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Childhood lover

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A story of two childhood lover who are world for each other. But one incident separate them. How will they survive without each other. What will happen when they meet again after years of separation. Will their love brought them together?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: I love you forever

A loud roar of a little girl vibrated across the whole mansion. She is crying miserably, crawling on the floor and moaning a specific name. Servants surrounded her and tried hard to console her by giving her toys, chocolates and offering all her favorite foods. But none able to stop her cries. All she craves for one person. Her lifeline- the reason for her breathing. Her name is Arnavji.

“Leave leave leave. I don’t want your stupid toys. I want my Arnavji,” she said in her baby voice and threw everything through her legs.

“Arnavji...where are you...”

“Calm down Khushi.” A lady of late 30’s came rushing in the middle of the hall where the girl was crying buckets and put the entire mansion over her head. She was taken aback seeing the state of the hall. It looks nothing less than a vegetable market. Credit goes to naughty Khushi. She was initially crying but now fuming in anger. Her nose turned red glaring at the servants.

Anjali, sister of Arnav Singh Raizada grabs her head in disbelief. No-one could control baby Khushi except her Arnavji. She is just 5 years old but her anger and stubborn nature is beyond her age. This is not new. Wherever she doesn’t find her Arnavji near her, she becomes extra hyper. Then nothing can calm her.

“He is in school, beta. Just relax” Anjali lifted a tiny figure Khushi on her lap and wiped off thick droplets of tears from her cute chubby cheeks.

“Didi, Arnavji?” Anjali smiles seeing her possessiveness toward Arnav.

“He will be back from school around 5 pm.”

Making a sad pout, she waited for him. With a lot of confusion, in her mind she asks her. “School? Anju Didi, what does it mean? Why did Arnavji leave me for that school? I hate school.” Thinking it an enemy, she cursed that thing without having any knowledge about it.

“School is a good thing, beta. It is place where we go to take knowledge”

“But Arnavji is so talented. Why does he need to go to someone else’s home to study?” Anjali laughed at her innocence and ruffled her hair cutely.

“No Baby. Education plays a major role in shaping the career of a student. It provides an excellent opportunity for students to acquire knowledge in the field of science, literature. One day you will also go to school”

“How boring it is. I don’t like school..Moreover to go to someone else's home..ee no phay.”

“No baby. In order to get an education, students don’t need to go to someone else’s home, but for studies, students have an institute where boys and girls study together in the same building.”

Hearing that, her eyes widened in shock. She tightened her hold around the milk glass she was carrying. In no time, it breaks into pieces and lay shattered on the ground. Few glass pieces pricked her hands. But she cares least about her wounds. Her heart is burning imagining Arnavji with another girl. The first sign of insecurity and fear of losing her Arnavji developed within her. Her face turned red and eyes burned by the thought of any girl roaming around her Arnavji.

From the time she was born, she was addicted to him. When for the first time she opened her eyes, the first person she saw was Arnav. Every child utters the word “Ma”. But Khushi’s first word was Arnavji Arnav and Khushi Parents are childhood friends. Her parents died in a car accident. At that time, Khushi’s mother was pregnant. But she couldn’t survive. Arnav was the first one to hold Khushi into his arms. From the very first sight of the little princess, Khushi became his Jaan. When Khushi’s parents died, Arnav promised he would be her protector, her guardian who never let anyone cause a single harm to her. His parents too supported this decision. From that day, Khushi has been staying in Raizada mansion. As the time passed, Khushi became his life. If Khushi gets ill, Arnav feels sick. If she gets injured accidentally, Arnav gets scared and vulnerable. This does not go unnoticed by his parents. His addiction for Khushi went to another level. If she cries, he does everything to make her smile. When he wasn’t around, she became ill. Seeing their connection tensed Arnav’s parents and they decided to send Khushi to a boarding school. Arnav gets extremely crazy and opposes his father.

“Stop it Arnav. Let her go. She needs to go.” He held baby Khushi into his tight hold and warned her that if anyone dared to separate them, he would die.

“Khushi is my life. I can’t live without her. Why don’t you understand she is my necessity, my oxygen” Khushi had tears in her eyes. At this very moment, she develops strong feelings for him. She is too naïve to understand that it is love. Neither Arnav realized that he loves her.

