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Saw you in my memories

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Susanne was a normal girl living her ordinary life until one day her grandmother unfortunately passed away. She was found dead in her basement. Though the police officer stated that the cause of her death was a heart attack , Sussanne was not really convinced. She believed that her grandmother's death was not natural. However Sussanne inherited her grandma's house and her business . Her grandmother used to run a business of antique objects. Sussanne moved out of her parents' house and thought of continuing her grandmother's business. So she moved in and started a new life . It was her first time living alone away from her parents. But was she really alone ?

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Standing infront of this big house all my childhood memories flashed infront of my eyes .As I took a step inside the house I inhaled the familiar comforting scent .

Well here it is....my inheritance . It's just as big as I remember. The first two floors are taken up by the antique shop and the third acts as a living space . I used to spend a lot of time in this house as a kid . Sadly I hadn't seen her in a long time .But standing inside this house brings back memories of me playing here . Taking a deep breath I told myself.....

Susanne: well nothing left to do but start a new life in this place , right ? (The place where my grandma died ) . I try to push the thought aside , but I can still remember the phone call word by word .

Police officer: we found your grandma collapsed on the floor of the basement surrounded by chalk drawing

Police officer: strangely the door at the top of the stair was locked .

Susanne: locked ?!

Police officer: Rest assured we are looking into it . We've also talked to a few people who saw your grandma recently . They said she was behaving a little strange lately.

Police officer: Were you aware of any health condition, or any medication she have been taking.

Susanne: sorry I haven't seen her in a long time so I have no idea .

Police officer: what about the chalk drawing ? Was she an artist or something like that ?

Susanne: N-not that I know of ..

Police officer: So you have no idea about what she was possibly doing down there in the basement ?

Susanne:. No I have no idea . Sorry I can't be more helpful ..

Even thinking of this conversation makes a shiver run down my spine . Although the police haven't found any evidence of murder or foul play , the strangeness of the situation is impossible to ignore . However keeping all this thoughts aside I force myself further inside the shop . The items are different now otherwise it still looks the same as when I was a kid .

I run my finger on a nearby shelf and it leaves a faint trail behind . Ok a little dusty maybe , but otherwise it's pretty tidy in here. However I still have to do some cleaning before I can reopen the shop . Stepping closer to the wall I tried to flick on the light switch . Nothing happens...................

Susanne : Damn the power must be off .

I guess I should go and check the circuit breaker. Isn't things like this usually in the basement . I head for the staircase , my foot steps echoing through the silent house. The further I decent the darker it gets . As i step deeper and deeper in the shadow the memory of my grandma's death down there keeps coming back to me.

The house down here feels almost unfriendly .....

What do you think awaits for Susanne down there in the basement?! To know stay tune for the next chapter 💜

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