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I Will Make You Pay

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14 years ago gates started appearing all over the world with different kinds of monsters breaking out to cause chaos and destruction. Fortunately, people with supernatural powers called hunters were awakened to fight against these monsters to bring peace to our world. Nowadays, while hunters were following after fame, wealth and status, Han HaYoon, a growth type hunter, was following to achieve his revenge on the worst existence of this first dungeon break: The Reaper.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1


14 years ago on September 9th 2020 was the day when the dungeons break out happened, where different types of small and gigantic horrific monsters came all out to wreck havoc in Korea. It also was the day where special humans called Hunters were awakened to fight against these monsters for the sake of their own survival rather than the multiple normal humans who weren’t awakened and fell prey to these monsters. This day also marks the worst day of my life. The day where everything was taken away from me by that Calamity.

“My actions are justified”

How come they are justified? Can’t you see the horrific scenes you have done and that I had to suffer through for five years?

“If you weren’t so weak, this tragedy wouldn’t have happened.”

Just shut up. It’s not my fault I was awakened as an E rank hunter.

“The hunter job isn’t your ideal thing to do. Why not go find a job that suits you brat.”

“You are an E rank hunter? Just fucking fantastic.”

“Han HaYoon. Going against that Calamity with your rank is impossible, please give up.”

Why was I awakened as a weak Hunter? How can I get revenge on that abomination that took everything away from me?

[You have completed all the requirements necessary to become a Growth Type Hunter]

A Growth Type Hunter? If this will make me become stronger, then I will accept it wholeheartedly.

Just wait for me Reaper. I will make you pay.


Chapter 1:

An 8 years old boy was running through the rundown blood covered third floor apartment building hallway with tears and snot dripping down his face. He entered a random apartment on his left side, closing the door quickly. The boy’s legs gave out underneath him at the probability that he would be safe for the time being. He wiped his face with the hem of his shirt just to freak out at the blood stains covering it.

“When will this nightmare end? I can’t take it anymore.” The young boy sobbed quietly as to not attract the attention of the Calamity that was probably searching for him.

“If I wasn’t awakened as an E rank Hunter, then this messed up situation wouldn’t have happened.”

“Han HaYoon.”

The boy named Han HaYoon tensed up at the deep voice echoing through the halls.

The calamity has found him.

Han HaYoon welled up his legs to back away from the door to traverse the apartment hoping to find a place to hide from the Calamity, even though it is a useless decision.

“Han HaYoon. Let’s play together, I am bored from playing with the other toys.” The Calamity who looked like an 8 years old boy covering his face with a draconic mask and wearing a black robe announced as he navigated through the small apartment to find Han HaYoon.

“We are friends Han HaYoon, so you shouldn’t hide from me.” The Calamity sniffed the air smelling the scent of fresh blood. He giggled to himself at the fact that he found his ‘friend’.

“I got you.” The Calamity yanked the closet door open to reveal the 8 years old Han HaYoon cowering inside it.

Han HaYoon glared at the Calamity with hateful eyes, the later only snorted at his cute display of retaliation. He grabbed Han HaYoon’s hand tightly then dragged him out of the closet with the later trying to fight back as hard as he can.

“Let go of me you monster.” Han HaYoon screeched loudly, but the Calamity only shrugged his shoulders opting to resume his task of locking Han HaYoon back in his designated room.

“Hellfire.” A small ball of fire was fired at the Calamity who flicked it away easily with the palm of his hand.

“If you weren’t an E ranker, then this attack would have dealt some damage to me. At your level it only tickles.”

“I will definitely make you pay for all of this.” Han HaYoon gritted his teeth in anger for being reminded of how weak he is.

“Why do you want me to pay for the things I am doing? My actions are justified.”

Han HaYoon gave him an incredulous look. How come the disturbing and horrifying things this monster has done is considered justified? This boy came out from the dungeon with the rest of those monsters, and it so happens that the dungeon break happened near their area. This freakish monster that has a humanoid body took interest in their building, and decided that this place will be his own playground.

“I will become strong, and make you pay for this.”

“I will be waiting for that day to come. Mr. E rank Hunter.”


Hunters were crowding in a construction site near Yongsan district. They were busy sipping on coffee offered by the Hunter Association employees while waiting for the gate to open. Usually, the Association dispatches Hunters that live in the same area, so it’s not surprising that most of the people know each other here.

“It’s been a while since the last time I saw you pal.”

“I was busy with my new job, as I am getting old to still be a hunter.”

“Why did you come then?”

“I thought it would be fair to participate in this last raid before quitting.”

“That’s great to hear.”

The man continued sipping on his coffee while glancing around the area. He wanted to see the people participating today in this raid. He spotted a lot of strong Hunters here, which made him worry about the rank of the dungeon.

A certain pair of dull green eyes locked with his brown ones for a second before averting his gaze to look at his feet.

