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The Legend's Behind the Masks "Swordsman's Era"

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It's about a legend that death couldn't even bring him down to his knees and feet. He was still standing when he dies and that made his enemy chill and fear for the rest of their lives. And it was not only that... They fear him even more because he left new legends that will continue his legacy.

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1 The Start of a New Beginning

Four men and one woman were walking on a stone path, looking around. They were in the midst of the massive forest to the north. They were swordsmen and swordswomen.

They walked around a bush and a massive tree to their left. They noticed someone in the shadows watching and following them. They were dead serious, looking down with their katanas on their left waist.

Outside of the kimono, they're wearing a coat and a mask. It was a mask with a number on it. The number 1 is written on the front mask of the leader, Agatsuma Hit.

Hashibira Kosuke is wearing a mask with the number 2 written on it. The number 3 is written on the front mask of Katrina, the third one. It was a huge number on their front mask, with the rest of it being white. The numbers had been colored.

Tsuyuri Shi, the fourth, has the number 4 written on its front mask. His was unique. It has a dark particle flowing through it. The last one, Hashibira Komoto, is signed with the number 5 on its front mask, and the number is made of leaf.

The one woman was dressed in a light long coat in dark black with a layered kimono on the inside in light pink and bright dark boots. The four men were also dressed in a light long coat in dark black with a layered kimono on the inside in light blue and dark colored boots.

"The start of a new beginning, huh? Funny for you to say it, Agatsuma Hit," Hashibira Komoto laughed, and they all stopped walking. Agatsuma was leading the way until he heard Komoto speak and was forced to turn around. Hashibira Komoto was see in the far back as Agatsuma Hit made expressionless face.

"There will always be an opportunity to start a new beginning... Even if you've failed, there will always be something," he replied, turning around and hearing a noise to their right but ignoring it. They were in the dense forest heading north

"In the death, death is death! There's no such thing as a new beginning in that way!" Komoto yelled angrily as he abruptly raised his head and looked at Agatsuma Hit.

"Have you ever felt guilty? And yes, death is death and you have nothing to do about it, you can escape it but for how long? You need to be more careful and decide wisely if you think of that Komoto Hashibira" Agatsuma Hit said and asked.

"Come on! Let's go stop wasting time! We have things to do! The north village has something for us," Katrina interjected. She began to walk and past Agatsuma Hit.

"I feel guilty when we arrive late at the village because we failed to save that child... He w-was supposed to be alive... But now he's long dead," he said as he lowered his head. Katrina didn't stop. As she walked, she noticed an unknown with glowing white eyes and a dark body to her right.

"His life saved over a thousand people, so you should be grateful and honor him until the day you die," Agatsuma Hit said as he turned around and started walking. He notices Katrina's hands inside her pocket. She was gazing at the sky. It was early in the morning. The other two behind them followed.

"Now what do we do when we arrive at the north village? All the masters were there... The master of the sun, the master of land, the master of the desert, the master of the flame, the master of the wind, the master of the water, and the master of the earth... I believe I named them all, they've been on high alert the entire time in the village, it said to be that someone is following them and vanished when they arrived," Tsuyuri Shi said in a dark voice.

"And someone here is also following us, mind leaving us?" Agatsuma Hit asked as they all came to a halt. He looked to his left and noticed an unknown Dark Swordsman standing menacingly on top of a massive branch. The left waist of the unknown Dark Swordsman is adorned with a dark blade.

"Stop ignoring us... We came here in peace, we thought you weren't going to talk to me or them, unknown spirits are always in the dense forest traveling second by second, I know every Shira Swordsman can see it, now let me know if you find an unknown Prime Dark Swordsman. You'll die if you fight one," the Dark Swordsman warned them in a dark voice as he looked down at the five who looked straight and had their eyes on him.

"What are you going to do if we see a prime?" Tsuyuri asked, turning to his left and looking up. He notices the Dark Swordsmen smile and crouch.

