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Burning Magic: Lake & Lyre

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In a world of robots and machines, a place that has forgotten about magic, Gods and goddesses, with a cold ruler in charge and he rules with a lightning-fast mind. Cue Leora Woods, a girl with powers beyond her wildest imagination, who ends up going on an adventure with her best friend Cassie and mysterious new guy Alistair in order to save the past, present and future.

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Somewhere in the world, 2020

It was a peaceful dusk and dawn as the sun set on some and rose on others, no one realizing the significance of this on the planet slowly spinning. For someone like him, who was lucky to still be alive after all these millenniums, he was always grateful to see the world at its most powerful and silent time. It had been a fair few years since he’d interacted with humanity and now he thinks about it, he recalls it being around the early 1940′s. The more time that passes for him on this earth, the hungrier he becomes for control and power again. In his mind everything should be his by now, the planet, the power and control, it eats away at him day after day possibly more than the loneliness or passion for creation ever did. He craves for it to be like it was all those years ago, yet he is not naive enough to know that the humans he originally created are long gone and have advanced for beyond anything in his wildest dreams. What he needs is a team that he has complete control over that will do his bidding, yes, that would work. He knows that he doesn’t need people with brains, in fact if anything he needs the exact opposite. He needs people that will bend to his manipulations or ones that are rogue enough to go along with them without too many questions. He grabs his jacket and heads outside, to find people he needs to advertise and as a rich man he can afford the biggest poster and billboards this word has ever seen. As he gets to the office, he quickly evaluates what will be needed for a grand scheme of this variety, he will need power, money, people he can trust and more than anything he will need a cover story that the human race will believe and with that comes a new name and a fake life like no other before. As he gets in the lift and heads towards the public relations office, he has a brief moment of doubt. Is this really what it has come to, trying yet again to control the people he helped create, the ones he has both loved and hated since the moment they were put on the earth and began to breath the air which he controlled with an iron fist. As the lift signals for him to step out he reflects on the damage’s humanity has caused such as climate change, war after war, many diseases and illnesses, all the slaughtering of animals for food and the destruction of the natural earth for buildings and building higher than many mountains. His decision has been made. He gathers his staff and explains what is going to happen over the next ten years and more, talking about every detail and every possible mistake that should never be made. He designs most of the posters and advertising materials himself so that they include all the information that he wants written down word for word with little to no error, and as he turns to look at his masterpiece, he reads it out loud for everyone in the room to hear.

“Zack Lightening for president 2021 and forever.”

As he walks out the office to confer with the stars, it is clear to see the look of hunger in his eyes, the flashes of anger and the colour blue that radiates more power and energy than a power station ever could, even on maximum power. Today he meets the stars halfway not wanting to waste time on prophecy and the fading power of his son’s gift that has definitely lasted longer than he had expect. The stars look at him with resentful stares but coming from tired eyes it does not look as intimidating as it once was when the gift of seeing and speaking the future verse was at its peak. He returns their stares before speaking in a commanding rich voice only certain people are now used to in these trying times and, in a world, where Greek gods are no longer seen as powerful or prayed too much apart from the odd occasion every hundred years or so.

“I need you to tell me how my scheme will work out? Will I be victorious, or will I sink to the pits of despair never to return? Will anyone try to stop me in my struggle to the top? Tell me all Oracle of Delphi generation ninety-nine.” He commands. He will be thankful for the day when he no longer has to ask the questions, he already knows the answers to, but as per tradition for as long as he can remember, not asking the Oracles can lead to great danger and mistake. The oracle takes a minute to respond, the newer generations of prophetic robots often seem to take longer and longer the more the magic and faith fades.

“The darkness shall turn to light in forty years’ time,

For the ones you banish shall return,

A girl of all will be your downfall,

A boy of shadows shall help

Your power will be stolen by the ones you called kin

Pictures are the mind’s eye for those who dare to wonder,

Their lake and lyre are the things that you’ll be after.”

He has to try and keep his laughter to a minimum, there is no way in all of the Underworld that a bunch of kids could possibly beat him, the all-powerful and all knowing. He guesses that the time for prophecy is nearly over and that he can ignore the so called “warning” that was supposedly given to him from the rusty bot, at least until these all-powerful kids appear along with his siblings and family to bring around his downfall and destruction as quoted in the prophecy. He smiles to himself all the way back to the office and as he sits in his chair overlooking earth, he chuckles brightly, knowing that the humans will have no idea what is going to happen.

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