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The 4 Flase Saviours Of Plaggana

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The 4 knights of Sapuya are tasked to find a cure for their fathers illness. Little did they know, their journey would have many obstacles. The 4 knights wills and Ambitions will be tested.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Planggana was once a large island hidden within the depths of the Buntoc mountains. The natives of the island are the last remainder of a previous civilization from days past that used to rule the world. There were only two ways to find the island, one way was to be related to a native Plangganian or to have found an artefact that belonged to the island, not many can give much detail on what the island looks like. Some have tried to find the Island by boat as it’s deep within the Buntoc mountains but all have yet to return. They are known to keep to themselves, they don’t trade with the outside world at all.

During a normal day within the kingdom of Sapuya, rumours started to spread as scouts came back reporting that they saw a boat coming from the Buntoc mountains and landed within the green valley; the inhabitants set up camp; they were speculated to be natives from Planggana. When the King got wind of this rumour he didn’t hesitate, by his orders he tells his sons known as the 4 knights to stay within the kingdom as he will treverse into the green valley alone. The Knight’s confused, one asks “what happens if the Plangganians are hostile?” The King grabs and sheaths his sword and puts on his armour “It’s time, I’ve got to fulfil my promise” he then hops on his horse and rides towards the green valley.

Three days pass, the four knights worried, they decide to travel to the green valley with a search party to find the king. When arriving at the green valley everyone had a bad feeling as they saw that the green valley was torn to shreds, cautiously following the trail they noticed that there are more dead bodies the further they go up “Was this really the doing of our king?” said one of the knights, Going up, they see an old woman dressed in white and black sitting right next to the king’s unconscious body cuddling a little boy as if he was protecting him from something, “oh thank goodness you are the king’s men right?” said the old lady.

“Please help me get him back, they are unconcious”, the knights did not hesitate and helped the king and the Child back on the wagon. Two days pass, the four knights were sitting down looking at both the king and the mysterious child. They notice that the child is wearing a strange type of pendant on his neck. One of the knights tries to have a better look but suddenly, he is interrupted. The knights notice and are in shock as the king grabs his hand, “Father?” the knight says in fear. The King steers dead into his eyes,

He shouts, “STAY AWAY FROM HIM!” He then proceeds to push the knight to the ground and begins to beat him senseless, the other knights try to restrain the king. The knight on the ground gets back up and notices that somethings off about the king, he is overly aggressive and a lot more twitchy than before, his eyes are very grey. After a few hours he goes back to sleep.

“He’s a lot stronger than I thought, if this is what he is now imagine what he would have been back in his youth” one of the knights says. “Yes, unfortunately he’s going to need all that strength to fight off his illness“. The old lady in black comes into the room, “You see your father needs to rest as much as he can so try not to wake him, but If you are willing to help I have a solution”.

“Why are you helping us? What did you see back there? Who is the kid?” The old woman smiles and says “I am a very close friend to your father and I’m making sure that he will have the strength to overcome his illness. “To your 2nd question I’ve seen enough”, “As for the child he is someone who is linked to your father in many ways, think of it as a very distant son I’m also going to keep an eye on him too, don’t you worry”, the old woman says calmly and then laughs. “So, if you are done asking me questions let me tell you all on how you can help your father,” the Knights decide to hear her out. It’s not like they have a choice.

The 4 Knights were tasked with the objective to find a cure for their father to reverse his condition, The old lady explained that the King of Sapuya will eventually turn into stone if the Knights fail to find a cure, she insisted that the knights take the pendant from the child as it will lead them to where they need to be. She advised them not to worry as she will make sure that the King and the Child sleep well while they are gone.

The Knights pondered as they know that if they take the pendent then the king will have their heads. Making the decision they decided to pack all their things and wait till night to take the Pendant knowing the consequences for doing so.

