following the sound, most humans stick to the main trails, only experienced hikers ventured this deep and they never sang. The closer he got to the voice the more active Odin became. What’s wrong? He asked, pausing his search for the owner of the alluring voice. I don’t know, but I’m excited! Well calm down. I can’t, keep walking! Moving with purpose now through the shadows of the woods he came upon a small clearing in the trees. He kept his distance, but what he saw in the clearing, took his breath. A girl was dancing, he watched the way her body moved and swayed to whatever music she was listening to. Not a care at the looks some people were giving her, her eyes were closed and she had the brightest smile on her delicate face. She was enjoying herself, and completely unaware that she was singing loud enough others could hear.

Swallowing hard he wanted to move closer, but he would risk being seen if he did. All the fucking hikers seemed to be out today. Assholes! He never took his eyes off the girl, they travelled up and down her body. The cami she wore hugged her, accentuating her ample breast and her slender waist. Her pants showing off the curve of her nice round bottom. I want to bite it! Control yourself Odin! Her hair was tucked under a cap but the tendrils that escaped were dark and the colour of the skin of a plum and she had a tattoo at the base of her neck. Following her movements carefully she danced herself deeper into the woods and he followed not too far behind. Odin grew more and more excited in his head with each step he took closer to the girl, till he said the one word he’s waited years to hear. MATE! A scent hit him, strong and intoxicating he drew it into his lungs, needing it like oxygen. Closing his eyes he let it fill him, swirling around him….lavender and green apples. Just like that the scent was gone and when he opened his eyes so was the girl. Panic filling him, he started looking for her. No he did not spend years searching for her to lose her now. Picking up his speed he located her further down the path. His little dancer was fast on her feet. Where is she going? Whichever direction her feet dance!

She stopped again in another small clearing between the trees. Her button nose, her high cheekbones, and the full pout of her natural crimson lips. Though they never stopped smiling, he knew when they did they were the shape that beckoned to be kissed, and oh how he wanted to. She was his mate, they were made for him to kiss. His mate, he found her, and she was human. In truth he didn’t care too much for the human species, they did serve their purpose from time to time. Yeah, when you’re fucking horny they don’t want to be your Luna if you fuck them! Classy Odin! Jus sayin! However he was not wrong. Being an Alpha if he screwed a she-wolf she’d think she was going to be Luna. Humans not knowing of the werewolf species was a benefit. Sure you got the occasional clingy one that wanted a relationship but that was a minor detail. But this was his mate, the one created just for him he could care less that she was human. Moving closer to the clearing, he wanted a better look at her. Little was an understatement she was tiny. Under five feet for sure. His tiny little dancer. He wanted to see her eye colour but she never turned to face him. Why do I smell baked goods? I don’t know! He was picking up another scent as well. He crouched low using the bushes to hide himself and when she passed by his eyes blackened. No this can’t be! His mate was untouched, she was pure. His core stirring, he wanted to touch her now more than ever. Listening to hear if any others were around he started to shift back into human form.

Checking again to make sure others weren’t coming, he looked to see if his mate was still in the clearing. It delighted him that she was still there and didn’t dance off somewhere. She was standing on a rock trying to reach into the tree high above her head to get something. He could see the hem of her cami lifting up the higher she reached. What is on her back? Focusing on the small of her back he saw what appeared to be the edges and tips of scars. No, do not tell me someone hurt her. Do not tell me someone dared to lay a finger on her! Between his want to touch her and his anger that someone might have harmed her he wasn’t thinking clearly. Before Odin could say anything to stop him he was standing behind her. His arm circled around her resting his hand on her flat stomach and he pulled her to his bare chest. She released a startled gasp and froze in place. The feeling of her pressed against him caused currents to rip through his body. Sparks danced across his skin when he felt the feathery touch of her tender little fingers on his arm.

“Don’t turn around” his voice low and gravelly as he whispered in her ear. She nodded her head in understanding.

