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Her scent.( Alpha warnerxxomega lessi)

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Alpha warner is the leader of the moonshine pack and hes the most powerful Alpha  in the whole pack area. Omega lessi is the omega of the Bloodhunt pack. She is weak and miserable.  .............. “ Its one time thing “ he said, tapping to the nearby wooden desk with his fingers. “ Its not a thing..... which can be erased and replace like it was before ... its my.. “ She grabbed his hand. “ I need you" Her puppy looking eyes were filled with rage and they were begging him to not let go. He pushed her hand away, “ I said once, You are such a useless mate...  what happened was a mistake..”  He stated. His face immediately darkened, he lifted his head . “ You are not my mate” He said giving no emotion at all. She noticed his irritated face through the small wall mirror which was hanged on the cement painted wall. She hesitated for a moment before she replied., “ I, the omega of the Bloodhunt pack rejects mating with the Alpha of the moonshine pack..”  … He couldn’t believe his eyes. She is the fiery one . , he thought.  

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Lessi pov.

It had been 3 years since I left the blood hound pack which was my own pack after the unholy rejection of my own mate Alpha Warner of the moonshine pack. I still remembered his words with all his horrible insults of being an omega as a mate.

Whether you like it or not… you have to endure It because it is the truth. The moon God never meant to mate us up. And if she did, it has to be a mistake.

Back then, before getting to know about my mate on my 18th birthday party, Alpha Warson was my partner. He was my best friend and we were friends with benefits. We both couldn’t believe the spark energy at first when we just turned 18 but after we got to know that we were destined together he rejected me as he considered me as a slut.

What we had..was nothing. It was all about pleasure and this won’t work anymore.

3 years before

The night is moving smoothly. I love the attention, the attention which they give. Normally as an ordinary weak omega its really rare to get any best ones which means most powerful wolves attention. As it is my birthday, they all are gathered here to celebrate it. My friends have helped me a lot on preparing stuff for the party and I’m really thankful for their support.

I look across the wooden benches which are arranged in a circular manner in the main massive table which is for the high rank people as alphas and betas. All the seats are filled leaving one seat behind. Who’s absent on my birthday? I observe the faces of them and he is missing. Where’s warner?

Warner is the best alpha from all the packs. He is my best friend. We usually go out together for anything. Even hunting. He’s such an arrogant ass sometimes, but as friends he considers me in a special level because we are friends with benefits and nobody knows about it. He use to give me the pleasure I want while I give him what he wants. We both love the way we treat each other.

It’s odd that he’s not here, so I go in the pack house to see if he’s there or not. All the birthday parties are celebrated near the pack house because they assume the member who holds the party as a pack house member.

I go inside. All the rooms are empty in the down floor so I go up the stairs. I pass the corridor and I see warner leaning against the wall which separates the two meeting rooms. He sees me coming towards him. He smirks. “ Happy birthday my little one” he says. I can’t see his face because of the dim light of the lamps which are hanged on the walls.

“ what are you doing here warner?..i was searching for you everywhere!” I smile back. I move towards him.

He starts laughing. “ I was waiting till my b day girl comes up to me, I miss your touch babe” he says. He comes closer ,I could see his face a little clearer. Suddenly his face falls… I feel it. I feel our bond, the sparks… Mine… Diaes interrupt my head. Mate .mine.

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