One of the knights volunteers and they make a plan to meet outside the castle doors once the Pendant is retrieved. At Nightime the knight sneaks into the infirmary to try and take the pendant, he sees the boy’s bed through the pitch brightness of the moon coming from the drapes of the windows. The knight quietly sneaks up to him, as he tries to reach to grab the Pendant he notices that it’s not on the boy’s neck. He looks back and notices that the king’s bed is empty.

Suddenly, He hears the door behind him slam shut, he looks around and notices a shadowy figure holding a sword. The shadowy figure comes to light and it’s and the knight see’s that it’s king. He shows him the pendant, “Looking for this “ he says quietly “Father you are meant to be resting”, the king sounding deranged “I never thought that my knights, my own sons would betray me,”.

The king slowly walks towards the Knight menacingly “I told you to let him be”, Before the knight can say anything, The king quickly lunges towards the knight, the knight quickly unsheathes his sword and battles him. The knight tries to dodge his attacks to minimise the sound within the room to not alarm any nearby guards, Trying to find an opening, the desperation of the king is becoming more apparent.

The knight finds an opening and thrusts his sword through the kings arm, piercing into his flesh, the king drops the pendant, splitting the amulet into 4 seeable pieces, Desperate, the knight takes as many pieces as he can see while the king screams and shouts out for the guards, the knight runs as fast as he can before any guards show up.

The knight finds the rest of the knights and says “we need to get going, now! “The king has spotted me and it’s only a matter of time until the guards find out what we have done.” The knight explains what happened to the king and tells them that the pendant broke, The knights anxious, they grab everything and ride their horses into the night knowing that the king’s men are behind them.

As time moves forward, the knights are consumed by constant anxiety knowing that their days are severely limited, they are tired and have no clue on where to go. The anxiety starts to take it’s toll. One night, the party gets ambushed by the King’s men. They tried to stand their ground but they were outnumbered. As the knights were ready for what was about to happen they noticed that crystals that one of the knights picked up started to glow.

Suddenly, a trail of different colours started to surround the knights. The lights from the crystals gradually grew brighter resulting in a massive explosion of light leaving the knights to close their eyes, a cold intense air surrounds the knights, as they all open their eyes, The Knights have found themselves falling deep from the sky and landed into an unknown land.

As the Knights recovered they were approached by many natives of the land, the knights on edge and assuming it’s an ambush unsheathed their swords but before they tell them to stay back, the natives of the island started to celebrate and welcomed the knights by a sacred dance, confused, one of the natives told them that 4 heroes would miraculously fall from the sky at this exact day, at this exact time at this exact point. The Babaylan was correct, the knights look at their crystals and see that the crystals have changed colours, the natives cheer “The Babaylan was right!, The Babaylan was right!”. “What’s a Babylan?” Said one of the knights.

“The Babylan is a god born from the stars, she’s our fortune teller and helps us go towards our goals. Ever since she chose Planggana she has made our lives less difficult. She lives at the top of the life stream, she told us the 4 men were praised to be the saviours of the island. The knights confused, one of the natives tells a tale of a Planganian legend of 4 Knights who fell from the sky were said to defeat the Mangaylan, a demonic aswang god from an unknown origin and banish it to purgare and save Planganna.

“Planggana?” Said the knights very shockingly, “Yes it seems that the crystal has chosen you 4, but I have a question what happened to the rest of it?” the Native asks curiously, “It’s a long story” one of the knights responds. After exchanging greetings, the natives show the 4 knights around the island.

The world was lively, filled with many peaceful colours, orbs from the river leading up to the life stream were seen moving around the island, it is said that they were used to help the natives travel to distant places as well to keep the energies of the island alive. The place provides a sun like glow that highlights the orbs floating, spreading white dust all over the place that is said to create a strong supply of resources for its people. It almost feels like we are in a fairytale.

The knights are regarded as kings to all 4 regions of the island. Ruling over their kingdoms until one day each of the knights were given a letter by a mysterious stranger, the note says “To all 4 knights. Come to the valley of stones, we need to talk, bring no one else but yourselves, your old friend the old lady from Sapuya”. The kings decide to take a trip to the valley of stones.

