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Adam and the Rose

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Book one of my Twisted Fairy Tales series. It's not very original, but I really love fairy tales, and I'm a Disney kid, so this just makes sense for me. This one is a creepier version of Beauty and the Beast, except told from the Beast's (Adam's) POV and instead of going from bad to good, he goes from a good person to a bad one, and kind of has a sort of reverse character arch. It's gonna be cringe cuz I am NOT good at this, and Adam's supposed to be a bad person in a cringe way. Wouldn't blame you if you dropped the story halfway. Also, I'm really busy with school, so the only time I get to work on this is at home before I go to bed, and I am not sacrificing sleep for this, so there won't really be a regular updating schedule, just whenever I'm not too burnt out.

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Adam and the Rose

Chapter One

Adam was a strong person. He had never lost a fight, and it helped that he was a very influential person in society. At some point in time, he was a normal person. He was sweet, kind, and caring, and he did his best to help people. That kindness paid off in a way, but it also destroyed his life. This is the story of how he got to where he is now:

An old woman came up to him one night, asking for shelter from the rain. Adam led the woman into his house, fixed her something to eat, and brought her a pillow and a blanket. Now here’s the important part: the old woman had nothing on her but rags. Hidden in those rags was a rose. The woman offered to turn that rose into some tea, to help Adam find some sleep on such a loud and stormy night. Adam kindly obliged and led the woman to his kitchen. While he was showering, the old woman picked the leaves off of her rose and ground them up with sugar, then sprinkled some fine shimmering golden particles from the same pocket in her rags from which the rose was pulled. She then started boiling the water, chanting soft incantations while mixing the rose petals. When the water was brought to a boil, she dumped the rose mix into the pot. The water let out a poison green poof, and settled, morphing into a steaming cup of tea, just in time for Adam to come into the kitchen, wet from his shower.

“Your tea is ready, kind sir. My lovely concoction will give you unimaginable strength, but it comes with a cost. You will turn into a horrid beast, and your innocence will be stripped from you, leaving only the cruel parts that you have hidden so deep down.”

At first, Adam was confused. ’Twas just tea. So he chalked it up to the woman being a storyteller, and not wanting to embarrass the woman, played along.

Chuckling a little, Adam said, “Are you sure the tea is safe, my lady?”

“Oh yes,” the woman exclaimed. “It will do nothing to harm your fragile and mortal body. ’Tis your soul that will need mending. As I said, the tea will make you stronger, and faster, but cockier, and angrier. Your flesh will turn fur, your teeth into fangs until you are a beast.”

The woman had an evil grin on her face, knowing what poor Adam was thinking, knowing that he thought it was a story, knowing that he would drink the tea despite her warnings.

Don’t do it

What was that?

Don’t drink her tea

A voice in Adam’s head.



Be careful or you won’t hear.

The tea is poison

“Now why would this sweet old lady try to poison me? Besides, she took the time to make me tea. It would be rude not to drink it.”

Waving the thoughts away, Adam took the tea from the woman and placed it in his hands, holding it in his lap for just a moment.


“Oh, stop it, will you? There is nothing wrong with this tea! Go away!”


“Stop bothering me. It’s perfectly safe, and I will prove this to you.”



Adam brought the tea to his lips and took a long sip. The warmth slid down his throat, infecting him. Slowly, he started lifting from the couch, and into the air. His body arched backward as he glowed with green light. He had lost his internal battle. His kindness was a mistake.

Poor, poor boy...

To be continued

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