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Strigoi, Chronic, Muldoy and Lycans. Species that have been in struggle for dominance for the past thousands of years. Their war brought chaos to Mankind but Humanity with the help of Witches were able to bring forth strong breeds of warriors to fight these monsters. The Ascenders. That is what they were called. Centuries later, the warriors disappeared and now dark forces are rising from the ashes to reclaim what was kept from them. Trigger warning: this story will contain bloodshed, gore and violence. If you're not a fan of that. I'd advice not reading.

Fantasy / Horror
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Chapter 1

Chapter One

A blissful night.

That's how every horror story began, until chaos ensued.

The peaceful night of a certain forest was interrupted by the sounds of pounding footsteps, the sounds of heavy breathing and the sound of wings flapping through the air. A small boy appeared through the brush and slid down a small hill mound before continuing his violent run across the woods, the sound of his heartbeat was deafening and all he saw was spots in his line of sight.

A violent screech followed him from behind, he turned to look back. That was a mistake, as he looked back he completely lost his balance and fell down into some mud that was wet and slippery. The boy heard the sounds of the wings getting closer, he quickly got up and decided to hide in the thick bushes that were around him. He tried to slow his breathing but it was hard since he felt like his lungs were gonna explode, his heart beat wasn't doing him any favors either.

He heard the thud of something hitting the ground, the boy decided to risk the chance and took a look at his pursuers. He saw two giant bat-like creatures scanning the area like ravenous beasts, he saw one sniff the air and growl. The other one started to groan as the sound of bones were heard, the boy saw the monsters shrink in size and mass until taking the form of two men.

"I do not smell the brat," one of them stated as he surveyed the area.

"He is not here," the other said.

The boy covered his mouth with his hands as he stared at the two males, his eyes were watering from extreme fright and he felt his heartbeat speed up again. At that exact moment, one of them turned and looked in his general direction, a smirk played across his lips which revealed a good set of canines.

The boy's breath hitched and he didn't have time to react as a cold hand gripped the back of his neck and lifted him out of the bushes, the boy screamed and thrashed, trying his best to escape.

"Covering yourself in mud to hide your scent, huh?" the first man said as he approached the raised child, "Smart".

"Come on, hurry up. We don't have all night," the second man said.

The first man growled at his partner before the nails on his hand extended into claws, the boy watched with wide eyes as he saw the man bring his claws closer to his face.

Before anything could happen, a snarl was heard from the nearby trees and this caused the two men to pause and look around. The second one brought the child to the ground and held him on his shoulder, the boy started to cry as he felt the grip.

"What do you think it was?" the second man asked.

"I don't-" the first man was cut off when a black mass slammed into him and pinned him to the ground, followed by the sickening sound of flesh and bone being torn apart.

The second man gasped in horror, the child saw his chance and broke free from his grip and took off running. He was about to chase after him but another mass slammed him also to the ground, his screams filled the night air as bones and flesh were being crushed.

The child screamed in panic and fear as he ran.


An ebony skinned woman dressed in all black was busy browsing for flowers in a flowershop, her hair was as black as night and was in a wavy style. She changed aisles and continued to check for more flowers that would catch her attention, she made her way to the end and was about to head for the next aisle. Suddenly, she laid her eyes on a small boutique of purple tulips and this caused her to smile before she picked it up and made her way to the cashier counter.

A middle aged woman was busy reading a pamphlet behind the counter, she quickly straightened up when she noticed her customer approaching her. She quickly flashed a friendly smile.

"Found what you were looking for?" the cashier asked.

"Yes, Wendy," the woman answered with a smile,"Since school holidays have started I've never wanted to get away from the city more now. I'm hoping these tulips might brighten up the penthouse for us".

"Its really good to see you again, Amaria" Wendy replied with a smile,"I know the city can be a hassle sometimes".

"You have no idea". The woman known as Amaria replied.