As they have arrived, the valley gives off a very uncomfortable vibe as they see stone statues as well as human-like pillars, at the far end they see the old woman from Sapuya.

“Welcome, I know it’s been a long time, Knights, do you like Planggana?”, the knights tell the old woman that they love it, life is very peaceful”, good so the reason why I'm here is to remind you 4 that you still have a mission in Sapuya, The knights ``suddenly remembering”. “It’s ok you 4 are living in paradise, sometimes it’s hard to remember why you all came hehe” the old woman cracks a grin. She then follows with a remark.

“While you 4 have been enjoying yourselves I have a solution”. The old lady elaborates that the only way to cure their father’s sickness in the other world is they would have to challenge the Mangaylan to a duel. Though she warns them that it’s very risky and only people with the strongest ambitions can beat a Mangaylan for if they lose, the Mangaylan takes their souls and puts the physical form of their victims to stone.

The 4 Knights take a moment, they all accept the challenge, The Old Woman tells them “tonight, get to the top of the Buntoc stream for that is the lair of the Mangaylan but be warned knights ”the old woman says with a serious tone. “Make sure you all know why your doing this and that you are doing what your soul tells you, the Mangaylan is very good at putting their victims of center, the knights starting to feel a bit conflicted they leave they thank the old lady and start to prepare to travel to the top of the Buntoc stream at night.

As they get to the top, they see nothing but a black figure looking into the distance of Planggana, the figure turns around revealing it to be the old woman from Sapuya. The old woman gives a cheeky grin,“ So, you have come. I hope you are ready for your big test, Knights.” Before the knights can react She transforms into a horrific looking monster with 4 hands 2 of the hands looking like javelins, a bug-like head, A massive upper body with blue wire like stitches on its body with aqua lights travelling through them and angel-like Wings. A being only a myth could explain.

She looks dead at the knights, overwhelming them, making them shake in fear. Her arms started to split in half, one of the arms transformed into a very sharp javelin like needle. Her wings, which were once clothes, transform into angel-like wings.

The four knights were frightened but realizing that the Mangaylan is being fueled by one’s weaker will, they remained to stand their ground. They began to jump onto the Mangaylan and cut off its arms and wings but before they could do it, the Mangaylan’s arms began to lift them one by one, throwing their limp bodies onto the ground.

Seeing their incapacity to fight against her, the Mangaylan could not hide her amusement which made her grin and laugh. The four knights, feeling quite dizzy, started to smell something unpleasant, they tried to trace where the smell was coming from and noticed something foggy coming out of the Mangaylan’s mouth that also began to blur the knights’ vision, making their desperate attacks futile.

The knights, still feeling confident in their own will, ready themselves up and fight the Mangaylan,” The battle starts , blood, bones and stamina crack, the 4 are struggling to keep up.

They are having severe difficulty to track the Mangaylan due to the fog caused by her breath, one of the knights had an idea upon noticing the aqua lights on the Mangaylan’s body. They gave each other a glance to signal the light and then made one full thrust towards the Mangaylan. Before their swords pierced its body, the Mangaylan was able to predict their move and quickly dodged it, positioning itself at the back of the four knights, piercing them with its javelins.

The pressure from the Javelins overwhelmed the Knight in pain as it breaks his ribs and shattered the bones, the 3 knights try to help him up but another one of the knights is quickly taken by the Mangaylan and is stabbed multiple times through the chest and ground slammed him back onto the ground leaving a bloody mess. As the Mangaylan is on land Another Knight tries to stealthily climb behind him the Mangaylan grabs the Knight with its tail and strangles him until his tail bone is broken, leaving him unable to stand. It is just the final knight left.

The Mangaylan and the final knight both give each other a death stare, The knight is composed and calm, the Mangaylan takes a breath and lunges towards him. The knight slashes into one of its eyes temporarily blinding her. The knight that has his tail bone broken aims his sword at the other eye and succeeds. The Knight who’s ribs and bones shattered uses his soul to regenerate, the other knight comes back to life and strikes the Mangaylan.

