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Sirius's gold

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"w..who are y..you?" ".." "Ohhh wait you have such a big wings! So pretty can i touch them" ".." *Smirk * "Sure...my little gold" "Huh?" --------------------------------------------------- Type of story you guys probably have never read or heard about, if you like reading cute stories with a twist then give this a try. This story is originally planned by Sophie (me) and my friend Castelia, so give it a try and dont copy it ! We both did a lot of hardwork okay so it ✨BELONGS TO US✨ Also, if you don't like it ,dont read it don't be mean in the comments 🔪

Fantasy / Romance
sophie jane
Age Rating:

🌸 Prologue 🌸

“YOU CAN’T BE FUCKING SERIOUS! THERE SHOULD BE SOMETHING! ANYTHING! THERE SHOULD BE A FUCKING WAY TO ATTAIN THEM BACK!” a loud voice boomed in the darkroom making all the walls almost shake and the old man standing behind him tremble in fear. Suddenly, a sharp crackling sound echoed in the room making the old man jump and his gray eyes too widened when he realized what just happened, the large demon in front of him just punched a hard and big wooden table which was in the middle of the room making it break into three different pieces and all the stuff which was on it to scramble away on the floor. His beastly growl shook the walls of the room as he stood there panting in anger.

The large window behind him was making him look like a big, merciless monster on a night, which ironically he was. Every bad word or negative word which existed in the dictionary seemed like just made for him. His sharp eyes were a weird and scary mixture of red and black color making them seem like he had blood between his orbs, his zed black hair falling on his eyes like some curtains to keep them hidden from people. His body was filled with tattoos and his back had a big black and red symbol on it. He was heavily built, each muscle popping out along with those veins and his tanned skin shining under the bright moonlight just like a Greek god, but he was not a god or even if he was, he wasn’t the good one. His sharp eyes suddenly snapped towards the old man, and he visibly flinched, his hold on the thick black book tightening unconsciously.

He was sweating in fear, his body cold as ice and his eyes wide open staring at his death standing just some steps away from him, but he couldn’t even make a single move, or he would break his neck. He muttered up all the courage which was in him looking down at the hard wooden floor and licking his dry lower lip before raising his eyes and looking at the beast into his eyes.

“My…lord I tried, but there is no way to cure it so far…but,” his throat clogged up, and he stopped in the middle when the demon in front of him turned towards him looking at him with his squinted eyes, it felt like the whole room was on fire, his eyes were burning holes into him.

“But?” His low, deep voice asked as he made his way towards him, each step making it hard for the poor man to breathe. The old man pulled his lips into a thin line, uncomfortable and scared from his aura which was filling the room.

“But… according to this ancient book, there is a way to cure it,” he said hurriedly opening the book and going through the pages his hands shaking, the demon cocked an eyebrow and stopped some steps away from him with a tilted head.

“Hmm?” He asked staring at him, he could smell his fear in the air, so he was acting, even more, intimidating he doesn’t need to act, he was scary. So if you see where it says the seal can be opened by only… blood,” the man explained showing him some pages with some information on it and a small picture.

“Just blood?” The demon asked slightly surprised with his eyebrows raised, the old man instantly shook his head not wasting much time because he knew that he was impatient he was just straight asking for death.

“No, my lord you need a special kind of blood for this…the magic seal will only open with…golden blood,” he said making Demon’s eyes snap towards him and a frown appeared on his face.”

“You mean magic blood?” he asked, running his hand through his hair in irritation. The old man hesitantly nodded his hair, hugging the book to his chest. The demon turned and looked out of the window at the big bright moon with his lower lip under his teeth.

“But only an Angel who is created out of pure heavenly magic has golden blood and there aren’t many of them,” he whispered to himself, the wheels in his head turning in full speed now.

“That’s the only way my lord,” the old man bowed, and he hummed in response telling him to leave. The old man nodded, leaving instantly. He just stood there irritated at the fact that finally after so many efforts he found the solution to his damn problem, but the solution is also a problem in itself, where he was supposed to find golden blood now it was impossible.

“Ahh fuck you, Lucifer!” he shouted, picking up the chair and smashing it on the wall, making it break into pieces. He wanted to destroy the whole mystic world right now and with his normal self he probably would have done it, but with his almost half powers it was a little tough job. Firstly, he has to find golden blood to break off his dark seal that was giving him so much pain and keeping his powers away from him. Furthermore, he was still powerful enough to kill anyone, but he couldn’t use his powers to their maximum level, which was not going well with him. He loved control, he loved it when people would bow their heads in fear or wouldn’t even look him in the eyes. He held more power than Lucifer, and he was jealous of him.

Lucifer fucking ruined everything. Was being a Sex god that bad? and those women wanted it, so he gave it to them what’s the problem all the demons and angels feared him for a reason. He was king, he was lord of death, he was a warrior who wasn’t scared of anyone. His hands held more power than anyone else's. Lucifer didn’t like that he never bowed in front of him, so he got a chance, and he took it, sealing away sixty percent of his powers and attacking him with a weapon that held both the power of hell and heaven; it was painful. If he couldn’t get that golden blood, either he would die or he would have to live without his fuller strength forever, but he wasn’t ready for this compromise.

“Who cares if it’s possible or not, I will snatch my powers back no matter what and how, I will find that Angel with golden blood, no matter how long it will take hundreds of years or a thousand, and then after killing that small hopeless creature I will come for your dam mass Lucifer…you just wait.”

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