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Love more deadly than poison

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Sarah is reincarnated as an unfortunate character in her favourite novel not as a main character or villain but as a sickly side character who died at the hands of her best friend. will she be able to live a normal life or will she die like in the original novel?

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My name is Sarah your everyday attractive kindergarten teacher, I got transmigrated into my favourite bl novel ''love that can't come true'' it's a twisted novel with alot of tragedy, now that I think about it my way of dying as Sarah was very shameful.

Some of my colleagues and I went drinking and when I'm drunk I turn into a glutton, so I was drunk and I saw two pieces of chicken and I thought to myself "If I eat one someone is going to take the other" so I took both pieces and tried eating both at once and in the process the chicken leg got stuck in my throat and I choked to death.

Still to this day I look back to that day and felt like dying was a good thing because I wouldn't be able to live with that embarrassment, Anyways back to the story.

And the saddest death from the story was my death of course! will not my death but the original owner of this body's death just imagine getting killed by your best friend even though you are already dying from sickness just because you told them you were in love with someone you had no idea they liked.

Nova was said to be one of those motherless children, her life was filled with misery being told by her father and brothers that she was her mother's murderer, being unfavored by her father and brothers made her an easy target for the maids to bully.

Not even on her birthday, she could have enjoyed it because on that day she would lock herself in her room to avoid her emotional father and brothers from hitting and abusing her blaming her every second of her life that she was a murderer.

On her 7th birthday, she developed an incurable disease, only then did her father and brother notice that she was very important in their life "yeah I know it's really twisted like one day they hate her and the next they now know she's important to them like, if that's not twisted I don't know what is". They tried to turn over a new leaf, but her past 6 years 11 months 17 days 12 hours, and 35 seconds still in counting of being called a murderer and abused left a big and deep scar that made her unable to forgive them.

She was truly a pitiful character and she also had otherworldly beauty.

I got transmigrated when Nova was 6 years old and she met Neol(uke) when she was 4 years old.

Will I be able to survive in such an unlucky character body?

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