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Locked by Destiny (Sample)

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Angeline, a Vila fae, is happy living with her mother in exile on Earth until a tragedy sends her back to the homeworld to connect with a family she never knew. Once there, she learns that her destiny may not be her own, and what she thought would bring her freedom may lock her down more than she ever dreamed. Will she find love or will she be locked into a destiny she never wanted? Mature sexual scenes included in this work.

Fantasy / Erotica
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - Wake Up

[Author Note - This Chapter is Rated M for Mature]

Angeline woke up as the sun broke the horizon outside the large, picture window. She stretched and turned towards the window with a grin. “Good morning, Sunshine.” she whispered, careful not to disturb the man still asleep behind her.

She took a moment to watch the light wash over the pretty, rural backyard. Oaks and pine trees lined one side of the pasture and she could just make out the dark shapes of the cattle in the back pasture beyond the deck. With a deep breath of gratitude, Angeline admired the scenic countryside of the Oklahoma landscape where she lived with her mother.

She wondered if she could slip out without her date waking up. What was his name again? Mike? Mark? If she could make her escape before he woke up that would certainly avoid any morning awkwardness. Given the late night and the extra glass of wine he had after they came back to his place, she guessed she could probably slip away. Her Vila nature meant she always rose with the sun. No sleeping in for her.

Angeline eased out of the bed quietly and didn’t bother hunting for her clothes as she made her way to the master bath to attend to nature’s call. She was comfortable with her body and didn’t mind being naked.

Once done, she found her top and had just pulled it over her head when a soft huffing breath caught her attention. She turned her attention to the ranch dog sleeping in the corner, an elderly Australian Shepherd. “Hey, handsome!” she said softly, smiling as the dog’s tail wagged gently the second she made eye contact.

Dropping to her knees beside him she began to scratch his head gently as she stretched her senses out towards him. She remembered last night that the dog had walked stiffly and could see that his eyes were glazed with cataracts, and she didn’t want to leave without helping.

With a glance over her shoulder to make sure Mike was still asleep she eased her energy into the dog gently, feeling for the areas should help. She couldn’t cure old age, but she could do a lot. Noticing that her skin was beginning to glow a bit in the reflection of the dog’s eyes she decided to work quickly before Mike, or was it Mark, woke up.

She eased the inflammation of the joints in the dog’s back and hips. Then she cleared the cataracts in his eyes. Before pulling back her magic, she did a full sweep through his body and found a small tumor beginning to develop in the stomach. “Yikes, glad I caught that early.” Angeline murmured as she rushed to eliminate it completely. “There you go, sweet boy.” she said softly as she released the magic and resumed the human facade she wore most of the time.

Leaning down she kissed the dog softly on the nose and scratched along the ruff of his neck. Angeline giggled as the tail thumping increased in pace. “I’d wag my tail if you scratched my neck like that too.” said a baritone voice behind her, tone mischievous and playful.

Angeline whipped around to face the bed, worried that he’d seen more than he should have, but the smirk told her she was safe. The feeling of relief she felt brought a bright smile to her face as she considered the handsome man on the bed. “Promise?” she said with an answering smirk.

She stood up, pulled her long, blond hair around to one shoulder and sauntered over to the bed. “Good morning, Angie.” “Angeline.” she replied with a grin. “Angeline.” he answered, reaching out a hand for her as he pulled the blankets back, revealing the long, leanly muscled body that had first caught her attention last night.

“Come back to bed and I’ll show you.” “You better do more than just wag your tail, Mike, to make it worth my while.” “Mark.” he replied. “And I’ll definitely make it worth your time.”

She reached the edge of the bed and slid her hand into his, letting him pull her back into the bed halfway on top of him. He grabbed her hair in the other hand and pulled her head down for a kiss. His other hand shifted from her arm to her waist and snugged her up close against him. Angeline could feel his erection already pressing against her stomach and felt an answering tingle of excitement thrum through her own body.

Mark kept a firm grasp of her hair as he controlled the kiss, delving deep into her mouth. She shifted her legs to either side of him, pressed her hips down to increase the friction and ground against him several times. He growled as his cock grew even harder between them. “I’m going to flip you over and slam my cock into you until you come again. Say yes.” Mark growled. “Yes.” Angeline replied with a smile.

Releasing her hair, Mark wrapped his arms around her and rolled them easily over to the other side of the bed. Leaning up on his arms over her, he looked into her bright blue eyes and grinned wickedly. “Good.” he said, pressing his leg between her knees to part her legs. She reached up and grabbed his face in both hands and lifted her head slightly to kiss him again. “I believe you made some promises to me?” she challenged.

Mark grabbed her hands and pinned them to the bed right above her head, using his weight to secure them while also holding himself up a bit. He gripped his cock and slid the tip through her slit, parting her lips and coating himself in the wetness that had pooled there. She wrapped her legs around his thighs as he eased into her fully. He was glad she’d told him she couldn’t get pregnant because she felt delicious wrapped around his length.

Once seated to the hilt he gripped her hip and began to thrust in earnest. With her hands pinned, and him setting the pace all she could do was surrender and let the pleasure build within her. “Yes.” she said, relaxing into his pace, squeezing her legs around him more.

He picked up the pace, squeezing her hip tightly as he pulled her into him with every thrust as he crashed down to meet her. His forehead rested against the top of her head as she nuzzled into his neck, kissing and then biting as she felt her orgasm coming closer. “Yes!” she called again, more urgently. “Don’t stop. I’m so close.”

Mark didn’t say anything but gripped her hip harder as he thrust into her again and again. Angeline bit down against his shoulder as the orgasm crashed through her, groaning deep in her throat. Mark felt her clench around his cock and let himself go too, thrusting into her two more times before burying deep inside and pouring himself into her.

He let go of her hands and hip and gathered her into his arms, letting his weight rest on her for a little bit while he caught his breath. “You are magnificent.” he told her, pressing kisses along her forehead and temple. Her arms wrapped around him as well, and one hand came up to scratch lightly along the back of his neck.

He laughed, remembering the comparison to the dog that had been made earlier, and waggled his butt side to side a little bit. Angeline gasped at the sensation inside before she too laughed in surprise. “Mmmmm,” she murmured, “yes that was worth coming back to bed for a little bit.” Mark kissed her one more time before shifting off of her. “Be right back” he said, heading to the bathroom.

Angeline sighed and then rolled out of bed, doing a quick check of the pillow for any loose hair that had fallen out with his attention. She gathered the two strands she found and then began to put on the rest of her clothing. She had just finished buttoning her slinky black jeans when Mark came out of the master bathroom.

“Remmy, come boy!” he called as he turned to the back door to let his dog out into the backyard. The shepherd headed out the door, shaking himself as he crossed the room, and soon disappeared out the door.

Mark turned back around, still nude, and crossed his arms over his chest as he saw Angeline reaching for her shoes. “Leaving already?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I was planning to, yes. I would have left thirty minutes ago if you didn’t wake up so early.” She eyed him warily, wondering if he was already going to get possessive and annoying.

“Hmmm…will I see you again? I want to see you again.” he said, walking to her and placing his hands on her shoulders. “Maybe. I did have a good time.” Mark’s face broke out in a lovely smile, his dark eyes twinkling with humor. “I promised you that you would.”

Angeline smiled. “Yes, you did. We’ll see. I’ll text you.” Mark kissed her one more time, long and hard, before releasing her. “OK. I’m here when you want a repeat performance.” She was glad he didn’t press for more and relaxed as she gave him a final kiss on the cheek in farewell.

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