The Guardians' Blade

By Bluegemstone All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


The Golden Realms is a realm that holds five unique races. Enter in the Guardians of the Black Watch, who strive to keep the Warlords of the north from invading. Sir Soryn Krammer is ordered to travel to the Brazen Pony Inn with his companions on a very important mission. They need to look into the various attacks on the Dilbare plains, and the mysterious Wolf King. An unexpected arrival causes the Guardian's plans to be altered slightly. Serenia explores each and every race thoroughly that they visit. She is young and innocent but swiftly learns that each race is as unique as the next. She is happy in her scouting as she explores this land, to see if it is fit for her people to make it their home.


A thunderous crack caused the ground to shake as a flash in the sky cause several farmers to stop their tasks and look up. The clouds in a certain area of the sky seemed to be turning various colors of orange, red and yellow, spreading outwards and rapidly enlarging within seconds. Then what looked like a ball of fire punched through the clouds, arching through the sky and hurtling south. The farmers of the plains of Dilbare were not the only ones to notice this strange phenomonone. The loud leathered beats of wings announced the arrival of two dragon riders, who perched upon a rocky cragg. Their high mountain vantage point allowed them to look out over the landscape below and track to ball of flame.

“I want her found.”One of the rider’s spoke. His voice came out from beneath the cowl that covered his head, like a silken hiss. “I want her found and brought to me.”

“My Lord are we sure she is the one? There have been others sighted in the past.” The rider astride the smaller dragon shifted slightly in the saddle. A gloved hand held the reins in a grip that showed he was well use to commanding such beasts to do his wish. His voice was low and guttural as if he found it difficult to speak in the same language as that of his fellow companion.

“I am certain. I have had a vision, this one is the child of prophecy who will join the Lords of the realm against us. Hence we must capture her and ensure her power is contained and used for our purposes.” The Lord turned his head to regard the other with glimmering red eyes. “It is time.” He lifted a hand and pointed back the way they had flown. “It is time we prepared.” Nudging the sides of his dragon he urged the beast up into the air. Its great wings beat heavily as it ascended upwards and then banked slowly in an arc to fly back over the mountains of Drakebare which acted as a border between the icy wastes of the north and the beauty of the south. The second rider followed swiftly in his wake.

Miles away smoke rose up from a massive crater where the ball of fire had landed. A couple of farmers crept to the edge, and tried to peer through the smoke at what had crashed on their land. At first they could not see anything but then there was movement which held their focus. A small little figure crawled up the edge of the crater, before slowly reaching the top and stepped through the smoke. To the onlookers, this creature looked out of this world. Softly glowing with a faint outline of a form, the very sight caused the farmers to scream and flee. “What did I do?” The voice was soft and faint but not clear. The language it spoke in was unknown to this world.

The form slowly walked across farmland and towards a nearby village, where it was able to observe the people of this land. It gained an idea of an appropriate form to take while in this realm. Quickly it stole behind some bushes, the creature concentrated on changing its current form into something that it could blend in with the folk of this realm. Soft glowing light swirled around its form as a figure took shape and solidified. When the light faded a young woman stepped out from the bushes clad in pale gray clothing, with dark auburn hair and glimmering sapphire blue eyes. She stretched arms above her head and smiled as she moved towards the village. This time no one fled from her in terror, she was greeted with hellos and curious questions of where she had come from. She was offered a glass of milk straight from the bucket of a passing farmer and a freshly baked roll from the baker. These were friendly folk, she felt warm and welcomed, as she took her first steps in this realm. She only had to hope the rest of the folk she would come across where the same. She was here on a mission, to explore this realm and see if there was a possibility for her people to settle amongst the other races who called it home. Only time would tell.

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