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The Element of Faith - A Demons Ascent

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The end was like the beginning. An everlasting power of light and dark... ~:|:~ Lorcan was thrust into a life that he never chose. He was born to save his world, but never got the chance. He found himself undercover in a human university, praying that his home was safe. After some time, he forgot about his home, too focused on the life he was living. Until the world he had come to love was threaten, just as his home once was. ~:|:~ There was a boy. There was a group of friends. And in the end, there came a battle. But no one even saw it coming.

Fantasy / Other
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Prologue - The End

As the group stood waiting for the blow that would end it all, they felt an element of fear for the friend who had to face this battle alone.

He wasn’t just fighting for himself, but for the fate of the others too. The world would never know the sacrifice he was making and they were all okay with that. It would keep those who were unable to protect themselves safe from those who wanted to cause them harm.

‘By the power of the evening star,’ he called, raising his tired and battle worn hands to the sky.

He had used a great deal of his power in order to get to this point. But so in turn had his opponent. They were almost matched equally but it was unknown who would be the victor of this battle.

‘By the power of the morning sun,’ his opponent mimicked his exact moves and stance.

He knew that his opponent was working to use his own moves and power against him and he wasn’t going to let that happen.

‘May the deities of this dimension end our war, may one of our vessels bare the weight of both our wings as we call upon our final power!’

The group below watched on. Hoping that the remaining power of their friend could outdo that of his opponent.

The two opponents regarded each other with disdain, both of them a mirror image of the other. Both stubbornly determined to be the victor.

Their friend opened his eyes. His right eye mirroring the darkness harboured within his opponent.

‘Perpetual darkness!’

A dark energy pulsated around him, as if it was drawn directly from the darkness of his opponents soul. With a deep sigh, it propelled it’s way towards his opponent.

His opponent chose that moment to open his eyes, a haunting grin on his face and the brightest of white flooding his left eye.

‘Eternal light!’

A pulsating white energy gathered around him before propelling forward with great power, meeting the dark energy between them.

The collision of power was immense, causing a shockwave to explode from the point of contact. The group below were buffeted by the wave, holding onto one another while hoping they could survive this tornado of power to see the outcome of the battle.

The end was like the beginning.

An everlasting power of light and dark…


Sometimes to start at the end you need to understand the beginning, but this beginning is too far back to comprehend.

The true beginning will become clear, but for now, our tale begins in a school.

Broad River University was at the epicentre of nowhere, and in the beginning, there was balance.

But balance can be so easily unsettled.

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