Poltergeist (Cryptic Book 2)

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Luca and Breylin are at it again. Once more, Luca unleashes a supernatural problem that tests both of them; pushing them to their limits. But how far, is too far? Luca is hopelessly in love with Breylin, the hot spirit hunter he met months ago. Though the feelings Luca portrays to Breylin might just be unrequited, Luca's not giving up; and he's taken to being Breylin's apprentice as a chance to prove himself in more ways than one. Breylin has reluctantly allowed Luca to work with him in going after stray spirits around the city. Despite having Luca under strict orders not to go places without Breylin, or to stay home at times, Luca always seems to do the exact opposite. Luca follows Breylin to an abandoned building, keeping out of sight and investigating on his own. He unfortunately, unleashes a very angry poltergeist that eventually overpowers Breylin and tears down the whole building. Luca and Breylin are in for a nasty fight, one that's going to push them both to their limits; and test their trust in one another. And when the death toll rises, and hits closer to home, nothing can prepare them for the repercussions.

Fantasy / Romance
Lilia Blanc
Age Rating:


Ah. This certainly was the life. Chasing after spirits, learning how to do incantations, spell bindings and sealing lower level spirits. You know, the ones that might throw a book at you if you pissed it off enough, but not enough to actually hurt you? Yeah, that was what I was learning to do and I loved it. Every moment of it.

Remember when I had promised I wouldn’t unleash anything else, too?

Yeah. Well, you might also ask me why I was sneaking around in a house that I really wasn’t supposed to be in too. A floor above where Breylin was searching, to be exact. I got there before he did. I’d had the privilege of eavesdropping on a conversation between him and Kaia the night before and I got so damned excited that I just couldn’t contain myself.

I mean, how was I supposed to just sit back when Breylin went to work on the dangerous stuff? I wanted in on it too! This was supposed to be a simple haunting, a slightly more powerful spirit than what I’d been allowed to deal with- which honestly wasn’t a lot if I thought about it. I was pretty sure that Breylin just didn’t trust me. He couldn’t really care all that much about me because every time I hinted at it, he got a strange look on his face and flat out refused me. It was getting a little colder every time, but he wasn’t kicking me out and he wasn’t cutting me off completely.

So I was content. Sort of. Alright, fine. I was freaking in love with the man and he wasn’t reciprocating. Whatever! I was still going to stick around. I wasn’t going to lie. I’d take what I could get.

In any case, to get back to things that were going on right then. The house was dark and old. Really old. The floor creaked wherever I moved and it sent a thrill of shivers down my spine. I’d sort of looked around earlier before he got there and found a couple of neat things. Mostly it was just old stuff that should be in a museum or something. I had my usual stuff with me, a flashlight, a couple of charms that I had made- I was so proud of them, and some food. I was always hungry. Hey! I was a growing young adult still… Granted I was almost twenty-four, but whatever.

Young men my age had to keep up their good looks and appearances, right? I had to wonder how in the hell Breylin looked so damned hot too when he didn’t get all that much sleep sometimes. Especially with dealing with ridiculously long cases. He looked like a zombie most times… Even then he was a hot freaking zombie. Anyway! The man had one hell of a body too. Granted I’d only seen it a few times, usually after he showered or he was just sitting on the floor in that large house of his making his own paper charms, spells… Um. I forgot what he called them. Breylin would smack me over the head for that.

I crossed the floor to one of the older, larger rooms and pushed open the door slowly. Lifting my light, I just spotted a lot of cloth all over the floor and draped around a lot of items inside of it. My curiosity was peaked as I walked in. What was underneath all those coverings? Reaching out to the first one, I tugged on the sheet and pulled it away with a ton of dust puffing into my face. It took everything I had not to sneeze. If I did, Breylin would know I was there and I would be dead meat for sure.

As it settled, I waved my hand in front of my face and pressed the other under my nose tightly to fight off the tickle that threatened to give me away. In front of me was an old mirror. A full length mirror and it was really cool to look at. In the middle of it was something plastered to the mirror. Tilting my head, I gazed at it for a long while before I reached out to try to brush it clean.

