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Twaya the Forest princess

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Not knowing that she is a forest princess and that she have super powers, she decide to help people's that are searching for a forest princess to take her power away.

Fantasy / Adventure
Vistolina Visto
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Chapter 1: The search for Twaya in the forest

On the other side of the forbidden forest there's a big part of the village, in the village there's a big garden house with a lot of beautiful flowers and lived a King who makes all the decisions.

When princess Rica, the King's daughter turned 20, they decided to get her married to one village guy. Rica was never fond of the man moreover he was quite big for her, so she planned to run away. The people from the village know how to walk through the forest because they're protected by a certain magical flower which they regarded as their clan. So their ancestors are all over. Rica always wore a pendant that her mother gave her since she was little.

Rica ran away from the village and move to the city . She was just a village girl and that too a princess but now she have to give up her title as a princess. The River city is near the Forest and beside there's a small river. When she arrive in the city, she started looking for a job. She got a job in one house as a maid. People at the village kept looking for her, and later they have realized she escaped. In the house she was working everyone is very sweet. There live a grand mother , 3 grand children, a young man Risto, he almost the same age as Rica and other housemates. Everyone liked Rica because she was hardworking and very nice. Risto seems to like her.

One day, grand mother start telling children about the forbidden Forrest. It's an old forest. But no one is allowed to enter the forest before the sun rise or after the sun set. If anyone set foot in the after that then, they're never going to be seen and nobody knows where they go. She told the that there a curse in the forest that's why. The children asked a lot of questions. Their grand mother told the that it was evening time the topic is out of bounds as it's was never something to be discussed or told after the sunset. Rica was stunned as she is hearing the story about the forest for the first time. Her parent never said anything about the forest or any spell that has been cast on the forest. She know that they do walk in the forest but it was never the side of the River city, so maybe it might be true. She couldn't ask grandmother as it was very late.

As Rica was missing home, she phone her
mother and tell her she was fine, as she know her mother not to worry too much. She tell her not to tell her not to tell anyone that she contacted her. If the King hear where she is, they wouldn't spare her, and she might be punished. Her mother reminded her not to take her pendant of as it is very precious and will always protect her no matter what. Rica wanted to ask about the forest story but she hang up as she heard the King's voice.
One day, they heard that a man from the city disappeared as he was following his horse that entered the forest. Rica asked grand mother if all the stories about the forest are actually true. She said they were all true. Rica was so curious about all this but she can't ask her mother as she do not want to go back to their village.

After months, Risto and Rica start developing romantic feeling for each other. People in the house did not really notice that something was going on between these two. As one day there was a wedding at the neighboring house, all decide to go except Rica. Risto came back home to Rica. He was a little bit intoxicated and give some drink to Rica too, as they are both drunk they both confess their love for each other. They start romance, kissing and make love. Just after days, she found out she is pregnant and told Risto. Risto asked the whole family to gather and he told everyone that he want to get married to Rica and that too soon. When they asked why he is rushing, he said he love her a lot and he can't just wait to get married. The family agreed, everyone knows Rica is a very nice lady and is perfect. Then after day they got married as they just wanted it simple.

When some week past they told the family that Rica is expecting. The family got overjoyed by this news. Though she was just a housewives, she got all the love from her husband and the in-laws. She often go to doctors for checkups. One day when she was going to the doctor, the pendant bale worn out and it fell off her neck, She started feeling uneasy as her ancestor calls the unborn baby. She fast catch it and felt better. She did not understand this, and thought it was normal for pregnant women.

After nine months, she gave birth to a baby girl and they named her Twaya. She is an adorable and cute baby. The baby stayed in the house few days after birth. One day when Rica was bathed the baby, the pendant accidentally touched the baby, and she saw a glowing flower moon on the baby's hand. She didn't tell anyone, now she figured out why her mother always tell not to lose the pendant and always to wear it.

The family planned to do laundry at the river. The was a nice weather. Even the mother and the baby also went. The was on her bassinet just across to the river. While everyone was busy washing clothes, the baby moved her hand and it faced the river. If the hand shakes thrice, then the bassinet have to move towards the pointed side as this child is not normal and have got super power . Rica was touched by one magical butterfly when she was small but her mother gave her a pendant so nobody knows except her mother. She gave her a pendant, so she can live a normal life. So, when the child shake her hand thrice, the bassinet moved into the river floating without sinking and start moving to the side where the water is flowing . When they all found out, the baby was gone far. A stock flew and pick the child's basket and move into the forest. It was almost evening, how do we enter the forest?, Grand mother asked with teary eyes?

Rica took the pendant out and gave it to grand mother to wear it so they go and search for the baby. Rica told everyone to go home while her and grand mother will search for the baby. So the went in the forbidden Forrest. Where will they heard too?

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