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Something Old

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I am the monster your parents warned you about.

Fantasy / Thriller
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Chapter 1

As I rush down the hallway, I can feel my hair flail loosely behind me and I have to constantly adjust my messenger bag. When I reach my locker, I stuff the heavy school bag, filled with multi-colored folders and textbooks, into the old red locker. A sigh escapes past my lipstick tinted lips as I finally lock the door and then march outside.

“Hey, Lee! We hanging tonight?”

My head snaps to the left of the almost empty parking lot. My best friend, Jeremy Kent, is leaning against his new sports car with his current girlfriend hanging off his arm.

I raise an eyebrow, “Just us?” My eyes shift to the red head staring at me. A smile blooms across my face when he nods, “Of course.”

“Great! See you at home?”

“Be there in a few.”

I nod at his reply before walking to the front of the parking lot, looking for a certain yellow convertible. A honk makes my ears ring and I furrow my eyebrows when the car stops directly in front of me.

“Get in, loser.”

Rolling my eyes, I hop in the leather passenger seat and pull my hair up into a loose bun. When finished getting situated in the vehicle, I turn towards the driver with a wide smile.

“How was your day,” Sarah asks me.

“Stressful as fuck,” is my reply.

PSAT’s can do that to you, I suppose. They make you go insane with nerves and anxiety. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not actually taking them yet, I am just studying. Which is still nerve racking.

“I imagine so,” Sarah adds with a small smile.

Sarah Mickey: beautiful brunette with a perfectly toned body and dark tan to match it. Her green eyes always sparkle with mischief and she has laughing lines starting to form on her face. She is the type off person to make you smile any given day. She is my best friend. I swear we were friends in a past life. At the age of twenty-four, she has the heart of a little kid. Her fiance claims I’m more mature, at the age of sixteen, then she’ll ever be.

Pulling up outside a white farm-house with red roses blooming by the porch, I turn to her with a smile and drop my left eye in a wink, “Call you later tonight?”

Sarah waves in agreement and then backs out of the driveway. As I’m fiddling with the door, I hear another car pull into the long driveway. I turn around and watch as Jeremy stumbles out of the car. I raise my eyebrows in surprise when he slams the car door and kicks the tire.

I cock my head to the side and put the house keys back in my pocket. I meet Jeremy halfway down the sidewalk and stare up at him.

“Jer,” I question, “Jeremy, are you...you okay?”

His brown eyes finally meet mine and I see the anger and sadness pooling in his eyes. “She dumped me,” he whispers.

I stare at him dumbfounded. “Are you serious?”

He just squeezes his eyes shut and pulls my body to his. I wrap my arms around his neck, leaning up on my toes to make it easier for him.

He hooks his hands around the back of my thighs and hoists me up. I wrap my legs around his waist and hand him the house keys. He unlocks the door and places the keys in the bowl by the door. He walks to the living room and sits down on the couch with me on his lap, straddling him.

I just lay my head on his shoulder and listen to his deep breathing, while he hugs me.

“She did it for you,” he mumbles after an hour of pure silence.

I remove my head from his shoulder and take his face between both of my hands, “What did you just say?”

“Elena. She did it for you. She claims that I’m in love with you and that she shouldn’t keep us apart.”

I groan and throw my head back, “Why does no one understand the meaning of a best friend?”

Jeremy lets out a humorless chuckle, “I really do not know.” His voice cracks on the end of the sentence. He whimpers and his grip on my hips tightens. I feel a frown make it’s way to my face. I hate seeing my best friend this way. My eyes widen when Jeremy presses his lips to my own.

Jeremy pulls back and I give him a sympathetic look, “Are you sure,” I whisper to him. He nods his head slowly and his bottom lip trembles, “I need to forget.” I grab his face between my hands and look into his heartbroken eyes, “Of course,” I whisper.