"I'll be teaming up with them and betraying them in the end, and it will benefit me, I'll have their soul and power inside of them, then it's the end, do we have a deal?" the Dark Swordsmen respond and ask as they all turn to face him and look up.

"How do we know you won't kill us after that?" Agatsuma Hit wonders as he notices the Dark Swordsman's bright glowing white eyes.

"You know I'm not fully a Dark Swordsman, I'm different, I'm honest with my deal, I travel space dimension to escape with my enemies, which I will also do when I'm done," the Dark Swordsman responds as he abruptly stands.

"We have a deal. Where can we talk to you or reach out to you?" Tsuyuri Shi inquired as the Dark Swordsman closed its eyes and smiled. He opened his eyes and flew down in front of Tsuyuri Shi, forcing everyone to draw their swords.

"I'll be in the shadows. If you find them inside the village, try not to die when I'm not there," the Dark Swordsman said as he abruptly vanished. Agatsuma Hit sighs and begins to walk to the right.

"I can't believe Darks do deals, are we accepting it, Agatsuma Hit? And the Dark Mobs following us have also suddenly vanished," Tsuyuri Shi said to the four of them, turning to look at Agatsuma Hit, who had stopped and looked up.

"We'll see. For now, let's return to the north village, where we'll all think about it and vote," Agatsuma Hit replied as the four others behind him began to walk.

In the far north. Fudo Toka, a girl, was playing on a balcony. It was a two-story residence. She was occupying herself with her teddy bear. She is twelve years old at the moment. She was alone in the house playing alone in the morning when she noticed the bright shining sun and the bright blue sky that made her smile. She made her teddy bear looked at it.

She looked down from the balcony and saw a village with people walking and playing with their children. She pauses her game and looks down, remembering that she does not have a family. She has no idea what her real name is or what her parents' names are. Her master adopted her. She became sad and shed tears while tightly hugging her teddy bear.

She was a swordswoman from a young age. When she turns around, she sees a chair against a wall and a door to the left. She gets to it and sits on it. She hasn't slept all night because she is expecting someone. She leaned back and closed her eyes, her teddy bear is on her lap. She close her eyes after a couple of minutes of looking at the sky then slowly falling asleep.

She was adopted when she was very young. She lost her parents in the village of Moriska. She was one years old at the time and lived there with her parents. Until the village was attacked and completely destroyed. Before the battlefield was destroyed, a master arrived, but only one man arrived. He was only able to help a few people in the area where he arrived. When he's finished, only a few hundred people have been saved, while a thousand have died. He nearly died after losing his left eye.

He was passing by a house. When he heard a baby crying inside, he was shocked. Everything had been demolished in the destroyed house. He took a slow look to his right and dashed towards it. He re-sheathed his sword in his left sheath and began grabbing the wreckage of the house.

He dug and dug with his bare hands until he discovered a hole caused by the earthquake. On the sides of the young baby, he notices a man and a woman. He cried and thanked the gods. He flew down to see how the baby's parents were doing. But it was too late. They were both crushed, and Fudo Toka's father was stabbed in the chest. He grabbed the baby and flew up, out of the hole before it collapsed.

He is able to escape. He kneels and turns around to see that the two-story house has collapsed. He assumed the hole was made by a dark being, an enemy. He returned his gaze to the baby he was holding in both hands. He cried out, raised his head, and gazed up at the sky. It started raining while he was closing his left eye and dripping blood.

He was heartbroken when he realized the baby he was holding had no parents and had no idea what her name was. When he turns around, he sees Dark Swordsmen approaching him. He stands and begins to run, gradually disappearing insight. He was walking on a path and ended up in the village unharmed. The civilians he had saved had already escaped the village with the assistance of the special swordsmen who had arrived late.

He stormed into the east village. He walks straight towards the capital, blood dripping from his left eye and forehead. He was rushing towards the eastern capital. East was the nearby village of the destroyed village. He yells angrily at the heads of the east until they give him the word that silences him.

A whole army was destroyed, and two Shira Swordsmen who arrived back at the village were severely wounded. He was stunned and sat down on the ground. He was exhausted, and he had major fatique all over his body, which caused him to lose consciousness and fall.