“Who is that young man over there?”

“Ah... That’s Han HaYoon. An E rank Hunter that started raiding gates recently. He is strong for the usual E rank Hunter too.”

“Really. That’s kind of surprising to hear. He seems withdrawn from the rest of the people here.”

“He is actually mentally unstable.”

He perked up at his colleague’s answer, he glanced back at the 20 years old young man who was busy sharpening his blade while fidgeting from time to time on his seat. It seemed like the multiple people’s attention on him was creeping him out, and this made him wonder: why are they so interested in this person?

“He is the only survivor of the 5 years in hell case.”


“Everyone get ready, the gate is opening.” The voice of one of the Hunter Association employee declared as he urged the group of hunters to enter the gate.


When someone enters the gate, they would arrive at a place called dungeon. From the looks of it, and by how many C rank hunters are participating in this raid, this is a C ranked dungeon. This raid party consists of 18 Hunters: four C rank, six D rank, and eight E rank.

A dozen number of monsters were clashing against the many hunters that were fighting them off with little to moderate difficulty. To everyone’s surprise, Han HaYoon was slaughtering the incoming monsters easily without breaking any sweat.

“Damn. There is too many of them.”

“I can’t keep up anymore.”

Several of the E rankers struggled against the incoming waves of monsters, this made them wish that they weren’t so weak.


A medium sized fire was shot at the rest of the monsters. They started flailing around and roaring in agony as their bodies were engulfed in flames. The hunters were surprised by the sudden attack, while Han HaYoon was giving the monsters a cold and merciless look. After that, he glanced at all the hunters present in the area.

‘They could have helped them, but they decided not to. Just like the fucking S rank Hunters that didn’t try to save him and the rest of the residents, even though they probably would have stood a chance against the Reaper.’ Han HaYoon thought to himself before heading towards the magic crystals dropped by the monsters.

“Let’s proceed to the boss room. Good job young lad.” One of the C rank hunters patted Han HaYoon’s back who only nodded his head in acknowledgment. Some of the hunters thanked him, while others scoffed at him for ‘stealing’ the magic crystals from the monsters that he had killed himself.

“This kid is again monopolizing all the rewards in the dungeon.”

“This is so annoying. I hardly got four magic crystals before he suddenly hoarded everything to himself.”

“If there was a way to get rid of him, I would do it.”

A bunch of E rank Hunters whispered to themselves, as they sent scornful looks at Han HaYoon, who ignored them for the sake of collecting the crystals dropped by the monsters he had killed.

There was a new high ranked sword that would increase the user’s strength and stamina by 100 when equipped, and obviously it was pretty expensive for him to afford. The solution for that was to join a raid, deal with the majority of the regular monsters, and let the high ranked Hunters defeat the boss, then get paid for participating in the raid.

‘If there was a way to get stronger quickly, then I would have used it.’ Han HaYoon thought to himself as he zipped his backpack full of valuable magic crystals.

“Listen up everyone. Behind this door is the boss room.” One of the C rank Hunters announced to the rest of the party.

“For some reason, the rating of the gate increased to an A rank. As you all know, a gate will stay open as long as the boss is still alive.”

The C ranker pointed towards the closed doors.

The fact that the gate’s difficulty increased to such a value made everyone incredibly nervous. Han HaYoon listened to the clarification with an emotionless expression, which earned spiteful looks from the same group that was previously gossiping about him.

“Our plan will be the following: all the C and D rankers with three E rankers will keep the boss at bay until the rest of the group leave to relay back to the Hunter Association about this incident.”

The expressions of the high ranked Hunters hardened in determination, while the E rankers face crumbled at the plan. Three of them should enter that ominous room to fight against an A level boss monster. It is the same as telling them to commit suicide.

“I will join.” Han HaYoon stated as he readied his sword for battle.

“Great! There is two left. Decide quickly before I choose the remaining ones randomly.”

The last seven exchanged looks together as they hoped for two to join the party.

“There is a way for us to deal with that arrogant asshole.”

“You aren’t thinking of doing something drastic.”

“I just want to teach this brat a lesson about manners.”

His friend cursed at his comrade’s choice, he can’t believe he had to probably sacrifice his life just to teach someone a lesson.

“We will join the party sir.”

“Finally. What took you so long to decide?”

“We were just steeling our nerves. We are going to fight against an A level boss after all.” The man smiled at the leader of the raid as he earned an agitated sigh from his unwilling friend.

“Let’s proceed with the plan then. Everyone get in your position.”

Han HaYoon gripped the straps of his backpack tightly. This could be an opportunity for him to test how much he can keep up against a strong boss. If he doesn’t fight against monsters stronger than him, then his chances of landing a single scratch on the Reaper would be a dream.

He let out a deep sigh to calm his nerves down. He survived against the worst Calamity for five years.

He will survive this incident too.

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