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Inner workings of a Grapefruit

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For years Riley Gullory was happy just being an acesexual monster lover. Physical intimacy was never her thing. The fantasy is as far as she goes. Until she goes out on a haunted road trip with her friend, Piper, and found out that monsters do exist.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Yuanmou’s skin tingled in anticipation. She had waited for this moment for years. It was love at first sight for her. Unsure if Otztal felt the same until now. Her skin that was being caressed by Otztal’s cupped hand tingled. If it weren’t for the alluring face, Yuanmou would only be able to focus on that electricity. Otztal then pulled her closer, the tingling transferee to her lips.

How long was the kiss before Otztal opened up and their tongues met? Yuanmou felt her blood rushing as her shift started to lift upwards. They continued to kiss as hands-

“Reading smutty fan fic?” Asked Piper looking over the shoulder of her friend.

Riley was pulled from her fictitious world from her phone. Her eyes transferred from the digital words to Piper who was sitting next to her at the bar table. It was only late in the evening so the crowd noise level was manageable.

“No.” Lied Riley with a smile.

“I understand. The urge to read filth can come at inopportune moments.” Said Piper before eating an ice cube out of her finished glass.

Riley locked her phone. “Ha, I need micro breaks while hanging out.”

Piper raised an eyebrow at Riley. “Bold to read smut in public.”

“You do it to.” Riley gently slapped Piper on the arm.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Said Piper eating another ice.

“What’s this about porn?” Said Ricco coming back to the table. In His hands he had a set of 3 fresh drinks tightly grasped between both hands. He looked at Riley with a coy smile as he carefully set them down. The plastic cups were fill to the brim and only a few drops were lost.

The establishment was small, with a plan look. The residents called it a dive bar, but Riley has been to more shady holes in the wall than this.

“Oh Piper is being a hypocrite.” Riley replied as Piper put on a smug look. The two girls started to pull out cash for reimbursement.

“No, no, no this round is on me,” said Ricco waving the money away.

“Are you sure,” asked Piper sliding her tequila sunrises closer. “You are the one who decided to drive to us. We were fine with going to your town.”

Ricco shrugged taking his drink. “You guys have already been on the road for the last few hours. This place is close to your hotel. 45 minutes is nothing for me.” He took a sip from his cup.

“It’s still nice of you to come visit us on our road trip. How have you been after high school? Haven’t seen you since you moved.”

“It’s been decent. Dated here and there, but haven’t found a long term girlfriend yet.” Said Ricco flicking his straw. “So tell me about this haunted road trip of yours.”

Riley sat straight up. “It’s been a thing we wanted to do as a graduation present to ourselves, but we didn’t have the money back then. Being in the Midwest doesn’t have a lot of options for a good none stop trip. So now we have enough for airplane tickets and to rent a car. Only took what 8 years.”

“We have everything planned out.” Added Piper. “We are only staying at haunted locations. There’s even a haunted high way that we are going to take. Said to have a ghost of hitch biker. There’s a few haunted bars we’ll be checking out.”

“Some of these are from shows that talked about in Haunting Stories.” Said Riley “The last place we’ll be staying at will the Reem’s Bed and Breakfast. Housing at a beach. There will be a seance that night.“

“Yeah, look at this this hotel that we’re staying tonight.” Piper took out her phone, and whipped up the photos she and Riley took when they were done dumping their stuff in the room.

Ricco leaned in closer for a better look. To him it looked to be any other hotel out there. A little old fashioned, but he guessed that’s why people say it’s haunted. There were photos of the main entry way. Floor decked out in marble. In the background the second floor peeked out through railings. Another photo was of the girls holding what looked to be a remote of some kind. Five little light bulbs at the top with no other buttons.

“They normally do tours, but it’s the off season. Which makes it cheaper for us.” Said Piper swiping to another picture. This one was of looking down at the main entrance. Presumably from the second floor.

“A small price to afford this trip. I seen a lot of videos about the place so I don’t need it.” Said Riley taking off an eighth of her drink. “I’m excited for the bed and breakfast in Pennsylvania. It was one of my favorite episodes in Haunting Stores.”

Ricco put down his cup. “What is that? One of those paranormal investigation shows?”

“No. It’s an old show from when I was younger. It talked about the history of places that people say is haunted. But those aren’t very popular anymore. Now it’s about harassing ghosts.”

Ricco looked surprised. “Oh, you don’t like those shows?”

Riley shook her head. “Kind of petty but it’s because they replaced the shows talking about the history.”

Piper smiled sympatheticly at her friend. Pushing her drink back she said “I have to pee, be right back. Watch my drink.” She got up. Riley glared at the cup as Piper walked away.

Ricco took the liberty to steal Piper’s chair, making Riley aware of her surroundings. The bar table had a nick on the corner closest to her. The varnish started to peel away in small amounts. The noise level of other groups increased.

“You’ve been on the road for a week? Those hotel beds must be taking a toll on you. Not as young as we use to be.” Said Ricco with a tiny hint of nervousness.

“It’s a hit or miss. I don’t mind, it’s part of vacation.”

“I just got a plush bed a few days ago. It’s very comfy.”

“Good for you.” Riley looked at the bar where the bartender was mixing several drinks at once.

“Do you really want to stay at that touristy ghost house tonight?”

“Yeah, Piper and I have always wanted to go on this road trip. We payed for the room already.” There were two ring stains interlooping with each other.

Ricco wrinkled his brows. “Do you actually believe in magic? I could never tell back in high school.”

“No, I don’t. Not in a long time. It’s just a fun thing to do. The hotel also gives its guesses emf readers. We are looking forward to running around with it.”

“I thought that you said that you don’t believe in the paranormal.”

“Oh magic and paranormal are different.” Said Riley in a joking tone. Ricco looked at her in disbelief. “Sorry that was a joke. I don’t, it’ll be for fun.”

“Way to stay a kid at 30. I’ve always thought that you were pretty. I miss our dynamic we use to have.”

Riley wasn’t sure how to feel. Back in high school she wasn’t sure who she was.“Ha, thanks but I’m not interested in physically relationships,” she replied pressing the home button on her phone. The image of Yuanmou and Otztal from her current hyper fixations; a sapphic, sci fi, monster lover, comic greeted her. It was fanart of the 2 embracing. The comic has yet to establish their relationship. The time read 10 pm.

“Oh, come on I heard Piper say that you were reading porn on your phone.”

Ricco was acting so nice up until this point. There were a lot of fun memories between them back in the day. Yet. In the corner of her mind scratched how often he did this to her.

“I drove 45 minutes for this bar.”

This was her vacation. “Wow, you haven’t changed at all.” She said bluntly as Piper squeezed back into the seat. “Piper, I’m done with my drink, so are you.”

“Am I? What a shame.” Replied Piper not skipping a beat. She chugged the rest of her tequila sunrises as she got back up. Lifting her purse off the back of the chair.

“I’m sorry can we start over?”

“This meeting was a start over. The night is young, I’m sure you can hook up with someone else.” Said Riley over her shoulder as she and Piper walked.

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