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True Alpha Awakened

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I was once human, ignorant like the everybody else of what lurked around us, the world is not as you think there are creature who live among us they are the supernaturals vampires, werewolf's witches and everything inbetween and not only have i discovered about them but i have become one of them and a target at that because of the potential power i possess. I must get stronger to protect myself and loved ones i must Evolve and Awaken the True Alpha in me.

Fantasy / Action
Age Rating:

Somewhere inbetween


EXP: 83/100

Name: Isaac McKay

Age: 16

Specie: newbie wolf

Rank: Beta

Level: 10

HP: 33

Mana: 10

Strength: 50

Speed: 35

Senses: 30


Claw strike: 10 damage (physical attack)

Fang stab: +50 damage (physical attack*lethal*)

Dash: +10 speed (physical boost)

These were Isaacs current stats as he was on his knees his eyes glowing golden yellow his nail elongated and sharp dripping with blood, Isaac was topless bleeding out from the side of his abdomen as he went up against a group of previously five vampires he had successfully taken down two of them with only three of them still on their feet, Isaac couldn’t handle them as one of the vampires were of high ranks he was wearing a black coat, the vamp immediately released a blood swipe towards Isaac who had his back toward the wall of an old building

Isaac knowing full well he couldn’t take it head on rolled to the side as the blood swipe tore through the wall raising dust everywhere using the opportunity to make a run for it knowing that if the fight were to continue, the way it was going he wouldn’t survive it

“His trying to escape, hunt him down” the leader of the vampires ordered

Isaac running into the woods with a smirk on his face

“Did they really think I would run away, I guess they underestimated me I think I have a few minutes before they catch up?”

Isaac using the blood from his injury started marking up trees to two different paths opposite to each other as the two vampires reached the intersection they decided to split up Isaac at one end of the intersect readied himself for a one on one encounter

One of the vampires eventually reached where Isaac was hiding

“I know you’re here I can smell you, show yourself” the vampire spoke

Isaac without hesitation immediately dashed toward the vampire attempting to slash him with his claws which were a razor sharp, the vampire sensed this and immediately evaded the strike

“Oh a surprise attack sorry, but that won’t work on me my senses are razor sharp”

“It doesn’t matter if you can read my movement when you won’t be able to keep up”

*Dash skill activated*

+10 speed [00:30]

With only 30 seconds of dash Isaac knew he had to act fast

He immediately sprang towards the vampire; the vampire was shocked at the outburst unable to react

“What his did his speed just increase”

Isaac slashed at him [-10 damage ]as he dashed past him the vampire trying to regain composure immediately turned his back trying to face his opponent


But Isaac wasn’t there

“Am right here Isaac” said

As the vampire was about to turn towards the direction the voice was coming from he felt a sharp pain behind him as Isaac was able to get in two claw strikes

[-20 damage]

Isaac went in for another strike; the vampire dodged the claw strike and grabbed Isaac by the neck choking him with a smirk on his face

“That was fun wasn’t it “the vampire said

As he strengthened his grip, Isaac was slightly losing consciousness

“No I can’t die here not like this” Isaac thought to himself as his will to live increase

Isaac instinctively threw out two slashes at the vampires chest [-20 damage]

The vampire wasn’t expecting the counter as he thought Isaac was falling unconscious

He immediately let go of Isaac who landed in front of the vamp

“I still have one more trick up my sleeves “

Isaac being in range to perform his deadliest attack went in for it having only [00:05] seconds of dash remaining, Isaac aimed at the vampire’s neck and dug his fangs into his neck

The vampire grunted heavily using his last strength to push Isaac away from him but it was already too late as his health had already hit zero he dropped dead in front of Isaac who was panting heavily

*Vampire novice defeated*

+25 exp points

Level up

*all attributes +5

* Rank Omega

*Roar [skill unlocked]

*aura slash [skill unlocked]

This was now Isaac’s life fighting to survive, but it hadn’t always been like these, this is where it all began

Two weeks earlier…

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