Except the problem was that when I brushed it, whatever was plastered to the mirror came off. It hit the floor and the glass that was black in color from old age turned white. I sucked in a sharp breath and took a step back, flicking my light back and forth to see the rest of the room and make sure nothing else moved. The white film gathered and then poured from the mirror making me tremble with fear.

Oh shit… I just… Released something, didn’t I? Oh… Breylin’s going to be so pissed… Again!

As it slithered across the floor, it touched my boot briefly, sending a chill up my spin and I whimpered as I stepped back from it. The white mass shifted and rapidly darted across the room, opening things, upending them and throwing them around. More filmy white blobs began to join it and I backed out of the middle of the room.

Yet, this was me, we were talking about and instead of getting out of the room the normal way, things decided to happen. When things happened, Breylin found out and then there was yelling and lecturing and all that other fun stuff. My boot caught on the sheets and slipped. I struggled to get my footing as it threw me off, but my body refused and the white things in the room didn’t help me either. In fact one of them promptly pushed me over as it flitted past me to the other side.

I yelped then as I went crashing into the old floor. Tangled up in what seemed like a million sheets, I fell through the damn floor. I swear I had a thing for falling through things or into holes… You name I’ve done it within the few months I’ve been working with Breylin. Thankfully I didn’t hit the floor, the sheets were too tangled up to allow that. So I was suspended in the air, hovering over the floor like an idiot trying to do acrobatics.

One leg was pulled up awkwardly, the other bent and hooked around a whole bunch of sheets. My chest felt tight as most of my body weight was on a thin strip. Both arms were tangled up too. I must have looked ridiculous. Except the only problem was who it was that I had fallen right in front of. Looking at him as we were eye level then, I tilted my head and smiled, a nervous laugh on my lips as I greeted Breylin.

Moving around, I managed to wave one hand at him, “Hi,” I said, and waited for the angry bombardment.

His eyes were purple that day, and hard with anger. “What, exactly, are you doing here?” he growled through clenched teeth, his grip so tight on his flashlight that the beam was shaking.

“What happ- oh. Him again.” Kaia snorted and turned around, leaving us where we were. She couldn’t care less for my awkward positioning.

“What’d you do this time?” Breylin was tense as he searched his pockets, coming up with a pocket knife. He flicked it open and started cutting the sheets away from me. “I swear, if you freed something like last time, I am going to lock you in the shed for a week. How you even manage to get yourself into these messes is beyond me.”

He continued to grumble his lecture at me, chiding me for coming where I wasn’t supposed to and breaking another floor. They stopped as the last sheet gave way and I fell; not far, because he caught me easily in his arms while the knife clattered to the floor. “What did you do?” His voice was lower that time, almost a growl, as he scowled at me.

I couldn’t help the blush. I mean, who wouldn’t blush if the man you were very very attracted to caught you when you fell. I hid it pretty well though, I was getting damn good at that. Smiling at him, I poked my fingers together again over and over as I looked up at him now that I was at my proper height. Which was definitely shorter than Breylin, just up to his chest, actually.

“Um… N-nothing… Really… I mean… It’s not really major this time, I think. J-just touched a mirror upstairs. In that room,” I motioned up over my head, “Uh… Then something white came out of it, and started knocking things over and more white things came out and then one of them knocked me down and that’s how I fell through the floor… Uh. This time. Anyway! Y-your not really going to lock me in the shed are you? I mean… What about my awesome coffee? O-or simply my cute appearance. You wouldn’t do that to me… Would you?”

“Oh, you can bet your ass I would do it. Screw your c- hold on. Did you just say it looked white to you?” Breylin’s gaze flicked up to the broken ceiling, and then he was moving back, dragging me with him. “Are you kidding me? What have I told you about touching things unless I say you can?

“Kaia! Get the hell out of here!” His voice was loud enough that anyone walking down the street would have been able to hear it.

There was a slam, and a few curses. “What the hell did he do?”

“What do you think? Just get out!” Breylin had dropped to that dark tone that nobody could argue with, and she didn’t respond. Gone. “And you. Move your ass. If you got tagged again, I’ll throw you to it. No matter how good your coffee is.” He shoved me ahead of him, toward the entry hall that would lead to the front door.

