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Hidden Secrets

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Ivy lives with her father and aunt in the city of Itanen. She's been working as a supermodel since highschool and is passionate about fashion. Her mother disappeared when she was young, taking with her unanswered questions that Ivy wishes she could ask her about. When Ivy was young she discovered that she has supernatural abilities. As far as she knows, she can control water and heal... Her father knows nothing about how she came to have super abilities but he has a feeling that Ivy's mom does. Will Ivy ever see her mother again and find out who she truly is?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One

The room was dark for a second, then a few lights turned on and lit up the stage. The people gasped at the beautiful crystal decorations.

The two tv's at the side of the stage turned on revealing the title of "Avante's Spring Fashion Show".

Avante is the best modeling agency in Itanen. They are well-known for their beautiful models, and statistics have shown that people are more likely to wear the fashion brands shown through Avante.

Avante is strictly selective with its models. They only chose people whose beauty is natural, fit the height standards and are willing to live in its hotel.

Hotel Avante is stunning. It's tall and wide, it's made up of multiple floors, the food is made by professionals, there are outdoor pools, indoor theaters and arcades.

The models have everything they need. Avante makes sure to provide them with their luxuries.

The Spring Show consists of airy clothing that represent the beauty of spring and coolness of its aura.

The selectivity in Avante isn't the only one. Once a person is approved to work in Avante and adjusted to their new diet, brands will start reaching out to them. Typically, a model is allowed to represent one brand but sometimes they are allowed to do two.

There are four known brands in Itanen. Comit, Tempo, Naizki, and Pranamaki. The most prestigious of the four are Comit and Tempo.

Music started playing and the models started walking on stage. The people gasped in awe. The clothing is diverse and divine. It is made of special fabrics and detailed embroidery. The models walked tall and confident.

My name is Ivy Gwen Andilet.

I walked down the stage. My black layered hair cascaded below my shoulders, along with my curtain bangs that frame my face nicely. I stand at the height of five seven, and my eyes are the shade of sage. I've also been told that my skin is as clear and fair as porcelain.

The people gasped when they saw me walk by. I work for Comit and am wearing one of their many spring silk slip-on dresses.

It's forest green with embroidered light green flowers. With it I'm wearing white sandals with low heels and small emerald earrings.

I walked back to the back of the stage and took a sip of water from my water bottle.

"You are amazing as always," My best friend June gave me a thumbs up.

She is two inches taller than me, her skin tone is a lovely chocolate color, her hair is in long braids and she has stunning hazel eyes. Pranamaki was fond of her from the start.

"Thank you, June, you are amazing too," I said. "Seriously! The people are mesmerized," June smiled.

The rest of the models walked backstage and waited for further instructions.

A tall lady with auburn hair and a white dress walked to the center of the room with her assistant to her right.

"Good job everyone, the Spring Show has been a success. Keep training and working hard because the Rain Show will be coming up soon," Her pretty grey eyes looked around the room at each of her models.

Her name is Margot Madeline. She is the head of the modeling department and works alongside all four brands. She's a brilliant woman. She studied finance and business while simultaneously studying for the fashion industry.

"What are you all waiting for? You are dismissed," She smiled. It is rare to see her smile. She must be in a good mood.

All of the models started walking out to head back to the hotel. I looked over for June but the second I turned around a blonde girl pushed me with her shoulder.

She was holding hands with one of the guys wearing a buttoned flannel.

Her hair is the color of honey, her eyes are amber, her cheekbones are high, and she wore a red sequin dress. She is Gianna Martins.

"Ugh! Greg, this filthy girl bumped into me again," Gianna rolled her eyes at me in disgust.

"Watch out where you're walking," June glares at her and is not afraid of her despite being an inch shorter than her.

Gianna hissed and moved out with her boyfriend.

"I hate her so much! Why does she have to act all high and mighty?" June said. "I don't like her either," I said.

"She picks on you because she's jealous," June said.

"Jealous?" I said. "She's been jealous of you since last year," June said.

Last year was my first year in modeling. I had just turned nineteen when I received Comit's invitation for me to join.

Gianna is a year older than me. Before I joined, the public favored her the most, but now the charts have focused on me and that has brought her a lot of rage.

"How about we forget this happened and enjoy the rest of the afternoon with some cold lemonade?" I asked. "Alright, let's head back to the hotel," June said in defeat.

I know she's upset because she hates to see her friends picked on, but I'm used to Gianna's stinginess and don't feel as bothered anymore.

Our private Uber picked us up and drove us back to the hotel.

