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Her secret

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This story contains of hybrids animals and humans of all types. This happens with sadness and sorrow but people turn on others and kill. They get killed in the process and are never heard of again...

Fantasy / Drama
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April Springs

April's POV

"Hi, I am April Springs. I live in a place where there are animal hybrids. This could be like wolfs, cats, angels, demons, fox's, and you see what I mean. There is also a list of the most powerful. This list is what everyone goes off of to see who is the best. There are also many other lists. This could be like the list of love, kindness, rudeness, hatred, most happy, dangerous, and a whole lot more. I am an angel, the angel is found as the kindest of them all. I also have brown hair that goes to my hips and I have blue eyes. For angels this is abnormal, most angels have blond or white hair while having light colored eyes. I get bullied often because of this and some people think I'm actually a demon because I don't usually show my angel form. My family is the reason why I am like this. My mother was the most beautiful angel. She also had the fairest voice in all the lands. My father was a common human. He was bullied and hated for everything. He wasn't anything special. Later on my mom and dad had met and my father had fallen in love at first sight. My mother took a while but soon enough she fell in love with him. When they where about 25 they had gotten together and had me at 26. Everyone hated how they where together and they wanted to ruin my parents relationship. They later on had hanged my parents because of me. They didn't want the most famous angel to have a kid like me so, they decided to kill my parents and keep me a secret. I have kept this secret for 17 years now, as I am 17 years of age. I have no siblings and I live alone. Now I am a female and I go by she, her. I also have one friend, his name is Karl. I have known him for about 3 years now. He is also 17 like me and he is a wolf. He has black hair that goes to the top of his neck. He also has black eyes. Now to my story, My story is not like what you would think it was. My story has many twists and turns. My story is not like what anyone would want..."

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