Our lips start out in a slow sensual movement. After awhile, I begin to unbutton his flannel and then he nips my bottom lip. I moan in surprise and accidentally rip open his shirt the rest of the way. We both laugh breathlessly and our lips meet again; this time, in a fit of urgency. When we break apart once again, his hands fly to his pants. I take my own shirt completely off and unhook my bra. His hands stop trying to open his pants and his eyes focus on my now bare chest. I throw my head back in delight when he leans forward. His hands grab my hips and push my chest closer to his mouth. I gasp and then push his shoulders back against the couch.

I smile at him and slowly rub him through his jeans. He lets out a groan and his eyes squeeze shut, while his head is thrown back.

I pop the button on his pants and slowly pull down his zipper. I watch, fascinated, as his lips tremble and then the erotic sight of his teeth claiming his bottom lip. I place both hands on his chest before dragging my nails down his upper body. Jeremy’s hiss of my action is in the back of my mind once I see his green irises filled hunger.

Jeremy suddenly rolls us over and I stare at him, eyes wide. His smirk makes me roll my eyes and I roughly run my fingers through his tinted brown hair, but my punishment has the opposite effect; Jeremy releases a throaty groan.

I watch as his pupils dilate and a growl erupts from the back of his throat. After that, only thing I could focus on was the stunning eyes of the human being on top of me. One word. Three syllables.


Being sixteen has it’s pros and cons.

Pros: Older. Driving abilities. More respect. Partying.

Cons: Still not eighteen yet.

“What shall I get you for your birthday?”

I watch as Jeremy walks into the kitchen with his jeans hanging low on his hips, the defined ‘V’ proudly showing off. I tuck a piece of hair behind my ear and focus back on the eggs cooking on the stove in front of me.

“I don’t want anything, ” I say after thinking about his question.

A scoff causes my head to snap in his direction while I’m flipping the omelet. “Bullshit. Everyone wants something for their sixteenth birthday. Even if -oh can you add more cheese- anyways, even if it’s something small, everyone wants a present.”

I roll my eyes at his little cheese comment and sprinkle white cheese on top of the omelet.

“Well, you should know by now that I’m not like everyone.” I flip the omelet and place it on the green ceramic plate that rests in front of him. “I just want the people I love by my side for the day and everything will be all good.”

I giggle when Jeremy bites into the omelet and moans, “You know,” his tongue darts out and he smacks his lips together in satisfaction, “I think I’m going to buy you a car.”

“Don’t even think about it Jeremy Roger Kent,” I throw my head back and laugh when he sticks his tongue out at me, “and don’t chew with your mouth open. Didn’t your mum teach you any manners?”

A smirk graces his face, “Didn't your mom teach you that it's not polite to be half dressed in front of people?” I point my index finger at him, almost as if it were a gun, “Touche.”

After using all of the hot water in the house, Jeremy finally leaves and I listen to the rev of his engine sprint down the street. I look at the dishes as I walk into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee and shrug while mentally writing ′dishes′ on my check list. I chug the light brown liquid and place the mug in the sink with the plates from breakfast and rinse out the pan from the omelet. I, then, throw my hair in a bun and race upstairs for my own shower.

As I’m wrapping the purple towel around my body, I hear the house phone ringing. A mumble of curse blows past my lips and I flip my hair into a smaller white towel. I walk into the hallway right as the answering machine starts to relay as message:

“Hey kiddo; you didn’t call me last night. You alright? You’re not dead, right? I’m on my way over, so get dressed; I want to go shopping. Victoria Secret and Hollister are having a sale. I have got to get my own pair of jeans, yours sag a little on my butt. It sucks that your butt is bigger than mine. How about ice cream after? Okay, well, love yo-”

A beep cuts off Sarah’s bubbly voice and I laugh quietly to myself. I decide to throw on a pair of ripped jeans and a blue crop top. I mentally picture my shoes by the door and flick some mascara on my lashes. Swiping on a layer of light pink lip gloss, I hear the front door click shut.

Smiling to myself, I skip out of my room to the top of the stairs and call out, “You better be paying for the ice cream.” The smile drops from my glossed lips as I do not recognize the woman standing in front of the closed front door. The fact that I don’t know her doesn’t scare me as much as the fact that her eyes glow a hue I’ve never seen before.