"I'm sure your penthouse in the woods will be good enough vacation time for you and Vanessa," Wendy chuckled before looking around,"Speaking of which; where is she?"

Amaria took a glance at the entrance door with a faint smile on her lips.

"She's in the car".

Wendy nodded at that before Amaria handed her the flowers, she scanned the bouquet and quickly typed on her computer monitor.

"How much do I owe you?" Amaria inquired.


Amaria reached into the pocket of her black jeans and pulled out her wallet, she fished out the required money out of the wallet before placing it back in its place. She handed Wendy the money who quickly placed it in the cash register.

"Hope you enjoy the rest of your day, Amaria".

Amaria smiled.

"I will. Merci beaucoup".

She then headed for the exit.

"Welcome to Canada. Again," Wendy shouted after her as she stepped out.

"Thank you!".

Amaria stepped out into the cold embrace of the dreary weather, she saw how fog was covering the sky and blocking out the setting sun. The town she was in was located in the Alberta province, Canada. The town was called Fog Valley because of the fog, it was a small town surrounded by mountains, lakes and woods. She usually came here to blow off some steam and get away from the busy city life and a more darker, personal reason.

The town was well populated and there were a few people walking about, laughing and talking. She ignored their conversations and stepped onto the cobblestoned street and headed for a twilight fog Chrysler 300 parked a few feet away, she approached the car and quickly opened the back door and looked inside. She smiled when she a saw nine year old girl asleep on the backseat, the seat belt was still strapped on so she slowly reached forward and slightly adjusted it for the sleeping girl to make it more comfortable.

"Out like a light," Amaria smiled before moving back out and closing the back door.

She unlocked the driver seat door and climbed in before closing it, she placed the bouquet onto the passenger seat before sitting back with closed eyes and taking a deep breath. She opened her eyes and raised her hand to adjust the rearview mirror, she caught a glimpse of the girl in the backseat and smiled once again. She then started the car and pulled out of the park space, she drove through town with one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand had her head resting on it.

She came to a stop by a T-intersection, she turned to the right and drove down the main road while leaving the cobblestones of the town behind. It became darker as she drove on the main road, the multitude of trees on either side weren't of much comfort either. Her headlights were on but the visibility was still bad, the fog rolled in much faster than anticipated.

The drive was long and relaxing, Amaria enjoyed the dark when she was driving and especially when there were no other drivers on the road. She was about to turn the radio on but then she noticed a figure appear out of the woods and onto the road, she quickly swerved and quickly stepped on the clutch and brake and spun the wheel. The car came to a screeching halt in a drift position, she quickly looked out the windshield and saw nobody outside.

She quickly remembered her daughter and turned to look at her, she was still fast asleep. No surprise.

"Was it an animal?", she wondered before convincing herself it was probably something else.

She undid her seatbelt and opened the door, the headlights were still on and the engine was still running. Good. I might need a quick getaway if something goes wrong.

She stepped out of the car and looked around for anything unusual, she watched the asphalt ground to see if her mysterious victim dropped anything. Her glance quickly moved to the treeline on the left side as she heard a twig being snapped, she moved around the car and got closer to the dark abyss of the treeline.

Then she smirked when she saw something moving.

"I can see you".

There was silence. Not a single sound.

Then the sound of twigs being snapped echoed from the treeline, Amaria took a step back in case something decided make its presence known by pouncing at her. A figure appeared in the shadows, the figure had a small frame and Amaria let her guard down when she realized what the figure actually was.

It was a boy.

He looked about the same age as her daughter, he had tan skin, black hair and green eyes. What shocked her the most were the bruises and cuts on his arms and face, plus he was barefoot. In this cold weather, he was wearing a blue scooby doo shirt and pair of green shorts.

"Oh mon Dieu!" Amaria said to herself before she quickly approached the child.

The child saw this as a threat and was backing up quickly, ready to bound back into the trees. Amaria saw his distress and quickly slowed down, the boy was shivering and it was not from the cold. Something scared the living daylights out of him.

