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Chapter 11-Estelle

I arrived home on a Friday afternoon to find a letter on the kitchen table. It was from the entertainment council. I picked it up gingerly, as if it was a ticking time bomb, and slowly opened it.
"Dear Miss Lancaster,
We are very pleased with your going above and beyond in finding the right piece to present to us. We have deliberated for a rather lengthy amount of time over the two samples you have sent in and have come to the conclusion that the song entitled "Stargazer" is the most intriguing to us, and will most definitely be intriguing to your audience. We look forward to seeing you in one week at your audition.
Best of luck,
Caldera Entertainment"
I smiled, relieved that they liked the first song. Despite my best efforts, the second song just wasn't the same. There was something so mystical, so new, so interesting about the stars and constellations that I continually found myself drawn to them. I knew my audience would feel the exact same way.
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