But Arnav’s parents can clearly see their love is blooming. Anyhow they need to put a full stop to it before it is too late. At this age, this attraction is not good for both of them.

Khushi is now growing young and beautiful. Arnav’s mother, Sarika tries to convince him to maintain distance from Khushi. At this phase, young children go in the wrong direction. Only proper guidance can lead them in the right direction.

“You are just a kid, Arnav. She is much younger than you. Both of you have no future together. Concentrate on your studies and be a successful businessman like your father. You don’t know how people pass nasty comments about your and Khushi relationship. To keep Khushi in our home is not good for our reputation”

“To hell with your damn reputation. If anyone tries to separate us, that person will be my enemy”

Arnav’s love for Khushi is getting beyond their control. He listens to no-one when it comes to Khushi and vice versa.



Arnav gets hyperventilated seeing blood spread on the floor. When his sister told him that Khushi had a cut, his school bag dropped on the floor, and he ran toward the direction of her room. Blood smears toward the entire path from the hall to her room.

“Kiddo” hearing his name, her eyes lightened, and she began to move toward the locked door. But she came back to her angry mood.

“Go away. I don’t talk to you. You bad bad bad...” She is 8 years old, but with her Arnavji she becomes a pampered kid.

“My kiddo is angry with her Asr. Sorry baby. Like you, I also hate it when I leave you alone and go to school. Kiddo. Please open the door. I have one important piece of news to give you.”


“Why Kiddo? What have I done?

Don’t make me more angry Arnavji and leave me alone,” she shouted at the top of her lungs.

“Please Kiddo. You know well my day starts with you and end with you. Since morning I hadn’t seen my Jaan’s beautiful face.”

“No. No No”

When nothing worked, he used the most famous weapon that always worked. He shouted in pain that made her jump in fear. She ran and unlocked the door fast.

“What happened, Arnavji? Where are you hu...” Seeing the smiling face of him, she understood he was just acting. With a deep frown, she turned her face and began to go in. Next moment, he lifted her off the ground and twirled her around in a circle. She shouted in fear.

“I am scared, Arnavji. Please Leave me.”

“Your Arnavji never let his kiddo fall” He stopped and saw her smiling brightly. All her anger and insecurity evaporated in the air.

“I miss you, miss you so so much” Putting her down, he hugged her tight. His mother passed by, saw them in a hugging position. She felt offended and thought something in her mind before moving off.

“You liar, cheater, I hate you..hate you,” Khuhsi started to punch him on his chest. He pulled her by her waist, near to him. Suddenly she felt butterflies in her stomach. She looked down, hiding her shyness. The reason is unknown to her.

She just stares at him in daze when he cleans her wounds. With uttermost affection, he applied ointment making sure his fragile doll won’t feel any pain. It was the 100th time he asked her if she was in pain or not. Her next act froze him. He felt her soft lips touching his cheeks.

“Nothing can hurt me when my Arnavji is with me.”

“Kiddo, I have a surprise for you” When he breaks the news, her happiness is of no boundary. She jumped in excitement and ran outside to break this news.

Seeing smiling Khushi, his heart felt an unknown satisfaction.

“We need to do something really soon. Arnav and Khushi are getting closer day by day. Khushi is not a kid anymore, I have seen love in her eyes and our son is crazy about her.”

“What can we do? Your son is so adamant. When it is about Khushi, he becomes mad in anger and listens to no-one. Moreover now he made Khushi’s admission in his school. To keep them separate is impossible. Arnav is not understanding, he is ruining his career due to that kid.”

“I have one solution.” Arnav’s father suggested an idea.

Sarika denied. No. it will break his heart”

Few years later~

Khushi is now in 7th td and Arnav in 12th board.

“Go and flirt with your female classmates. Why do you need me?” She walks away while he chases her in the school playground. Khushi burning in jealousy seeing Arnav with one girl. All the boys and girls are passing judgment on them.

“Baby, listen to me.” He caught her hand and brought her to the school canteen for a private talk. Her classmates give her an envious look. Some gasped and a few of them felt jealous thinking she is having a handsome boyfriend.

“Leave my hand, Arnavji. Everyone is watching”

“You think I care..” He brought her close. His eyes are full of love and passion.

“I can’t imagine thinking about any other girl except you. You are the sole owner of my heart. Because I…”

His words left incomplete as he heard a sudden yell from the opposite person.

To be continued!

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