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Elemental wolves descended from a single Goddess, and Zeus descended from the strongest of shifter lines. An Alpha of the Moon Realm Kingdom, Zeus finally finds what he has always wanted. Unable to control his wolf, he’s forced to hide a dark secret that drives her away. She belongs to him, and this possessive Alpha will claim what’s his. Determined to follow her to the ends of the earth, they set out to find the one person in Alaska who could help them. Having been abused and branded as a traitor by her old pack, Hazel can’t speak. Trust is not a luxury she can afford. She’s seen his type before and will do anything to keep from losing her heart to him. When her past comes back to haunt her, Zeus will stop at nothing to keep her safe. For centuries, shifters have died in the quest to unravel the mysteries of the Moon Goddess, to harness the gifts of the Gods, and to prevent The Rise of The Lycans. (Alpha Chronicles can be read as stand a lone novels - but why would you want to? They're all set in the same world and have some crossovers most enjoy! While each book is its own story, it is all leading up to Rise of The Lycans!)

Fantasy / Romance
Paulina Vasquez
4.9 30 reviews
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12/22/2022 - this book has now been signed for publishing - it has been moved to Amazon/Kindle/Kindle Unlimited. The Kindle App can now be download onto any smart phone - you do not need to own a kindle to read books there.

I will be back before Valentines day to start writing and developing the next story here! Im only here for a short while as I create my books. If you would like to read the next book here, please follow my profile so you don't miss out on the next adventure!


It’s great to be back with you! Please read the below, before you continue.

I post on this platform because I consider you my beta readers. I am here for your engagement and I want your feedback. Based on reactions and comments, I can usually craft and change things as every chapter is written as we move along together.

Do not be a silent reader - I’m here because I enjoy all of your feedback. It helps me feel out how my work is developing. Comment, and leave your thoughts. Tell me what you’re thinking! I’M HERE FOR IT! 😃

If you see a typo or something just doesn’t read right, please comment and tell me. I promise you will not offend me!

The story will move fast 5-6 weeks and it will be removed once it’s complete. My work is contracted through Amazon/Kindle/KindleUnlimited and will be removed from this platform once completed.

I have a roadmap planned out for the book, and typically write a chapter each night. If I’m unable to complete the chapter, I will post a “skip day” message.

I’m a published author and my work is copyrighted.

Under no circumstances do I allow anyone to copy or use any of my hard work in any way. If you’re one of those shady people from one those ebook platforms that steal the work of other authors, just know that I’ve had several apps shut down through apple, google play, and more for stealing my work. I have and will continue to take legal action against apps and people who have stolen my work.

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