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(I wrote this during NaNoWriMo) Max Riverstale was a kid that not a lot of people got along with. He fought, he cussed, and this last time he went too far. Now as a last resort to control Max his parents have sent him to an island that has yet to be discovered properly. And he must endure the harsh land there all by himself for a year otherwise it's jail. But what lurks there must also survive...

Fantasy / Horror
Grant Ayers
4.5 31 reviews
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Chapter 1

The silence in which people surround themselves is often times deafening for those around such victims. Much like Max Riverstale. Your typical freshman in Gator High. The kids aren’t one for words. Always the one to keep to himself. And same as yesterday Max walks down the narrow marble black and white checkerboard floor. His black over-the-ear headphones on blasting Three Days Grace into his tiny white ears. His hands were self-consciously tucked away in his red hoodie. He stares at the floor wondering when this life of his is going to come to a standstill.

“Had it already?” Max thought to himself. His eyes lifting for a second to gaze at all the ‘sheep’ that walk past him, tempting him to fall into slumber like the evil dragon he felt he was.

“Hey man! Get that head out of the clouds!” Max’s obnoxiously lost and upbringing friend, Duke Martin. He’s a goth that has no problem with the social side of things. Jocks love him, nerds want to be him, and every girl in the ...

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