Home sweet home. I couldn't be happier anywhere else. It offers so many opportunities for us. Its food is amazing, the rooms are spacious and clean, it has clubs, theaters, pools, gyms.

I enrolled in the karate lessons and lifeguard lessons because believe it or not some of the models here can't swim well and need assistance sometimes. But, I've gotten a few guys who pretend they can't swim just because they find me amusing and want my attention.

Thankfully, June is such a good friend and works alongside me to help me out with any creepy guys.

We stepped out of the Uber. The cool spring air brushed against my cheek. I could smell the scent of flowers in the air.

"You ready for lemonade?" I asked. "I'm always ready for lemonade," June smiled.

June and I walked to the hotel bar. The bar has dark purple walls and black cement floor. The counters are made of black marble and the chairs have dark purple cushions. There's a dance floor to the back of the room with a disco ball hanging from the ceiling and a stage with speakers. Plants with dark green leaves stood against the walls.

Today the bar was more packed than usual. Many of the models liked to celebrate after the fashion shows.

"What may I get for you, lovely young ladies?" Billy stood behind the counter. He wore a wrapped white bandana around his forehead which contrasted his black hair pretty well. His warm brown eyes looked at us with a twinkle of energy.

"Nice to see you again Billy, we are here today for some lemonades," June sat on the purple stool in front of the counter. I followed after her.

"Haha, no problemo. Which lemonade would you like?" He smiled.

Billy works for the hotel in the bar and in the kitchen. He enjoys his job and has been one of my good friends ever since we got here. He's three years older than us, and he is handsome and cheerful.

"Hmm, I will have blackberry lemonade," June answered. "And I will take the raspberry one," I said.

"Blackberry and raspberry lemonade coming right up," Billy worked quickly and gracefully as he mixed the ingredients together and added the fruit.

The disco ball started spinning around and lit up the dim room with purple, blue, and green. The music started playing. Upbeat pop music could be heard all around the room.

"I never get tired of that disco ball," Billy smiles.

People were dancing to music.

"Blackberry and raspberry lemonade!" Billy passed us the wine shaped glass. The lemonades looked beautiful. June's is purple and mine is pink. There are ice cubes as well as a tiny flower attached to the top of the glass.

"These look amazing Billy!" June said.

"Thank you, I hope you enjoy them," He winked at us and started serving for the couple next to us.

I took a sip from my lemonade. Its flavors are sweet and fresh. The raspberry flavor is strong but it has a delicate touch to it.

"I think this is my new favorite," June said. "I agree, it's really good," I said. "Should we go to the dance floor?" June asked. "Maybe after I finish my drink," I said.

We sipped our lemonades and talked about the fashion show. I looked around the room. Some models looked tired but most still had energy and kept dancing.

"Imma dance now," June speed walked excitedly to the dance floor. "Coming!" I tried to follow her but there were many people in the way.

"Excuse me," I said. June appeared to be toward the front of the crowd. Someone else walked past me and accidentally pushed me into someone.

My nose hit something hard. I looked up. A tall guy with curly blonde hair as bright as the sun, tan skin and gorgeous blue eyes is staring back at me. He is at least five inches taller than me and has the scent of a cool breeze.

His expression seemed unreadable but he kept staring at me. What if he's made with me?

"I'm so sorry I was not paying attention to where I was going," I said nervously. "Are you okay?" His voice is deep and husky. It sent shivers down my spine.

I looked back at him. He looked worried. "I'm fine…" I glanced over his shoulder to see if June was nearby. Where is she?!

We stared at each other for a few seconds. His ears started turning red and he looked away.

"Uhm, I must look for my friend now," I started walking away. "Wait!" He said. I turned to look at him. "What's your name?" He asked.

I looked at him and studied his sharp features. He's terribly handsome and it makes my heart flutter.

"I'm Ivy, you?" I asked. "Hunter, I hope we can see each other soon," He smiled. My heart fluttered. I smiled back. He was in awe and I walked away to hide my blushing cheeks from him.

I walked towards Billy. "Hey Billy? If June asks about me, tell her I'm back at my place" I said. "Leaving already?" Billy asked. "I'm kind of tired," I said. "Okay, no problem. Get the rest you need," He said.

I walked to the elevator and pressed number four. The elevator arrived on floor number four and I walked to my door.

I pressed the lock pad and entered. My place has a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and a room with a walk-in closet.

Home sweet home. I took my shoes off, slipped into my blue slip on dress and tucked myself in bed.

I felt exhausted and my heart felt fluttery. As I closed my eyes the last person on my mind was Hunter.

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