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Where the wind blows

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The wind may carry us all on separate journeys but after a run in with a mysterious man, the wind carries Ray on a journey of revenge. With the help of a magic school can Ray become powerful enough to enact his revenge? Or is he doomed on a journey of self destruction?

Fantasy / Action
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The knock on the door

The wind howls and cracks away upon a small little village. In that small village, little Ray’s parents yell at him and his sister Deja to stop playing and to get inside. When they enter inside the small little cottage their mother gives them a usual lecture,

Mom: “Don’t you two see how dangerous it is out there?”

Ray: We were only playing freeze tag for a second.”

Mom: I understand but there’s a storm coming in.”

The dad chimes in-

Dad: ”We can’t have you two flying away now, can we? (He starts to tickle them)

(Ray and Deja try to answer but the tickling forces them to laugh out hysterically.)

Mom: Okay you two get upstairs and clean up, dinners ready.

Deja: Ooh what’s for dinner.

Mom: Carrot stew.

Ray: Not again.

Dad: Hey, carrots are good for you. I love carrot stew, because they give you perfect vision. You can practically see through walls!

Ryan: Then how come you have glasses dad?

Dad: ‘Cause I didn’t eat enough carrot stew growing up. Now listen to your mom and go upstairs.

Ryan and Deja: Okay!

The children race up the stairs to see who’s the fastest. The mom and dad are left alone.

Mom: Why are you lying to those kids?

Dad: What do you mean?

Mom: You do not love carrot stew.

Dad: I…love…you, so I think that’s enough.

The mom chuckles as she grabs the pot and places it on the small dining table. The dad helps to set up the plates, utensils, and napkins. Just as he places the last napkin the kids come barreling down the stairs. The little family tries to eat in peace but the winds outside grow even more violent. The winds around become so loud the family can barely hear each other speak. But for some odd reason the winds seem to lull in intensity, which coincidentally lets the family hear a knocking on the door. The mother and father look at each other and the father whispers something in the mother’s ear. Her face grows dim as the father whispers. She nods her head and he gets up and walks over to open the door. Ray sips on his soup while looking on in confusion. At first the father tries to open the door slowly but the wind knocks the door open revealing a mysterious figure in the doorway. The man walks openly inside the house and stands by the table.

Mysterious man: Sorry to interrupt, may I have a seat?

The mother nods her head.

Mom: Ray can you…get him a seat.

Mysterious man: Don’t worry yourself child, I can get it myself.

His smile made Ray feel uneasy, but by looking at his parents face he could tell they felt something even worse than that, fear. The click of the man’s black boots were echoing inside the small cottage. The man finally found a chair and sat right next ray.

Mysterious man: So, what’s for dinner?

Mom: Um

Mysterious figure: Um; I don’t think I ever heard of that dish before. (He chuckles at his own joke)

Mom: C-c-carrot stew

Mysterious Figure: Oooh, that sounds good.

The figure grabs the soup and pours himself a bowl. He places the napkin in his lap. He then grabbed his spoon and slurped on the spoon in an almost mocking manner. At this point the tension at the table was so palpable that even the oblivious children noticed.

Dad: What do you want?

The man continues to drink the soup, as if deaf to the Father’s question. After he had downed the entire bowl he answered:

Mysterious man: I think you know why I’m here.

Dad: If I knew, I wouldn’t be asking.

Mysterious man: You really thought you could just leave the “obituary”, start a nice family, and I wouldn’t find you. I’m just here to collect the debt you owe me.

The winds outside grow even more oppressive and begin to shake the little cottage. The room however sits still. Strangely the temperature inside begins to drop and at a fast rate. The once clear windows become murky with frost and cracks start to form from the intense drop in temperature.

The ceilings start to form icicles and Ray’s cup of water becomes nothing more than a block of ice in a cup. Everyone’s breath becomes visible and the children start to shiver violently.

Dad: Children go upstairs.

Deja: But daddy it’s freez-

Dad: Now.

The children obey the commands of their father and run upstairs to hide under their blankets, so that they could still retain some heat. The mysterious man begins to chuckle.

Mysterious Man: I’m gonna be honest I didn’t know you still had the dragon in you. However it seems like it’s been asleep awhile, laying dormant; hiding.

Dad: I only tell you this once, leave…my… home.

Mysterious man: You thought you could leave and the past would never come back to haunt you. I wonder, do your children even know who I am, Robert? Nevertheless I’ll make sure they remember the man who killed their family.

The father leaves the table and calmly walks over to his blue and white sword katana, mounted above the extinguished fireplace. The mysterious man places his hand on his own sheathed sword laying on his hip.

Mysterious man: You know how this’ll end, so why fight it?

The father remains silent and unsheathes his sword. The room becomes as cold as the arctic. The mysterious man is unfazed to the unbearable cold brought on from the father’s sword. He instead sighs in his chair and slowly gets out of his seat. Once up, he yawns and stretches his back before unsheathing his own sword. The window glass shatters and the violent winds enter the room. The father leaps at the mysterious man hoping to finally cut ties with his past. But the mysterious man twitches his sword ever so slightly, the winds obey him and slam into the father, blowing him through the wall. The mother runs at the mysterious man hoping that his attention was diverted, but the wind whispers in the man’s ear and he quickly turns around and cuts the mother down. Her screams alert the children who run downstairs to see their mother murdered in cold blood. The man heads to the direction of the father, uncaring of the children’s screams.

The father wakes up and sees his children huddled over his wife’s body.

Dad: NOOO!!!

He screams and plants his sword into the ground summoning a gigantic wall of ice at the mysterious man. The wind swirls around the mysterious man’s blade creating a tornado vortex around the blade, he launches the vortex of wind into the wall of impending ice. It cuts through the wall of ice and shreds apart the father. The children look on in horror as their once quaint and beautiful family had been ripped apart by this one mysterious man. The man walks over to the children and squats to meet them at eye level. He smiles and looks them both deep in their tearful eyes.

Mysterious man: My name is Kirin and I just killed your parents. I know you’re having thoughts of fear and anger and I’m just here to say that those thoughts will soon be gone. Because just like your parents I’m gonna kill you. But don’t worry I’ll make it painless for you.

He smiles and stabs Deja in the chest without any qualms. Ray is speechless as he watches on, powerless, to stop the man. All he can do is watch the life drain from his young sister's eyes.

Mysterious man: Next is you little man. Are you ready to meet the reaper? I guess it doesn’t matter, because ready or not the reaper comes for us all. And right now he’s calling for your name.

The man walks over to the boy who is still staring at his sister and mother’s motionless body. The boy then stares at the man in front of him with a hatred he’d never felt before. The man gets ready to plunge the sword into the last remaining person when he looked back into the boy’s eyes. He smiled and said,

Kirin: I know it’s silly but you remind me of me when I was little. I don’t think it's your time yet child, but when you grow stronger I want you to find me. When we meet again, use that hatred in your heart and give me horrible death like I’ve given your family.

The man walks away and waves goodbye at his new enemy:

Kirin: Till we meet again, young child.

The boy walks over to his father’s mutilated corpse and grabs the sword and sheath. His mission is clear.

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