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Saw you in my memories

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Chapter 2

Like a dark basement itself was going to be anything but creepy. At least the police cleaned up the chalk and everything .

Susanne: Alright, circuit breaker. Where are you ?

I walk around the basement , scanning the walls for the breaker box. My uneasiness grows with every step I take. Its hard to tell if I'm uncomfortable because I'm alone in this dark basement or because I'm not sure I'm alone after all.

Susanne: Ah! There you are!

I step over to the breaker box and flip it open . After resetting the switches I try the light switch . The bulb overhead comes on immediately , flooding me with relief. Its better with the lights on , the atmosphere of this place was really getting to me in the dark . Looking around the place in the light reminds me of the time I spent down here playing as a kid. I wasn't scared of it at all back then . Spotting some boxes and crates stacked on a shelf , I walk over to peek inside them hoping that the toy I used to like might still be around in one of these boxes . I find a drawer that looks a little familiar . I grab hold of a knob and pull it forward...

Susanne: Well it's been a long time since I've seen you, hasn't it?

I lift the figure up smiling. It's my favourite toy. But then I notice something right next to where I found my toy .It looks like some kind of a box, more like a vintage jewellery box .I reach in to pick it up and snatch my hand back with a cry .

Susanne : Ouch!

Something bit me! The back of my hand is smarting , and I turn it over, expecting to find a bite mark or a splinter . But to my surprise there is nothing . I rub a thumb where the burning is strongest , over the birth mark just below my knuckles .

The mark is in the shape of a stargazer , so clearly defined people always mistake it for a tattoo. But to be honest I can't call it a birthmark because I wasn't born with it . I have had it for ages now but I don't really remember when it first appeared . However I notice that there is something else tucked down beside the box too . Carefully reaching in I pull out a diary of some kind .

Susanne: A diary ?

( Some kind of noise )

Susanne: Wh-What was that ?!

Holding the diary close to my chest, I stare towards the stairs where the noise came from .

Susanne: Who's there ? Is an-anyone up there ?

Do you think Susanne will have a smooth start in this new house ? Or is there something mysterious awaiting? To know keep reading my story saw you in my memories 💟

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