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Pluna : The Dawn of Mystical World

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"The heavenly lights has shone upon her, she's the one 'The Equalizer', " he said astonished by what he saw but terrified at the same time. "There are certain deep gruesome mysteries which she has to uncover herself, because it's only her power that can make her the saviour or the villain in the history of Pluna." Siya an orphan girl who lives with her Uncle, Aunt and cousin because her parents died in an accident or so she has been told. The Kashyap's hate Siya or say fear her since the most prominent secret they have learnt has now turned into life threatening secret of Kashyap family. One wrong step and they shall be erased from existence. When Siya comes of age she learns she can do things beyond imagination. She learns that her maternal cousins possess the same powers like her and they call themselves Powerizers. She sees there's a whole another world of people like her, a world known as Pluna. She is hunted for her immense power. She has to find out whether she is the prophesized one - The Equalizer, the one to bring everlasting peace or is she the one prophesized as the greatest villain of Pluna. Will she succeed in finding the truth with the help of her cousins? And what mysteries will she uncover in the course of her journey?

Fantasy / Action
Nitara Ramam
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Mr. and Mrs. Kashyap lived in Number 47, Poonam Colony. Both of them were perfect definition of evil people. Funding and supporting illegal activities were kind of their full-time hobbies. They had a talent for uncovering secrets of people and why not after all it was their profession.

Mr. Kashyap was a reporter at Central Picture News. He was muscular, lean and quite a handsome man of his age. He had a perfect jaw line that made him look dashing and talk of the town. Ladies who are often engrossed in daily soap dramas would find themselves gaping at the news channel of their television screens just to have a glance of him. Mrs. Kashyap was no less, beautiful, bold, courageous and fashion smuggler. Top Fashion Designer of the town, lesser the people knew how she actually had gathered those trophied collection. They had a son called Neil who in their opinion was the cutest boy they had ever seen.

They were quite a power couple of the town, nobody could really touch them but not long enough when their talent of meddling into people’s lives caused them trouble. The most prominent secret they learned had now turned into life threatening secret of Kashyap family. They imagined that this was the Kohinoor treasure they had waited all their life, the breaking news that would hit the front page and would become the discovery of the millennium, lesser did they know that the treasure was guarded with serpents, dare to touch and the poison would suffocate you.

The secret had turned into noose around the neck for the Kashyap family and their greatest fear was that somebody would find out. If it ever happened, they knew they would be erased from existence. It was their duty that nobody ever learns about Piyali Arya Singhania. Mr. Kashyap had a brother called Ruhaan Kashyap and Piyali was his wife. Now, Piyali was pregnant with his child and Ruhaan didn’t care. The child gave Mr. and Mrs. Kashyap much more reason to fear. They didn’t want Neil to learn anything about it in future and suffer the same fate. Moreover, mixing with a child like that would be dangerous they thought.

Mr. and Mrs. Kashyap woke up on a dim early Thursday morning around 5:30 AM from where our story starts. Mr. Kashyap stretching his hands trying to open his eyes got off his bed took out his lucky shirt for work and Mrs. Kashyap slipped from her bed to prepare breakfast for Neil. She peeped out of window to see something that appeared strange mysterious lights in the sky, it looked like Northern Lights. She kept staring at it and then poof it was gone. She turned towards Mr. Kashyap, they glared at each other, then he walked towards bathroom trying to ignore.

At the breakfast table they came together. Neil was sitting on his feeding chair, throwing toys here and there. At eight’ o clock, Mr. Kashyap picked his bag gave a kiss on Neil’s forehead and left for office. He opened the fencing door of his house and saw a silver-haired teenage girl in violet and aquarish green sort of uniform with brown eyes standing across the street stared right at him. He took a deep breath and then the girl walked away.

He immediately rushed into his car and drove off to Central Picture News. He rushed to his cabin sat down and drank lots of water to calm himself down. He asked his peon for an espresso, that’s when his boss dashed into his cabin.