He then got taken by the medics of the village. And also the baby that he named Fudo Toka. He named her after he was discharged of the hospital and got approval from the heads to adopt her. He retired for some time to take care of her but that was only five years.

She is intelligent and can speak at the age of two. He was mesmerized as he told her what had happened at such a young age. She cried, but she accepted it. When she is four years old, they both walk out of the village to the destroyed village where he has left the village to dust.

He was a Shira Swordsman at the time the village was attacked. But he's no longer a Shira Swordsman. The heads sent four of the best swordsmen in the area to investigate. When the four best swordsmen arrived in the area, they never returned.

The master of Fudo Toka, who adopted her, notices a strange wind blowing as they travel to the destroyed village where she was born. He was carrying her, and she was sitting on his shoulder, pointing her index finger at the setting sun. The Master of Fudo Toka then smelled blood in the wind. This caused him to pause and notice an actual portal opening.

Fudo Toka was mesmerized and fascinated by this, so he turned around. Her master turned around and began to run as she looked back and saw a swordsman with a flowing energy violet blade in his right hand. It suddenly vanished and reappeared in front of her master, kicking. It almost hit him in the face, but he quickly flew back and avoided the kick. He was enraged and agitated.

Her master is still running and hasn't drawn his sword. He keeps running while holding Fudo Toka in both of his hands and talking to her. The unknown who emerged from the portal was about to reach its blade towards its neck when he vanished. Behind the masters and master's apprentices, there were more secrets and mysteries. They had been hidden since the Dark Era, when they began and ended the Land of War.

Fudo Toka was awakened by the sensation of someone touching her left arm. She slowly opened her eyes, feeling her teddy bear still on top of her lap. She turned to her right and noticed a man standing there, smiling at her.

As she hugs him tightly, she smiles and her eyes widen. She was happy and giggling, just like the unknown man who hugged her tightly.

"Master Kiroshuku! I thought you were also going to leave me," she sobbed. His front kimono bore her face. He was dressed in a long coat, wore a mask over his left shoulder, and his left eye was closed.

"I promised! Don't worry, I won't be killed that easily," he said as he gently tapped her on the head. Her hair is long. She is still tearing.

"Where have you been? I still want you, I waited all night!" she exclaimed as she let go of him and looked up. He kneels, smiles at her, and pats her on the head once more.

"I did come to that village where I left your parents because I don't have time, the four finest swordsmen were found... I know you've only had your sword for two weeks but you already have the skill of the finest swordswoman, take care of yourself Fudo Toka, you have a long way to go!" he replied with a smile. As she wiped her tears, he closed his right eye and smiled at her.

"Let's go get something to eat," they say as they enter their home. It was a two-story house, and her master, a swordsman named Kiroshuku, was known as the master of the wind in the past.

They walk into the kitchen and eat some food. After that a couple of hours have passed.

Fudo Toka was walking back up on the balcony while holding her teddy bear in both hands. She gets to the balcony and sense her master following her. She turns around, sees him, and walked past her.

He sat in a chair and gazed up at the sky. He closes his eyes and, before sitting, removes his coat and sits. He shuts his eyes. His eyes were a light blue color. He smiles and smells the peace and leafs. He hears Fudo Toka playing with her teddy bear on the ground to his left. He giggled as he hears Fudo Toka laughing to her teddy bear.

"What do you see in the sky, Fudo?" he asked, turning to his left and leaning back in his chair, gazing at her. She put down her teddy bear and looked up. As he notices her looking up, he sighs.

"I see clouds, the sun, and a blue sky!" she exclaims joyfully. She sat down on the ground.

"Isn't it also peace? We're at ease we could live both peacefully in the mountains, and you might find a husband," he laughs. Fudo Toka's expressionless face compelled him to stand and pat her on the head.

She sat down as she looked up and noticed the clouds moving slowly. Her master entered the house again, walking by and past her. She inhales and exhales while looking up at the sky. She is content, and the silence is making her sleepy.

