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"Do...do you guys know him? Where is he?" She asked hurriedly looking between both of us with a big smile. I let out a slight chuckle and ruffled her hair before looking over at my brother. He was staring at her face with a smile. This is the time I said through my mind link, he nodded still looking at her. I took a deep breath and held her other free hand in my hand before looking her in the eyes. "Tell me!" She almost shouted bouncing on the couch. "Aaa we know them very well," I said kissing the back of her hand. "Hmm them?" She asked with a tilted head like a lost puppy. I smiled and nodded. "You don't have only one mate baby....you have two" "What?" She gasped in shock but it soon turned into an excited squeal, " tell me where are they? Tell me?" " We are here love" me and my brother both said in unison making her freeze for a second. I gulped down all the bad thoughts which were coming up my throat. "You?? Huh?" "We are your mates baby"

Fantasy / Romance
sophie jane
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🌸 Chapter:-1 🌸

🦋Another one today?🦋


I am right now sitting on the edge of a bed in a hotel room that I own, with my legs open and this slut who was sitting on her knees naked between my legs sucking my cock like a lollipop. I am here from last night for some fun but now I am fucking bored. This bitch isn't even that good how much that club owner was saying, I would say....less than 3 stars. Just a waste of my time and money. Rolling my eyes when I heard her gag I slowly grabbed her hair and pulled her face up harshly making her hiss.

She fell into a fit of coughs before looking up at me, her black hair sticking to her wet face and her eyes shining like crystals. Her eyes examined my face for a while and slowly she bite down at her lips as her eyes trail down from my eyes and stuck on my lips.

Hmmm.... things are going in the wrong direction

I cocked an eyebrow and tilted my head staring at her observing her movement or waiting for her to do something stupid so I could end this here right now, and as expected she gave me a seductive smile before raising her arms and slowly putting them around my neck trying to pull me into a kiss with her eyes closed.

A smirk formed on my lips.....wrong move.

Holding her hair I harshly threw her to the other end of the room, her screams and groans bouncing on the walls of the big silent room like a rubber ball. I got up from the bed zipping my pants up and turned around on my feet stomping towards her. Her small bruised body laying near the door sobbing in pain and shaking.

Another one today

Just because I was a little soft with her doesn't mean she gonna forget what she was doing, she is nothing but a fuck toy and this identity is not forced by anyone on her. She is the one who chose it without any pressure so now she has to face the consequences too. She was here for money but she had to do her work properly without forgetting the rules but here someone broke them.

Tsk tsk tragic

"I... I am so..sorry sir.....I didn't-"

"Shut it!" I said harshly and with a blink of an eye, I was bent down to her level holding her throat in my big veiny hand, her eyes wide, face pale. she knows she fucked up.....and that also big time. I and my brother just have one rule....sex is a different shit we do that sometimes for stress relief but kissing is an entirely different thing, nobody is allowed to kiss us. That is for our little mate. She is the one who has the full right to do anything to us but other than her if any other women tried to take her position. The only punishment is death and it was always clear from the beginning. Everyone in the whole damm city knows this.

No apologies no buts.......useless. I was pissed anyways now got the excuse to exclude one fucking useless person from the population.

And with that I twisted her neck breaking it like a thin wooden stick, her eyes rolled back to her head and here she.... died right there......do I care?

What do you think?

Getting up back on my feet I took some tissues from the table to wipe the dirt off of my hands..... disgusting. Throwing the used tissues into the dustbin I took out my phone from my pocket because it was vibrating continuously and it was pissing me off now.


Why is he calling me in the morning? When he exactly knows where I am and what I am up to,

Picking up the phone I held it to my ear slipping my hand into my pants pocket. "Hmm?" I hummed in question looking over at that dead woman limp on the floor. What a waste of space.

"What hmm? Why aren't you here yet?" He asked in an irritated tone from the other end making me roll my eyes. What the fuck does he want early in the morning,

"Spit it out," I said pinching my nose slightly in anger now, this bitch is annoying as hell.

"Don't tell me you are still fucking some low-class vampire in that hotel room ?" He said in disbelief making me sigh and shake my head. Yeah probably if I haven't killed her. I thought to myself before responding.


"Wait! No....you..you killed another one today didn't you?" he asked with a gasp at the end. I could practically imagine his open mouth and wide eyes in my head which made me smirk slightly. I know...I know it's a bad thing but who cares.

"Yeah," I said walking out of the door not before taking my car keys from the bedside table.

"You killed the third one in just a single week you asshole," he said making me want to punch him right in his face, looking over at my men who were talking to each other in the hallway I slightly gestured them towards my room door with my head. They both nodded before walking towards the room. "I have my reasons," I said getting into the elevator and waiting for it to go down.

"What reason? Did she try to do something wrong?" He asked this time in a hushed voice making me slightly frown, "yeah" I said looking over at the receptionist who gave me a wink from a far away almost making me puke. I hate this shit.

"What?" he asked like he was trying to keep his voice as less audible as possible, I pulled my lips into a thin line frowning. Why he is acting like that? Is there someone with him? But who could be with him at this time?


My eyes widened at that thought which suddenly entered my head like a bullet.

"Is she there?" I asked closing the car door behind me and starting it. What is she doing with him right now?

"Yeah she...she is sleeping," he said sighing in between making my frown deeper as I drive towards the mansion shooting past these slow turtles on the road.

"What happened?" I asked even though I exactly knew the answer to this fucking question, I am just hoping that this time the reason is different or I am gonna lose it today.

"You driving?" he asked making me internally groan, this piece of shit doesn't know how to come straight to the point.

"Hmm," I said taking a turn to the left side,

"We will talk when you will be here"

"Tsk fine," I said and he hung up right away, I stared at the empty road in front of me with some cars, the sky was of different colors and the sun wasn't fully out either. The air was fresh and cold, everything silent. Some people were opening their shops and some going to their work so early.

But still... it's too early for her to be up. She should be back at her home sleeping soundly in her pastel purple soft sheets not with my brother.

" damm it! What the fuck did they do this time?" I hit the steering wheel in irritation and frustration. I feel like I need to put some people in their places soon....the secret can't stay a secret for too long like this.

"Don't worry love this will be over....soon"

(A/N:- English is not my first language so there will be mistakes, you can fix me but nicely 🌸)

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