The 4 knights feel that they have gotten ahead and try fight even on how broken physically, Unfortunately, the Mangaylan’s uses the souls she’s captured and heals herself.

Her eyes and limbs have regenerated and she is singing praises that this is a good fight! “No one has been able to land a proper hit on me for a long time, not even your coward of a king” The Mangaylan Taunts. She looks at the knights who are close to death, “She then uses some of her souls to heal the knights. “Much better” The Mangaylan says in joy.

“The knights angered by the Mangaylan, the knights use their full power to take on the Mangaylan. “Oh yes, use your power, show me what you’re made of! ″. The Knights and the Mangaylan Clash. This was the beginning of one of the longest battles against a Mangaylan as every battle ended in a stalemate and the Mangaylan kept healing them with her souls.

The will of the knights is loosening as they put their heart and soul into their weapons trying to remember that they need to find a cure for their father back home, the king of Sapuya. What feels like days pass, the battle keeps ending in a stalemate. The knights are on the ground, exhausted, tired and desperate. Seeing the state that the Knights are in the Mangaylan gives them a preposition.

The preposition is this, She takes their souls now and everything they worked for will end in nothing. However, Planggana will still be intact due to the orbs continuing to produce the soul dust continuing the illusion. The natives can continue to live an easy life without harnessing their own inner talents/visions.

You 4 will have kept Planggana alive for much longer by providing soul dust for the orbs with a will as strong as you 4 it would last for a long time” The Mangaylan Laughs. But your king back in Sapuya will eventually succumb to his sickness. The 2nd option the Mangaylan offers is that she takes their souls and transports them to the soul void and gives them one last shot to win the duel.

She warns them that Planggana will go to ruin because the orbs that make their lives easier will eventually run out of soul dust and as the Mangaylan will be fighting the knights, the illusion of a paradise will eventually shatter for the brainwashed natives. Driving the island to complete madness with the lack of resources as well as a generation filled with people not understanding their own drives. She also mentions that as the soul void is a different version of the area, the knights will see it all happen in real time and gives them the question, “are you strong enough to have that on your shoulder”.

She mentions that if the knights win, every person that the Mangaylan cursed is cured in any realm that she has occupied in. It was a risk but they accepted, as a result the knights physical forms were turned to stone and their souls were transported to the spirit void continuing their battle the Mangaylan says “One last thing to make this interesting, when in the soul void, you can regenerate as many times as you want, the only thing that will stop you is yourselves”. “ Good to hear ha, It honestly saves me from healing all of you all the time” The Mangaylan laughs. The knights knowing this moves forward.

During the battle the 4 knights watch Planggana gradually tear itself apart, tensions between the lands grew and became more hostile towards each other eventually breaking the peace between the 4 regions of Planggana resulting in a very bloody war.

While the knights are keeping their ground fighting the Mangalyan seeing what’s happening to Planggana slowly breaks them as they can feel the pure agony of the natives. Under intense pressure the knights slowly lose their will, eventually resulting in questioning if what they are doing is really worth it.

The periods of constant war between the natives in all regions of Planggana caused them to disown the prophecy of the 4 knights as well as the Babaylan, both being denounced and vilified through the lens of the people that once cherished them. The 4 knights were titled the 4 false saviors and the Babaylan was titled the false profit. The war ended where nobody survived, A once beautiful Utopia ended up being a blood filled dystopia.

Beaten to a pulp by the Mangaylan, she drags the knights soul forms and makes them see the destruction of Planggana, As the knights saw the aftermath of what happened to the people of planganna, their will was finally broken not wanting to regenerate and allowed the Mangaylan to fully take their souls for good as well as the 4 pieces of the pendant.

The last trace of Planggana is by the top of the lifestream that leads to the entrance of Planggana. But be warned that what Planggana is now is just a dark abyss. Now being called the depths of the Bontoc mountains and under constant rubble it is in legend now that the depths is now the lair of the Mangaylan and it won’t be disturbed until a lone traveller comes back home.

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