"Hmm! I might leave her again for some time, but this time it will be a whole night and till afternoon, I can smell the blood in the air that something bad will happen tonight... I will give her that blade that she holds, she can control a dark power at ease, but she's not a Burraku or a Dark Swordswoman, she's different she possesses a kind of power that I don't know but I can make her show it to me by making her a great swordswoman," Kiroshuku thought as he walks in a room inside the house. It was a bedroom close to the sink and the bathroom. On the ground, he notices a pillow and a blanket.

"She didn't fix her bed, ah! I should've taught her to do that every single day," he said as he face palms, grabbing and folding the blanket. There was only enough room for one bed and one table next to the bed. He placed the blanket beside the bed.

He smiles and places her fold blanket on top of her pillow. He then turned around and began to walk out of her room. He looked down as he closed the door behind him with his left hand. He remembers something. He had his sword in front of him. His sheath was patterned dragon green, and the blade of his sword was green with a light blue-greenish handle. It was hung on the wall. He uses his right hand to touch the sheath of his blade. He looks down and closes his eyes.

Agatsuma Hit, Hashibira Kosuke, Hashibira Komoto, Tsuyuri Shi, and Katrina have arrived in the north village. They were walking through the village, with five of the village's massive gates visible behind them. The main village, or nation, is protected by a round wall. Agatsuma Hit was still leading the way.

They walk past a man pulling a wagon on their left. They were walking along a brick-paved path. Near the giant gate, which is guarded by swordsmen. They were six in number. There are four on top of the wall and two on the bottom. The wall stands at least 150 feet tall and three feet thick. On the inside, there are stairs. The swordsmen in the guard wore weaponized armor.

"Huh! It's been a long time since we got back to the North Wind!" Katrina exclaimed, stretching both of her arms. Hashibira Kosuke was to her left, and Hashibira Monoke was to her right. Tsuyuri Shi stood in front of her, and Agatsuma Hit stood in front of Tsuyuri Shi.

"Yeah, but stay alert, we don't know if those Dark mobs and Dark Swordsman really vanished," Tsuyuri Shi says quietly as he notices Agatsuma Hit nodding seriously. They were now heading for the Capital.

"We're going to stay here for a while because that Dark Swordsman's words bother me," Agatsuma Hit said, sighing and coming to a halt. He turned around to face them.

"Really now? Huh! Well, this is a prosperous nation, after all, we could just stay here and have fun," Katrina laughed. She looked him in the eyes as his masks covered most of him except his eyes.

"I like the outsides of this prosperous nation except for the inside! You know what I'm talking about, now... We're here for him because we want him to lead that army to the next level of guarding the villages... Kiroshuku Gakure is one of the masters, all of the current masters where Gakure's no other last name," she said calmly as she stared at him.

"You four can do whatever you want, but if something happens, we'll meet in front of the capital and let the heads of the north die because they're not ashamed of what they've done to that village that was also supposed to be one of the nations, not only the east, south, west, south, but also the northwest was supposed to be on the list," Agatsuma Hit said as he saw them four nod. He turned around and nodded. He started walking as he looked up at the sky and saw the sun shining brightly.

"Those Dark Swordsmen we recently fought in the east needed to spread out in the entire nations or else... Good thing we arrived sooner or our village is done, the Shira's were away, and is that why those Dark Violet Swordsmen were there? Tsk! We need to find out that one soon," Agatsuma Hit thought as he looked down. He was distressed as he walked alone.

Suddenly, an unknown appeared on his left side, causing him to come to a halt. As he turns to his left, he notices a swordswoman standing and smiling at him.

"Hello! It's been a long time Suma! Or Agatsuma Hit!" she exclaimed as she looked at him, surprised. Her hair is long, and she is dressed in patterned pink kimono blossoms with a colored pink blade on her left waist.

"Hanako!" he exclaimed as he slowly removed his mask with his right hand. He gradually smiles as he straightens his back.

