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The Lunar Godess’ kiss

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Talia had always felt different her entire life. No matter what she was doing or who she was with, there was always that little voice nagging in the back of her mind saying, “you’re different and meant for something much greater”. She didn't really believe it and figured it was just something that everyone had. But little did she know just how right it was, and never in a million years would she have guessed her true destiny. “I've waited a long time for you, Talia. Your arrival has been prophesied for centuries… Your destiny is beyond anything anyone could ever imagine, Talia. And on your nineteenth birthday, said destiny shall be revealed to you. But until you emerge in your new form, I shall patiently wait, as I've done for so long, to guide you in your new role.” Will Talia accept her prophesied destiny? Or will she discard it and move on with her seemingly normal life? Find out on this journey into a new world full of transformation, werewolves, centuries-old prophecies, and ancient gods and goddesses thought only to exist in old mythologies and fantasy tales. - A NaNoWriMo22 project. - ©Copyright. 2022 Íris Rós Hope All rights reserved

Fantasy / Romance
Íris Rós Hope
Age Rating:

Prologue: A Prophecy of Destiny and Fate

28th of January 2002

“Push! Come on, push! You're almost there. It's so close until you can hold that little angel in your arms. So just push!”

The woman screamed out as she pushed with all her might. Her hands were clenching the sheets with all her strength as the light of the full moon glittered in the beads of sweat that rolled down her forehead.

“You're doing so well, Eleanor. Just one more push and this will all be over.”

Weary and tired, Eleanor gathered all the energy and strength she had left in her body and pushed one last time as hard as she could. She collapsed in complete exhaustion after that last push, the room filling with the cries of her newborn baby as she did.

Hearing her child's cries, she managed a small smile as her eyes started brimming with tears.

“Congratulations, Eleanor, you just gave birth to a darling baby girl, who is just as beautiful as her mother,” the nurse said while wrapping the baby in a soft blanket before handing the little bundle of joy over to her mother.

“Hello, Talia. You are even more beautiful than I could ever have imagined,” Eleanor said, her voice faltering a little as she looked at her baby for the first time, tears of pure happiness streaming down her face when her eyes met Talia's beautifully green ones.

Having spent a good while admiring her beautiful newborn daughter, Eleanor began to feel the effects of how late it was and everything she had just gone through, so she laid Talia down in her crib, which was right next to her bed, having decided it was time to go to sleep.

“Good night, my beautiful Talia, I love you more than anything else in the entire world and more than there have been, or ever will be, stars in the universe,” she said before pressing a feather-light kiss to her daughter's forehead.

As the mother and daughter fell asleep together for the first time, a light breeze that came in through the barely open window tickled their rosy cheeks, making them both snuggle up in their blankets, seeking more warmth.

It was by no chance that the window was left open that night, for just before midnight, a mysterious unearthly glow began to emerge from the moon, and it seemed to be headed straight for the window the newly made mother and daughter were behind.

The closer this mysterious glow came, the more it started to resemble a beautiful woman, and by the time it had reached the window, it was as though a woman was floating in mid-air, a faint glow radiating off of her.

She effortlessly slipped through the window, her entire body relaxing at the sight of the baby.

“I've waited a long time for you, Talia. Your arrival has been prophesied for centuries,” the woman said as she walked over to Talia's crib.

When she walked, it was as though she floated on the air, and her dress flowed ethereally around her.

“Your destiny is beyond anything anyone could ever imagine, Talia. And on your nineteenth birthday, said destiny shall be revealed to you. But until you emerge in your new form, I shall patiently wait, as I've done for so long, to guide you in your new role.”

As those last words left her lips, the woman bent over Talia's crib, and at the stroke of midnight, she kissed her forehead, forever sealing her fate as a mystical and heavenly light enveloped the whole room.

Once the light was gone, so was the woman. It was as though she just vanished into thin air, and maybe she never even existed, to begin with.

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