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A Travel In Time

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A scientist creates a new time machine! He decides to test it out when something goes, a little wrong. DOES CONTAIN- Grammar mistakes ENJOY!

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1

The year was 2050 a scientist by the name of Andrew Clark had just made a world-breaking invention. You are probably wondering what was the invention? Well, it was a time machine. Andrew had been working on this for years, and it was the first model. He named it The Traveler 450. Now Andrew didn’t really want to tell everyone about this new invention of his. He was afraid that people would try to steal the idea and get all the credit for it.

{2 Months after the invention was created.}

Andrew was staring at the Traveler 450 thinking about whether he should use it or not. What would happen? What if he got stuck in time? Or even worse what if he died?! He had so many thoughts running through his head when all of them were interrupted by his assistant.

“Sir?” A voice called out from behind him.

Andrew turned around,

“Oh hello, Beatrice what can I do for you?”

Beatrice was Andrews’s assistant. She had been working with him for many years at this point.

“I told you to call me Bee! Beatrice just sounds too formal!”

“Oh ok Bee what can I do for you?”

“Well, I was thinking of maybe trying out the invention today or soon at least?”

Andrew stopped to stare at her. I mean he had been wanting to at least test the invention but he was also scared.

“Are you sure I mean I don’t think we are ready!”

“Sir, we have been working on this invention for months at this point! We

might as well try to see how it works!”

Bee had a point they had been working on this invention for months. So much work had been put into it and they still haven’t even tried it out.

“Ok go get it started ill get ready.”


Bee ran off towards the controls while Andrew went to get ready.

When Andrew came back he was wearing an old trench coat with brown-looking goggles and a regular pair of jeans and a shirt.

“Are we all ready Bee?”

“Yes, sir all ready when you are!”

Andrew grabbed a bag of tools and food and stepped inside the Traveler.

A voice came through the speaker,

“Are you ready Sir?”

“Yes Bee all ready.”

Andrew had to admit he was a bit nervous what if this didn’t work?? Before Andrew could get to worried another voice came through,

“Good Luck Sir!”


The Traveler sparked and disappeared.

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