"I didn't expect you to notice me so quickly, especially since I'm wearing a mask," Agatsuma hit said. On his left is Hanaka, a swordswoman. He was a little taller than she was. She had long pink hair that past her neck.

"I recognize your scent! If you still smell the same, you haven't changed! And it's still a good smell of kindness," she said as she straightened up and began to walk. Agatsuma Hit quickly walks alongside her. She's to his left, a little ahead of him.

"Hanako... What are you doing here, I thought you'd be in the south with your little sister?" he asks, noticing the capital in the distance.

"Yeah... She'll die soon from illness, so I came here to find the flower she loved, and that flower can only be found in the north wind village, so I came here," she says as she comes to a halt and lowers herself down. She gradually resumed walking.

"Sorry, then I must assist you! But let me finish talking to the heads first, or you can proceed if you want, I'll quickly find you," he said as he smiled at her. She also gave him a look that made them both laugh and smile. As she looks down, she sighs and feels something heavy inside her chest.

"I must carry her dreams with me, I can accomplish it, her dream was to be one of the greatest Flower Shira Swordswomen alive... But now it is just a dream that she can't accomplish because of her illness, Hiroshi Gakure my master was on the move to the far south, he was called to the place because two Shira's were found fatally wounded, if he arrives there safely he could...— me and Monoke Gakure were still training in the mountains," she said as she lost her smile.

"I see... The Dark Mobs... Has been wreaking havoc in that place, and undeads were heard being reborn in the place because of a Dark Shira Swordsmen, it was doing of that menace, I've heard rumors that it was near the land of the dead, but south said to be taking care of it, Hiroshi Gakure one of the masters is from the east now helping the far south while the other Shira's is on their way back... Right? " Agatsuma Hit asked, slowly raising his head and looking up into the sky and exhaling.

"Yes, you're right... I'm nowhere near your league, but I can protect people and fight an undead or a Dark Mob, except for Dark Shira Swordsmen," she responds as she slowly straightens her back and places her right hand on her left arm.

"Just wondering what those flowers you'd like to give to your sister are?" he asks as he comes to a halt. She also came to a halt, turned around, and smiled at him. Agatsuma Hit made an expressionless face while she face palms and smiled.

"It was called a coneflower, she said she loved it the most, in her young-young days she was looking for it every day in the south village forest in the outside and inside with master Hiroshi Gakure but they found nothing but Magnolia trees," she responds, jumping a little like a cat and turning around to begin walking. He quickly followed her on her right side from behind.

"You're still cute, but you're cuter than I thought," he said shyly as he facepalmed. He smiled when he heard her laughing. After that, they fell silent.

A couple of minutes have passed. There in front of the northern capital. In front of them both an upstairs and two guard swordsmen guarding the front of the glass door. The guard swordsmen looked down and saw Agatsuma Hit beginning to walk up the stairs.

"I'll wait for you here," she says as he turns around.

"This may take a while, I have issues with the heads of the north, but I'll see you in the land, wait for me there," he said as he saw her nod and smile. She started walking to the left. Agatsuma Hit turned around in front of him again and looked up. He notices two guard swordsmen wearing body armor and holding spears in their left hands.

They also have swords on their left waists and are standing by the door. They were dead serious as they looked down at Agatsuma Hit, he has his mask on his right shoulder hanging up front.

The guard smiled and nodded at him. He walks into the capital and begins to sense the presence of the shadow Shira Swordsmen guarding the heads in the capital's shadows.

"I just walked in, the door was already open, and what is this sensation?... Is this from the Shadow Shira's guarding the heads? Ha, how convenient," he thought as he wears his mask.

He started walking and turned to the right. Another was located upstairs. He walks up and reaches the capital's second floor. When he gets to the second floor, he turns left and walks into a hallway.

In the distance, he notices an open door and three unknowns sitting in a chair in front of a round table, reading documents on top of their round table.

"I haven't seen them reading documents, is something going on?" Agatsuma Hit wondered as he sensed another unknown swordsman next to the door inside the room of the heads in the distance. He became dead serious, looking straight and walking straight.

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