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Elle (Ancient Blood Book 1)

By Heather Glidewell All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


My name is Elle (well simply L), and I am a Spark. I feel I should start my story with some history on Sparks. It was believed at the beginning of time that the world and humanity was created by a single Spark. The process of evolution was forever altered when I heard this belief, for if it was only the work of a single Spark, they would be God himself. Over the course of 2,000 years the Sparks lived, manifesting themselves with humans. They passed the gene from one to the next without the knowledge that it was there, generation to generation. Until one day, it died.


My name is Elle (well simply L), and I am a Spark.

I feel I should start my story with some history on Sparks as they are not the most well-known entity on the planet. There is a theory that at the beginning of time that the world, along with humanity, was created by a single spark. This is merely not the case. The introduction of the Spark into human society caused evolution to altered, for if it were only the work of a single Spark, they would be God himself. Over the course of 2,000 years, the Sparks lived, manifesting themselves with humans. They passed the gene from one to the next without the knowledge that it was there, generation to generation. Until one day, it died. All that remained of the Sparks imprint with humanity was magic. The gene eventually mutated and later became nearly untraceable.

While White Sparks were best known for their appearance around the same time as humanity, the Dark Spark was introduced with the first offspring. The Dark Spark was carried inside the first son of man and passed down generation to generation, hence giving magic the appearance of white and black. Purebloods were rare during our time on Earth. Sparks didn’t breed with others of their kind. We were created to pass the gene to people not to each other. None of us knew that one day we would dwindle down to mere extinction. Only those that had denied their orders are still walking the Earth. I being one of the few.

There is a prophecy that states, while the Sparks were present in the beginning, they will return in the end. A supernatural type of four horsemen if you will. It is believed that the presence of the Spark will draw out the good and the evil alike. The Spark’s magic is a power held at the core of a chosen one; the daughter or son of a daughter or son, and so on down the line until you reach the original Spark. There never was an overabundance of my kind. We remained in small numbers with no want or need to take over, just simply to observe. After the power faded, people forgot the stories of the Sparks. They let their memory disappear into the background. We had started the evolutionary process, but we never wanted to actually be the evolutionary process. Each generation weakened us until finally, the gene was no more.

So now to me, who am I? Like I stated my name is Elle, I’m about 25 years old. I have no idea how I got here, and I don’t know where I’m from. My age is estimated, needless to say, based off of blood tests that were taken at a dilapidated clinic. I had been found bleeding in a ditch along some old highway in the desert. The man that found me named me Elle. What I know about Sparks is the only knowledge that I have, and it isn’t much. It’s the only part of me that seemed to stay intact.

The man put me up in a hotel about five miles from his house. He didn’t want his wife to think anything of me. I assumed it is human nature to feel jealousy towards another of the same sex. She did find out about me and came to the hotel one night in a rage until she saw me. My face still healing and wearing the same t-shirt I had been in for days. She had appeared with an alternate plan but instead took me under her wing as if I was her child. I didn’t speak at first, not for at least the first few months I was there. As I learned words, I was able to communicate with the man and his wife. She taught me to sew, and the man taught me about cars. Everything was great until the day that my Spark was sensed.

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