“Do you have any plans of bringing a good story to hit the front page?” he asked annoyingly.

“I am working on it,” replied Mr. Kashyap lowering his eyes.

“Yes, you better hurry up, your vacation and coffee, it’s been long. What has happened to you? You were the best reporter of the town like no one could beat you”, asked his boss confused about his strange behavior.

He mumbled, “I am sorry I haven’t been myself lately.”

“And what happened to that big story where you, your brother and your wife was working on?”

Mr. Kashyap was shocked with that question, he took a pause and said, “Ahh…. yaa it failed, actually it was just…. a big misconception.”

His boss made a weird face and left the cabin. Mr. Kashyap was terrified he didn’t even want to talk about his brother, he wished that his brother had never ever existed. He opened the windows of his cabin to get some fresh air. He saw a strange white pigeon sitting on the tree. The pigeon had strange violet eyes and a broad yellow outline below its eyes. Most of the body of the pigeon was white but the end of its feathers had yellow violet colors. Since when such birds started existing, he thought. The bird turned its neck and looked right at him. Then flew downwards on the street and sat on the shoulder of the same silver haired girl standing down on the road far away. He took a few steps back as he saw that, rushed towards his chair and started his office work as if nothing had happened.

On the other side, Mrs. Kashyap arrived at the Fashion Street, after leaving Neil at the babysitting, she had to pick up some designer clothes from the fashion store nearby. She took the package from the store and pushed the door only to see the same silver -haired girl standing across the street. Mrs. Kashyap froze and dropped the package. A passerby picked it up and handed over to Mrs. Kashyap, she looked at the person trying to picture a smile on her face and thanked him. She then turned her head across the street, the silver-haired girl had disappeared.

She hurried up to the Fluke Design Studio handed over the package to her assistant and asked not to disturb her. Her hands into her hair, scratching her head, she was thinking. She was sure it couldn’t be possible. It’s been eight months since that incident she thought. But she couldn’t ignore those northern lights she saw in the sky and then the silver haired girl. Come to think of it, nowadays there are lots of girls following this silver-hair fashion bizarre. There was no point to be scared she thought.

She found it a lot harder to concentrate on her designs. The whole day just went by. When she left the building, it was seven o’ clock in the evening, she was still so worried that she walked into someone just outside the door.

“Are you fine, Mrs. Kashyap? How was your day?” asked the silver – haired girl with that strange pigeon on her shoulder. It was a few seconds before that Mrs. Kashyap realized that it was the same girl but this time, she also saw a weird pigeon.

“I am……. I am fine,” replied Mrs. Kashyap a lot terrified, that’s when her assistant tapped her from behind and asked, “Who are you talking to?” Mrs. Kashyap looked at her assistant and then turned back again looked here and there. Guess what, the silver- haired girl disappeared again.

“Actually, my head is aching, I really need some rest,” replied Mrs. Kashyap and rushed into a cab. She immediately reached home and locked the door from inside. She heard footsteps in the living room, Mr. Kashyap had arrived early that day, he was on the phone talking to someone.

“Has any silver-haired girl moved into our neighborhood?” enquired Mr. Kashyap.

“You saw that girl too, didn’t you?” she shouted angrily.

Mr. Kashyap hurriedly disconnected the line and replied, “Why are you shouting? Neil is sleeping upstairs.”

“Don’t you dare change the topic,” she demanded.

“I was just enquiring about a specific girl.”

“The same girl whom I saw in the afternoon. Why didn’t you tell me that before?” she yanked pretty annoyingly.

“I saw her in the morning for the first time outside our house and then at the office,” he replied calmly.

“And, you are telling me now.”

“So what?”

“Okay, so we see the same weird girl with that same weird pigeon who happens to disappear magically every time we have a second look. Moreover, due to rising global warming we see northern lights in Mumbai. That’s gonna be your explanation. Face the truth. They are spying on us,” she replied in one breath.

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