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I'll Make Her Mine

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Annabeth: My mother just married a rich and controlling man. One I do not like nor trust. The worst part is, now I live amongst the elite. Going to their boarding school, and having to find my way around a bunch of rich snobs. Some of them are nicer than others. Tiberius Sebastian is a good looking guy. He's quite a flirt and can make any woman swoon. Then, there's Ezekiel Whitlock. The boy that drives me crazy and makes my knees weak. Even though he's a total jerk to me. Why? I have no idea. I wish I did so I could get him to quit acting like I'm a pain in his ass, and be a bit nicer. Ezekiel: This girl is driving me insane! I want to both wrap my hands around her neck, and kiss her lips so hard she'll get weak in the knees. These thoughts piss me off, being as she's only human. I take that little fact out on her, even though it's not her fault. She doesn't know the world she has just walked into. The deadly animals she is living amongst now, or the manipulative powers other withhold. One way or another, I'll make her suffer for coming into my life.

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Chapter 1


I watch the scenery out the window of the car, it’s almost a full moon outside, and the darkness of the night makes it a beautiful sight. Unfortunately, the euphoria of the night ends there when my mother opens her mouth. “I think you’ll fit right in with everyone darling.” I roll my eyes, doing my best to ignore her. “I know I messed up for the last sixteen years, but this is a new start.” I can feel her eyes on me as she talks.

“Are you listening to your mother?” The parasite from the driver’s side speaks up. I hate this man, he’s sleazy and I get a very bad vibe from him. However, my mother married him just last week, making him my new stepfather. I have to bite my tongue, so I don’t speak the vile words that wish to come up.

“Yes, Mother I heard you,” I say in an aggravated tone. I can feel the vile man’s eyes on me, turning my head a little I see him glaring at me in the mirror. “You didn’t mess up Mother. You have always done the best you can.” I say in a sugary sweet voice. It does the trick at appeasing her, a bright smile forms on her face, as she beams at me. “Oh darling, this is a fresh start for both of us.” She turns back around to face forward, as I hear her deep intake of breath. “We will live like princesses from this day forward.” The happiness oozes from her lips.

The way this woman thinks is appalling to me. I feel we have had a great life. My mother has always been there for me, spent as much time with me as she could, making some clothes for me just the way I like, and showing me love every day. She worked as a waitress since I can remember, living in the same two-bedroom apartment my entire life. Of course, when Arthur came into the picture only three months ago, that all drastically changed.

Apparently, his car broke down in our small town, so he had to stay at the motel for three days while the town mechanic worked on it. He came into the diner every day, flirting it up with my mom, and showing her a good time. After his car was fixed, he came in to ask for her number. For the next eight weeks, he wined and dined her, giving her a good time. Showing her how the rich and powerful live. Something she has always wanted.

Two weeks ago, he popped the big question, and without a second thought, she accepted. I wasn’t even there when they did it. A whirlwind moment she said, whatever the heck that means. She came home in the middle of the night, showing me the ring on her hand. When tears built in my eyes, she looked at me like I was crazy for feeling so sad. Claimed I ruined her special day, as she ran into her bedroom and slammed the door.

Leaving me alone with the creep she married. Don’t misunderstand me, Arthur is a good-looking man, he’s in his mid-thirties, built like a brick wall, I’m talking muscles for days. He has dark blonde hair and blue eyes. I mean you look at him and you would think he’s a girl’s wet dream come true. For some reason, which makes me feel crazy, when I look at him, I see the devil with a tail. There’s an undertone of danger in how he carries himself.

Not the addicting, hot bad boy danger either. More like there is a sadistic monster within him, and it scares the crap out of me. I try not to let it show, but I swear he can smell my fear. Whenever he’s in the same room as me, he lifts his nose, smells the air, and practically licks his lips. Looking at me as though he’d like to eat me up and spit my bones out. I shudder at the thought.

“Annabeth, are you listening to me?” I shake my head at my mother’s words. “I’m sorry Mom, I must have dozed off for a minute.” She turns her body to face me once more with an incredulous look on her face. “Hello, do you see where we are?” She holds out her hands for emphasis her tone filled with excitement. Looking out the window, I see we are making our way up a long, winding driveway. I can see brick houses as we pass. I feel flabbergasted, “These all belong to this family we are about to meet?” I cannot believe how much land is on their property.

“Yes, everyone that is part of the church lives in those houses.” His words make it feel like there’s a pit in my stomach. I wasn’t raised religiously, and my mother has always been an atheist. I look at the side of her face, and she looks away from me quickly. “What did you do Leslie Ann? Why did you marry this man?” I want to say the words out loud, but I bite the side of my cheek, trying to keep the words at bay.

We finally make it to the end of the driveway, it circles around a grand fountain, and when we park, my mouth falls open. Their house if that is what you can call it is massive. There has to be at least fifteen bedrooms in the house I’m looking at alone. An older man, wearing all black with a top hat and white gloves, opens my mother’s door and helps her out of the car. Once Arthur makes his way to her side, he aggressively takes her hand from the older man.

I open my door and go to step out when a hand with long fingers is open palm side up waiting for me to place my hand in his. Looking up, I can see his arm is bigger than one of my legs, his chest is packed, and when my eyes make their way to his face, I’m sitting there stunned. The man looks to be around my age, he has blonde hair cut short, deep brown eyes, and plump beautiful lips. For some reason, I can picture myself biting that bottom lip of his.

“Hi,” I squeak out. Clearing my throat, I try once more. “Thank you, but I can get out on my own.” I try to keep my voice polite, but when he doesn’t move an inch, I can’t help but get a little aggravated. “I promise you I can get up by myself.” His lips twitch at my snarky tone. I can see he is trying not to smirk at my attitude.

“Oh darling, don’t be rude. Allow this handsome, young man to help you out of the car.” My mother’s voice purrs with flirtation. I expected Arthur to reprimand her, but to my utter shock, he just stands there staring. Although, I can see the tension in his body, and the anger held deep in his eyes.

There must be something with this guy standing in front of me, that makes him keep his mouth shut. That knowledge alone, has me reaching for the beautiful stranger’s hand. He lifts me up, with little effort, and so fast I fall into his chest. “Sorry don’t know my own strength sometimes.” His voice does crazy things to my insides. “I’m Tiberius, but you can call me Tibs there beautiful.” He whispers in my ears, so low I’m certain it was for my ears alone. His words cause my heart to pick up speed, and my body to quiver.

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