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The Dragon and the Seer

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Stowed away in a reclusive temple, in the middle of a forgotten forest, was a boy. A boy who was gifted with the Sight. He was able to see events that have yet to pass and ones that never will. These events come in the form of visions that are so real that he cannot always tell what is a vision and what is reality. One day however, the vision he has had the longest, came to pass in front of his eyes. An injured dragon falls at his feet and with it a darkness that swallows everything in its path. Forced to flee his home he vows to take his new friend back home and to destroy this darkness once and for all.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

The trees whirled into a frenzy as a sudden gust of wind tore through the branches. They rocked back and forth like they would be ripped from the ground that they clung to so desperately.

And in a clearing in the middle of the trees stood a boy. His eyes were shut and his arms outstretched as if he were trying to catch the wind.

An agonizing scream rang out from above causing the boy to open his eyes. A gigantic mass flew above the forest, twisting and turning in a fit of rage.

Four smaller shapes circled the mass, attacking it from all sides. The dark mass batted one of the figures out of the sky and it began hurtling into the forest.

The boy looked down and counted out exactly three steps. Not a moment later a large tree fell onto the clearing, completely engulfing it except for a small patch of grass where the boy was standing.

"Bashiri!" A frantic voice could barely be heard over the monstrous battle overhead.

Not long after a man in white robes came scurrying out of the trees. Relief and terror flooded his face as he saw the boy. "Bashiri we must get back to the temple, it's not safe out here!"

The boy didn't really see much point in going back, he would snap out of it soon enough.

The man grew increasingly worried as he didn't move from his spot. "Bashiri I must insist that we leave!"

"It's fine!" Bashiri shouted. "It will be over in just a moment!"

Another blast of wind whooshed in the clearing, making small twigs and other debris fly through the air.

"Bashiri please!" The man pleaded.

The boy turned away right as a small rock propelled towards his face. This was expected. He knew how this would go from the beginning. The rock would hit him and he would wake up back under the giant oak by the pond.

The rock did hit him in the face, but he did not wake up.

He stumbled back clutching his hand to his cheek.

He blinked slowly, the realization dawning on him. He lifted his hand from his face. A stinging pain laced through his cheek as blood started to trickle down.

"This is. Real?" He breathed.

"Yes! Yes it's real! Now can we please go back?"

A gut-wrenching screech echoed from the sky.

They both whipped their heads towards the sound as the large mass fell to the forest floor.

The man sighed with relief. "There! Now let's get out of here before-"

But the boy was already racing towards the spot where it had fallen.

The man called out for him again but he ignored it.

A bolt of excitement darted through him. After all this time. He was finally going to see what it was!

Branches snatched at his face and clothes but he didn't care.

He ran and ran until his feet landed on upturned dirt at the edge of a large crater, ragged breathing rumbling out of it. Smoke billowed out of the hole, obscuring his view.

He had waited so long to see what it was; now that it was finally hear his whole body shook. Clenching his shaking hands he made his way into the crater.
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