I watch in horror as white claws extend from her fingers and a set of razor teeth smile at me. “Who in the hell are you?” My body is stiff and I notice the ache in my fingers as my fists are clenched tightly together. With a flick of her tongue, she haunches over and her legs and arms extend in length, causing her to be at least six feet tall on all four. As if it couldn’t get any worse, her jaw drops unnaturally and she screams, “Die!”

One second, she’s screaming; the next, it’s me who is screaming. I trip running backwards and jump up, heading for my cellphone in my room. When I reach my room, I turn to slam the door and catch a glimpse as her body comes scrambling up the stairs, almost resembling a spider. I turn the lock on the door and tip my dresser over, shoving it in front of the door. I rush to one side of my bed and push it against the wooden dresser. I crawl to my phone while crying and listening to the screeching creature outside of my door.

My eyes flicker over Sarah’s number before jamming my thumb down on the call button numerous times. I listen to the dial, the sound ringing my ears as the sound of the door cracking echos in the distance.

“Hey kid-” A sob escapes past my lips and I scream, “Sarah!”

I’ve never heard Sarah sound so panicked. “LeAnne? What’s wr-” “She’s trying to kill me! Please! Help me! It’s going to get me!” And then, at that exact moment, I let loose the loudest roar.

Teeth sink into my shoulder and I am ripped backwards, my body flying into the wall next to the bedroom door. I crumble onto the dresser that was thrown out of the way and I cry out as my rib cage lands on the corner of the dresser. Stumbling to my feet, my hand pressed to my ribs, I run out of the room. My phone is unreachable.

Jumping gracefully, the creature flies over my head and stands tall in front of me and snaps at me. I roll to the side and hit my already spinning head on the wall. I pitch a nearby picture frame at it and throw my body forwards when as it launches at me, mouth wide open. I tumble under the creature and crawl towards the stairs. Claws latch onto my calf and yank me backwards. I could no longer scream. My body was starting to shut down from pain and blood loss.

I swipe at the creature’s face as it lunges for my right arm and watch as clear liquid starts to drip from it’s cheek. It growls at me and clamps down on my left hand. I throw my leg up on instinct and land a nasty kick to it’s abdomen. Howling in pain, the creature releases my hand and swipes its arm at me. Dodging once again, I kick it once more in the stomach before pushing my protesting body off the floor and throw my bloody form out the second story window overlooking the front yard. I yelp when I land on the grass; glass pokes and stabs at my sensitive skin.

I wanted to cry in defeat when the creature came flying out the window, landing right next to me. It grabs my throat and slowly drags my body to the woods. The white claws burn my throat and I quickly try to grasp the hand. Walking on three legs, the creature snarls at me as I pinch at the hand around my windpipe.

I feel the rough bark against my back as I as I am pressed against a tree. “Enjoy hell, sweetheart.” The demonic voice chuckles and tightens it’s grip. I tried for air, tried to get my brain to calm down. My vision started blurring and my limbs started turning numb. I watch through half-shut eyelids as the creature’s jaw widens, once again. As it slowly started to come near my head my vision focused and I saw red. I could hear my heart beating. I could smell my blood. I could taste the hunger of the creature before me, but most of all, I could feel my strength returning.

I lift my head and look the creature straight in the eyes. My grip on it’s arm turned into steel and I twist it back, successfully snapping the bone. A hiss left my mouth and I felt my fangs lengthen. I roar at the creature and throw my head forward. As our heads collide, I dropped to my feet and roll my shoulders. The creature shakes it’s head furiously and lunges at me, once more. I roll to the right and rake my claws through it’s shoulder-blade. A wail sounded through the air and I leap forward; this time, my jaw was the one wide open. My mouth clamped down on throat of the creature. As it starts screeching and struggling, I tighten my jaw and rip away, effectively ripping it’s jugular straight from it’s body.

The rush of power suddenly leaves my system as the thumping of footsteps near. My legs start to shake and I can actually taste the blood staining the outside of my mouth. My claws retract and my fangs painfully disappear. My red vision blurs and I hear someone shout as I dropped to the ground.

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