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By Arin_Asthana All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Action

The Legend

POV: The Performer

“The legend says that a long while ago, in the blistering edge of the twenty-first century there were five teens and one god who fought till their last breath to save the planet they called home from the beasts of the dark.

Although those mighty souls that once rested themselves on our planet are in the dimension of the immortals their stories are still told in the mortal realm.

Only one of them was a god, but to us puny humans all of them were the almighty. Today I will tell you the epic that literally changed the fate of this planet.” Said the performer.

All he said was true, and the story of these young lords started off on a wild and stormy night. There was once a baby name Erin and his parents Sarah and James came from a dinner date on Valentine’s Day of twenty-twenty-seven.

“Well, that was so romantic, James!” Said Sarah.

“The rain only made it better, you and me under a black umbrella. Julie now you may leave.” Said Erin’s dad.

Julie left with her five dollars fees.

All of a sudden a weird hole appeared with shiny stars visible inside. What came out of that hole was terrible. A dark force, hard to see, an apparition perhaps; came and grabbed Sarah’s neck and threw her on the ground. James, on the other hand, started shooting golden manna. And the apparition fell down. Huge horns started to come out of the apparitions head and it took a definite shape.

It looked like a dragon standing on its two legs with a mane of black fire. It was the size of the room. His whole armored black body had a purple accent. And the most noticeable sign on his whole body was a spiral which only read havoc.

Out of the mysterious creature suddenly came a black beam with a purple helix surrounding it and it touched Sarah and James and turned them into ashes. After causing the havoc it went in the same hole he came from.

And the next morning the house was a crime scene. And Erin was all alone. On the next day, baby Erin got adopted Gwen, who had a baby as old as Erin himself.

Erin found himself a new family and was older now, in fact, he just entered 8th with his brother George. Although Erin was very small back in the day of the havoc he remembered every single detail and was waiting for the right moment to strike back.

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