My heart surged. He was really pissed off at me again. My throat was tight as I stumbled forward to try to do as he asked, “B-Breylin… I’m sorry… Okay? W-what is it that has you so… So… Mad? Breylin! You’re coming with too, right?”

I turned to see as I was still moving down the hall. As I did, the entire house trembled and I froze. The ceiling over me creaked horribly, dust falling right before the wood splintered and fell apart. I yelped and backtracked as it came down. Nothing was there though, just the wood falling all over the place. If it were anyone else, they’d have blamed it on it being a really old house. I knew better though and so I reached into my pocket to try to find something to help with, or at least keep from getting into more trouble than I already was in.

I could swear I had the worse luck on the planet. It really was a thing for me to go falling through something. That time I was pretty sure it was the ghosts fault, or whatever it was that I’d unleashed as the floorboards beneath me broke apart. I let out a screech, only just barely managing to catch myself before tumbling to the basement below. My legs kicked frantically as I clung to the boards in fear, the paper I’d drawn from my pocket floated to the floor in front of me as I’d dropped it when I fell.

Panting hard, I struggled to stay put and not fall through, “Oh God… Holy shit… That things trying to kill me… O-or both of us… I mean, it’s not like I’m all that good looking… Certainly not enough to eat! Ah! Damn it!” I kicked a little harder as I tried to pull myself up and out of the damn hole. I didn’t have nearly the muscle mass that Breylin did. If it were him, he’d probably have had no problem at all.

“Oh for fuck’s sake.” Breylin got on his knees, grabbing the back of my shirt and hauling me up like I was an unruly puppy he was scruffing. He didn’t bother to be gentle; he threw me back and let me sprawl on the floor behind him. “Do you ever work out like I tell you, or-”

Breylin’s voice cut off, and he threw himself backward; more falling wood just barely caught him, and he winced as he raised his hand to feel the shallow cut on his face. “Alright, now you’re being rude. I haven’t done anything to you. That idiot is the one who set you free,” he said, gesturing back to me with his eyes fixed on a spot in front of him. “No, don’t you- Luca, get back.”

Despite that, and obviously expecting me to listen to him, he threw himself forward. Toward the hole. Like a moron. His hands reaching into his pockets for god only knew what.

“Wha-” my question was short as the answer came rather quickly. I’d watched him in shock at what he was doing and was going to yell at him. Honestly what sane person would throw themselves at a hole in the floor? God he really had one hell of a way of scaring me. Course, I didn’t get much of a chance to do anything about as the ceiling cracked and crumbled again. My yelp that time was a scream as I rolled and padded across the floor on all fours as quickly as I could. It was a lot more that time that came falling through and I was sure it was most of the hall from up above, walls included.

“B-Breylin!” I shouted for him from my side of the house, “Breylin!” My voice was louder the second time, nearly terrified in the darkness.

“Oh, stop yelling.” Breylin’s voice was soft, and he swore more than a few times. “Just… stay where you are. And don’t try to come down the hole. Think you can do that? Just keep yourself safe up there, I don’t think I have them all down here with me.”

The reason for his quiet voice was obvious then. He wasn’t speaking any softer- he was in the basement. Pulled me up only to jump in on his own. “Stay up there, Luca, or I’m serious about the- holy shit, back off!” Breylin yelped and things smashed in the basement, ending in the shrill screaming sound spirits always made.

That didn’t help me in the least. I shouted his name again before I fell silent. Yelling at him wasn’t going to help. I wasn’t even sure if I could get down there from where I was, blocked from the entrance and rest of the house it was the hallway and a couple of rooms. Huffing, I put my back against the wall and sighed. There were definitely times I cursed my curiosity.

When was I ever going to learn? A couple of weeks ago Breylin had been so pissed. I accidentally tipped over a jar and unleashed a little vicious bastard of a spirit. Thankfully it wasn’t too strong, but it had managed to scratch Breylin pretty good along his back. I offered to help patch it up but he shouted at me. Honestly I’ve never seen his back before, just his chest and he’s very particular about that.

