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Reflection and Rebirth

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Beaton, The Mangaylan gets taken to "Purgare" a place within the collective universe where the Mangaylan witnesses the birth of an individuals universe.

Fantasy / Mystery
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"Those orbs surrounding him…. They are phenomenal. ″ The Mangaylan is astounded. “I’ve never seen someone unleash their full inner will before”, she then says to herself, “he is a magnificent being and I hope that the battle was worth leaving me behind ″. As the orbs start to take Conrad back home, Conrad takes one last look at the Mangaylan’s decaying corpse and then uses the orbs to leave the depths.

The depths sink back into darkness, the ground around the Mangaylan turns black and she’s pulled down by ghostly hands and is taken to “Purgare″ an area deep within the collective universe where inner demons come to die but simultaneously witness miracles and is the birthplace of inner saviors'.

The Mangaylan lands in a river made out of soul dust. As she is travelling down stream she notices that she is surrounded by these diamond shaped alien looking egg type plants that are dimly lit.

The leaves of the plants accompany the Mangaylan as she is calmly being guided by the stream. She looks up and sees all the stars, all the ambitions coming to life. A tear comes out of the Mangaylans eye. With the last bit of her strength she tries to reach for the stars but before she can even move her arm/ Javelin she falls into the abyss landing on her back, Looking around she see’s remnants of what looks like defeated Mangaylans As well as the same plant-like things from the river scattered everywhere, some shining brighter than others.

As the Mangaylan is on the ground some of the eggs start to hatch. Once the eggs were hatched, the plants started to let out a strange substance resembling poland.

What came out of the eggs are these monstrous looking baby fetuses that resemble a bug like/human hybrid, The Mangaylan unable to move see’s the hybrids coming towards her then proceeds to start devouring her flesh while she watches.

As she sees the hybrids slowly feasting on her, the Poland from the plants gradually blur her vision as she falls into a deep slumber. Hazy, The Mangaylan looks up and witnesses a whole universe being created; In her final moments she looks in admiration. All that’s left is remnants of a once powerful demonic aswang god of the human world, The Mangalyan.

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