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The moon goddess gift series - finding my Luna

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( this is book five in th moon goddess gift series) After searching for years Jamie finally meets his mate, it just so happens he's met her before. Will she accept him or will she choose to run away, only time will tell

Fantasy / Erotica
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Jamie Pov

“Caitlyn I’m in love with you,” I say to myself in the mirror over and over again, ‘Bolt help me,’ I beg my wolf as he sits there grinning in the back of my mind. ‘No,’ he says his smirk getting bigger and bigger. ‘Why not,’ I pout to my wolf as I turn to walk out of my bathroom. ‘Because you are going to be Alpha soon Jamie and you need to learn to take control,’ Bolt says in a serious tone causing a frown to form on my face. ‘It’s not that simple,’ I say to my wolf causing him to cock his head to the side, confusion spreading across his face. ‘Yes, it is, if you truly love her you will fight for her,’ he says with so much smugness in his voice. ‘Fine,’ I grumble back, turning towards my bedroom door and quickly exiting my room.

Twenty minutes later I’m sat on mine and Caitlyn’s bridge waiting for Caitlyn to arrive, “I didn’t think you was going to show,” I say the moment I see Caitlyn approach, “I nearly didn’t,” she whispers as she takes slow steps towards me. “I’m glad you did,” I whisper taking a step closer towards her, her cherry scent overwhelming my senses the moment I am close enough. Closing my eyes, I take in a deep breath before opening them back up looking deep into Caitlyn’s brown eyes. “Caitlyn I’m in love with you, I’ve always been in love with you from the moment we met, to the moment I found out your mate.” I say with so much love in my voice.

“Jamie,” Caitlyn starts to say taking a step back from me causing Bolt to whine in the back of my mind. ‘I don’t like this,’ Bolt whispers before pacing back and forth in my head. “We can’t,” she whispers causing my heart to sink in my chest, “my father would never allow it,” she whispers turning to face the water flowing under the bridge. My heart breaks into a thousand pieces as Bolt begins to whine extremely loudly, “I Caitlyn Amelia Troy,” she starts to say causing me to rush to her side, placing my hand over her mouth to stop her from finishing that sentence. “Please don’t or at least please wait,” I beg my eyes boring into her deep brown ones.

Hope you enjoyed my little teaser due to the holiday season coming up chapters will be uploaded starting on the 2nd of January 2023,

Merry Christmas and A happy new year guys hope you enjoy your holidays

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