The height of the rock she was standing on meant he didn’t have to bend too much to breathe her scent in, letting it fill him over and over again. His other hand gently slid down her bare arm, his fingers gliding over her smooth silky skin, till he found her phone in her pocket. Pulling the cord for her headphones he wanted to hear what she was listening to. Headphones by Hedley. Restarting the song he began to move their hips together in time to the beat. Pressing her more into him they swayed to the music. He felt her sharp intake of air when his lips brushed the back of her neck across her tattoo, three lilies, three delicate, intricate lilies. One blue in the center, with an amethyst one on either side and a green vine detail. He growled slightly when the next song came on and switched it to something more fitting of close contact. Stiffening slightly when he nuzzled her neck but her head tilted, giving him better access. He drew her scent into him, Odin purring in his head. His hand trailed up and down her body as he tasted the flesh of her neck. Moving on its own her body pressed more into his, turning shock and tingle into electric pulses flowing through him. Pushing her shirt higher, he wanted more, more of her to touch, more contact with her silky soft skin, he craved it. A small moan escaped her when his hand slid across her stomach, her back arched and an involuntary shiver ran up her spine. Her fingers on his arm tightened their grip when the soft brush of lips turned more demanding. Snaking her free arm around his neck, she pulled him closer to her. He wanted more, he wanted to taste her, drink from her.

“Close your eyes” he growled lightly in her ear, she swallowed hard but nodded again. When he saw them close, he turned her head to face him. He was right when those lips aren’t smiling, they are beckoning you to kiss them. Sweeping a strand of silky plum coloured hair from her face he untucked one of her ears from the cap she was wearing. His thumb traced the delicate tip of her pointy little elf ear. She was truly remarkable. Pushing the cap from her head, the rest of her plum coloured hair tumbled down around her shoulders. Catching a soft tendril between his fingers he twirled the strand around them over and over watching, feeling how it easily slipped between them. He brushed his lips across hers and they parted. Inviting him for more, calling him to do it again. He took in more of her features, beautiful long eyelashes lined the lids of her eyes. A small scar above her top lip, he couldn’t help but wonder how she got it. He brushed his lips across hers again, and her lips parted farther. Electricity flowed through him, and he had to take from her,

Mine!” He whispered before he pressed his lips to hers, her mouth moved under his. Their bodies continued to sway to the music, his hands continued to caress her, pulling her closer. He pressed against her, he wanted her, he wanted to do everything he refused to do with other girls. He pushed to deepen the kiss, he pushed for more and she granted it to him. She gave him what he wanted, then he heard footsteps. Others were approaching. Fucking humans wreck everything! On pack territory if they came across a naked wolf caressing a young woman they would think nothing of it and mind their own fucking business. But around humans, if they came across a naked man caressing a young woman they would call it assault and he would have to kill them. Kissing her one more time, hard and demanding he let her go and ran back into the woods shifting the second he hit the shadows.


In his haste to leave his mate, he moved too quickly, he heard her startled scream and he looked back in time to see her fall from the rock and hit the ground hard. Just fucking perfect! He kissed her then threw her to the ground, some mate he was. He was about to go back to her, but the others came upon her too quickly and he had to hide.

“Are you ok?” One asked, she was tall and her chestnut brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She was in the process of helping her to her feet, while the other picked up her hat. She tried to walk but she stumbled again and they caught her before she hit the ground.

“I fallded off the rock!” Her voice, her melodious voice, was music to him.

“What were you doing on the rock?” The other one who was blond asked, as she handed her back her hat.

“I wantded to see what the tree was,” she said, looking back at the tree.

“It’s a walnut tree, come on we’ll help you back to the parking lot” the brunette said. She nodded and smiled politely at them, but glanced back to the woods briefly, before she allowed the two girls to take her away. No, no, no that is our mate. We have to go back for her!. Easy Odin, we will find her again, we know what she smells like now! He found her once, he could do it again. Besides, how long could it possibly take…..

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