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Left over

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A girl with too many issues but have power to achieve the goals of the life and make peace in the rest of the life

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Walking on the street with no shoes and with messy hairs .

Thinking; am i left. The others achieve thier goals . am i left behind .they got it so easily ate the difficulties are for me .WHY I LEFT BEHIND.......

???; oh you are there..hmmmm. Hi my name is emma. Here you will see my highs and lowes which i got from my life...

Emma; the story begins with when i was in high school . i want to make friends for forever like we r friends forever. But also i make four friends

EMILY , LISA , RIN , LILY . we are friends and we enjoy a lot we play and make fun but only till then when i don't realise or feel this that they kept secrets and don't tell me anything so that why i leave them and i like to live my in my way and alone i like to cover my face with the cap of hoodie and i aloso started ignoring them . but also now i want to make group of friwnda of 6 members

friends type;kind , with no atitude , loyal and understand me when i am sad.....

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Feride: Die Geschichte ist sehr interassant und auch schön geschrieben.

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