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Wolf Pack

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Luna was raised by humans and blissfully unaware of the war ridden life her real family lived. When a strangely colored wolf starts stalking her, she’s thrown into a whole new world. A world she’d never even imagined. Will she find a way to navigate this enticing yet dangerous new life or will she be crushed between warring factions? Will finding her mate save her or will take her on a path to destruction?

Fantasy / Romance
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Caramel Wolf

I was returning to my apartment, on another end of the day like any other, I spent the day at the office solving problems that weren’t mine, to keep a job I didn’t like, that was the better option that I found after college. I felt a deep hole in my personal, professional and emotional life, but I did the best I could, for that moment.

I opened the glass door of the old building I lived in, and when I turned to close it, two bright green eyes stared at me. They were in a bush in the park in front of the building, I felt my heart beat hard, I got scared. What could that be?… I took a deep breath and I felt a woody smell, cinnamon and a grass aroma, and I felt attracted to that, was like I wanted to get in direction of the eyes and after a car passed, all that disappeared like a blink of an eye, sure it could be something in my head, which was full and tired after another exhausting day.

I closed the door, went upstairs, took a shower, opened a bottle of wine, smelled the strong smell of alcohol, thought it was a cheap wine as the smell was really strong, but I didn’t care and had a glass while waiting for my delivery, and had dinner watching a competitive cooking show, like a normal Wednesday, I ended the day thinking how much longer I would live this way, on automatic.

It was already Thursday morning, I had my breakfast and went to work, as I did every morning, when I opened the glass door I remembered the eyes I saw yesterday, for a few seconds I thought if they were real or my imagination, I faced that bush a little longer and I heard the swing in the park move, looking at it, a huge caramel colored wolf with green eyes was walking towards me, I froze, there was no one else in that cold morning, I stared at him for a few seconds. Completely frozen in fear, and he was just calmly walking towards me, a part of me was completely in panic, but another part wanted to it get closer, suddenly, Mr and Mrs Linchen, from 306B, came out of the glass door too, the wolf saw them, and ran into the woods next to the park.

I could hear my heart beating almost out of step and my breathing quickened, I quickened my pace and walked to the office. Either I was completely hallucinated, or I actually saw a caramel direwolf stare at me like it was studying me. I walked all the way to the company still scared, tried to calm down and take a deep breath, and walked into the office for another day of work.

Everything went on like any other day, reports, contracts, spreadsheets, until my boss, an overweight, bald man with a red mustache named Ken, appeared in my office.

“Luna, a representative of one of our most important customers would like to see you.”

I frowned, wondering why a customer representative would want to see me.

“But why?”

“I don’t know, I really don’t know, but he’s the manager of Claumman’s lumber, so come soon. He’s waiting for you in the meeting room.”

Claumman’s lumber was really one of our biggest clients, I made contracts for them pretty much every day.

I got up, ran my hands over my wrinkled shirt, and tried to get of a coffee stain out of my tailored pants, to no avail, it was impossible look elegant with that look. I followed him to the meeting room, running my hands through my hair as I always did when I was nervous, still wondering why he wanted to see me.

I entered the room, and I smelled a woody and cinnamon smell. There was a tall, very tall man, very light brown hair, practically blond and slightly long, he was wearing jeans and a plaid flannel shirt, he didn’t look at all like an executive, but completely clichéd for a lumber manager, he was looking at the view from the glass room with his hands in the pockets, and when he saw me arrive, he turned to me.

I could see his face, with fine features, thick eyebrows, sharp jawline, a long thin nose, and his green eyes, he was really very handsome and I believe that for a few seconds I stared at him, analyzing him. He had confidence but not arrogance, it was like he was a born leader, even though his clothes were that of a lumberjack, it was clear he had some leadership position, he practically exuded it. I was suddenly nervous, as if that man had a strange effect on me, my body shivered, and I felt attracted to him.

“Luna Flyn?” - I saw his nostrils flare.


“My name is Jack Eastwood, I’m the manager of Claumman Wood, can we talk?”

He said with a smile on his face, but he looked slightly nervous, which made me even more suspicious.

“Sure, what would it be about?”

I spoke stuttering a little, all my posture was already off at that moment.

“Could you close the door, please?”

He said pointing to the door behind me.

I closed the door, still full of suspicion. What did that man specifically want with me?

“Why would it be exactly me? Did I make a report that you didn’t like?”

He smiled as he shook his head and sat down on one of the chairs.

“No, definitely not.”

He took a deep breath and sighed.

“What I’m going to tell you may seem very strange... Actually, IT WILL seem very strange, but I need you to listen to me calmly, and don’t despair before I finish.”

I widened my eyes, and in that moment, I was sure he was crazy, a Sugar Daddy maybe? Too young for this, maybe he was one of those sadists, and as a customer, did you think I’d take it?

“I’m not enjoying this, I’m sorry, but I need to leave.”

I said as I walked to the door, when I lifted my hand to reach for the handle, he said:

“Your name is Luna Flyn, but your real name is Luna Claumman, just like the lumber company, you were adopted at the age of three, completely covered in blood, after the death of your parents, and you have a small scar on your right wrist.

I froze. How did he know so much about me? And my biological parents died?

“Your last name is the same as Madeireira, and I work for your grandfather, Hughes Claumman.”

At that moment he had caught my attention, I lowered my arm, turned back to him, took a few steps towards the table, and he was again facing the glass window, as if he had thrown a bait and was waiting for me to take a bite.


“You come from a family of wolves; we are a mystical species that can transmute into wolves. Your parents died in a war between the Pack and the Forsaken, where you got that scar, so you were found and adopted by humans…”

As he told the story, I laughed hysterically, almost cackling, and he quietly closed the blinds, until he simply turned into a wolf, his clothes fell off his body, and his underwear simply ripped, as he turned into a huge caramel wolf, from bright green eyes. I was speechless and in shock for a few seconds, until I recognized the wolf.

“Wait... You were the one I saw in the park, you were following me…”

I felt a strong dizziness and a headache, my thoughts were confused and disconnected, I practically fell down on my back, next to the door. And I had a kind of vision or memory, of another caramel wolf, almost like Jack, but he had blue eyes, I saw more wolves, white, gray, and I remember seeing a woman transmute. It was a memory, I had actually seen it before.

The wolf took human form again, as fast as it had transmuted, that man was suddenly naked in front of me, his body was athletic and it was simply impossible not to look, the flannel shirt had hidden his broad shoulders and his defined chest very well. He had a layer of very light hair, almost blond, all over his body, his member was large and I couldn’t look away, I realized that I was staring at him and I was even more ashamed, I felt my face heat up and blush, he didn’t even seemed to mind the nudity, his face had a worried look, he came quickly towards me to help me up and sit in one of the chairs.

“Are you okay? Sorry for the shock, I didn’t think you could fall.”

“I got dizzy, I had a kind of memory, memory, of another caramel wolf like you. And other wolves… I can’t really say. But I’m fine.”

He widened his eyes, and he really was worried.

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