"Its okay! Its okay," Amaria reassured the small boy as she raised her hands,"I'm not going to hurt you, okay? I promise".

The boy stopped his movements and she got close enough and crouched down to one knee to make him more comfortable, she quickly took off her jacket and wrapped it around him. She watched him shiver one last time before the jacket's warmth claimed him, she rubbed the sweat of his forehead and checked the cuts on his face. She figured the brambles and branches in the trees caused them, they weren't fatal either just some tiny cuts.

"Are you okay? What are you doing out here alone?" Amaria asked him.

"I-I........wa-" the boy tried to talk but it was hard.

"Where are your parents?"

The boy then started to cry. Amaria quickly hugged him, she didn't know what the boy was doing out here but she knew that she was not going to leave him out here.

"Its okay. You don't need to say anything," Amaria whispered.

Wordlessly, she picked up the child and carried him back to the car. She opened the passenger seat door and quickly moved the bouquet of tulips before she sat him down and put his seat belt on. She moved around the other side and climbed back in and closed the door, she drove down the main road again but this time kept an eye out for any nasty surprises. She looked at the boy and she noticed how he sank into the seat, he was more relaxed now.

"What's your name?" she decided to ask.


"Nice to meet you, Daniel. I'm Amaria and the girl sleeping in the backseat is my daughter, Vanessa," Amaria replied.

Daniel turned to look at the sleeping girl and quietly waved at her, Amaria smiled at this.

After an hour of driving, Amaria pulled off the main road and onto a trail that led into the woods. The boy was by now nodding off, it did not go unnoticed. She drove a bit faster for a few kilometers until she saw the small penthouse come into view, she made a 360 turn and parked the car. She killed the engine and turned the lights off, she quickly opened the door and climbed out.

She opened the backseat door and lifted her sleeping daughter up, the boy was already outside too and he quickly closed the car door.

"Follow me," Amaria instructed while carrying the sleeping girl.

She came to the front door and quickly unlocked it, she walked in first and waved her hand up and down against the wall that was next to the front door. When that motion was done, the lights turned on and the boy watched with astonished eyes at how big the place was on the inside.

"Just wait in the living room, okay? I have to go put this one to bed", she said before carrying her daughter up the stairs.

The boy did as he was told and headed for the living room, there was a TV mounted on the wall with two super slim sound bar speakers on either side. He walked over to the coffee table and saw the remote lying there, he picked it up and turned the TV on.

The sounds of cartoons hit his ears and he started to relax even more now, he hugged Amaria's jacket tighter and sat on the warm couch.

The sound of footsteps coming down the stairs broke his attention on the TV, he turned and saw Amaria approach him with a small smile on her face.

"I guess I don't have to tell you to make yourself at home, huh?" she said giving him a knowing look.

The boy remained silent.

She knew he was still scared, so she decided to pull out a first aid kit from one of the cupboard cabinets. She took a seat next to him and opened the box, she checked if everything was there.

"Let's fix you up. Then you can sleep or continue to watch TV, okay?" she told him.

The boy looked at her before nodding, she smiled. She let him watch the TV while she fixed him since it was a good distraction for him, the boy didn't have any serious wounds on him which was good. But he did have a good scare and she had an idea of what caused it.

"Okay. You just lie back and watch some cartoons," Amaria said before letting him lie back on the couch. She covered him with a blanket that was folded on the side. "I'll be in the other room if you need me".

Then she headed for the kitchen. She opened the fridge and pulled out a beer, she bit off the cap and threw it in the bin. Then she headed for the small room that served as her office, she sighed in exhaustion and cracked her neck. She did not think her night would go this way, especially when it involved a child.

She took a sip from her beer before approaching the window that overlooked the woods and the treeline, she looked deeper into the woods and spotted a shy deer poking its head out and munching on some leaves.

Her eyes immediately turned from brown to a glowing blue color, she shook her head from the temptation and took one last sip before stepping away from the window.

"Not tonight".


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