Then, last month I touched something else I wasn’t supposed to. It was a carved statue of something… Oh yeah. A monkey spirit. Oh, God. That thing drove Breylin nuts. It bounced around all over the place, broke thousands of things in that person’s house, and finally got free of the house while we were trying to trap it again. That took us two weeks to do and I had one hell of a lecture for that. Thankfully neither of us was hurt for that one, but it seemed like I was a freaking magnet for trouble.

As I sat there, I could have sworn there was something out of the corner of my eye moving. Turning, I saw nothing in the darkness and frowned. Reaching into my pocket again, I fingered the papers there. If it was one thing that was drilled into my skull, it was taking those things with me wherever I went. Didn’t matter if I was going to work or to school, Breylin told me to always have them with me. So I did.

Pulling out one, I put it on the floor in front of me and muttered the incantation that went with it. I had learned that stuff pretty quickly. I was really proud of myself. I wasn’t sure if Breylin was too or not. I think he was, otherwise he probably wouldn’t keep me around. In any case, I did it well enough, that was all that mattered. I wasn’t anywhere near as powerful as he was though and I doubted I ever would be.

When I finished, the paper glowed. I couldn’t see the lines. I never would, not unless Breylin threw that stuff in my face again. Sometimes, with certain spells I could see the spirits. Their forms, or rather, the outlines of their forms. Most times it was just a blob to me. Breylin could see them perfectly though and I was honestly a little jealous of that fact. He kept telling me that it was better I didn’t see them. I wasn’t so sure.

With the spell I placed down on the floor I looked up into the hall again and gasped. There had been something moving in the peripheral of my vision. Looking straight on, I hadn’t seen a damn thing. Right then I could though, the outline of course, but that was more than enough. It was right in front of me. Stumbling back, I hit the wall hard. The milky white form tilted sideways as if examining me. I froze as it stood up almost to the full height of a grown human.

What in the hell did I just unleash? It must have been bad for Breylin to act as he had.

Though it didn’t look like it had moved, I felt icy cold all over my body. I shivered as I sat there, losing track of the thing quickly. It had to have been strong to disappear despite using my incantation to see it’s outline. I cursed softly to myself as I looked around to try to find it again. Since my spell didn’t work, I snatched it up off the floor, breaking it’s connection to my aura and stopping the pull of my energy. It wasn’t much, Breylin was always chiding me on making my spells energy efficient.

Right after I picked up the spell, my body was introduced to the far wall rapidly. It felt as if icy claws had dug into my shoulders as I was lifted up off the floor and flung. My voice was clipped as I screamed, then hit the wall, ending the cry in a huff of lost air. I tumbled to the floor on my stomach. Lying there for a minute, I tried to get air back into my tight chest. A heavy cough blew dust all over the place before I could breathe again, even then it was just wheezing.

I pushed myself up onto hands and knees. It took me a moment to focus again. When I did, it was a little too late as I was hurled again to the other side of the room. Hitting the door, the hinges gave way and I went rolling into the room, my legs tumbling over my head as I went. My head knocked into the leg of a table so hard that I saw stars. Up above a pretty jar wobbled on the edge before it finally teetered off and fell toward me.

It must have been old as it broke open across my chest, leaving me winded yet again. Coughing hard and trying to get the dust out of my mouth, I lay on the floor, propped up against the table weakly. The only difference was something moving on my chest. It felt soft, or whatever was rubbing across my neck was soft. I was so dazed that for a moment I could have sworn it was a cat on my chest as the thing began to purr, soft paws padding across my body. Looking down, I struggled to concentrate.

“B-blue…? Fox? What? Your… Kinda cute…” I muttered as I tried to focus on the adorable creature that sat down on my chest.

Tilting it’s head to one side, it made a soft sound at me. Then it looked to the doorway. Something changed, it began to glow- the fox. A bright blue color that almost burned like fire. Yet it didn’t hurt me. The light spread over me as I grew dizzy and slipped off the leg of the table. The last thing I heard was the familiar scream of the spirit, though I wasn’t sure why.

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