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Magical BlackSmith

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This story follows Kelric, who lost his parents in a monster attack. He is now set on protecting the ones he loves and his friend. In this world being a blacksmith is common, since different ores give different magical effects. Kelric goes on adventures to find rare ores and craft better weapons.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

It was a peaceful autumn day on the street, the rustling of the trees and the falling of the leaves could be clearly heard. It wasn’t too warm, but not too hot either, it was the ideal day. Kelric and his family had just returned from a trip to the big city and were riding in Dad’s new carriage, which he was able to buy with the money he saved from his job as a blacksmith. Dad rode the horse that pulled the carriage while Mom and Kelric sat in the carriage. The carriage had a wooden bench on either side and a roof made of cloth. Kelric sat across from Mom and looked at the leaves falling as they passed. Then Dad called out, “I can see it already, the gate to our great city of Waynale.” Dad always exaggerated a lot about Waynale, it’s just a small town. But he always tells the others the great things about it because he’s lived there all his life. Kelric looked ahead and saw the gate. The gate was very shabby, which was to be expected for a small town, but the gate had always had a special feeling when Kelric saw it. The gate was one of the treasures of the village. While Kelric was admiring the gate, mom said to him, “We’re almost home, Kellie. I know you’re looking forward to playing with your friends again and telling them all about the big city, so hang on a little longer.” Kelric smiled a little. The carriage slowed down as they approached the gate. The gate was guarded by two guards that Dad knew very well because they’d grown up together. They wore neat armor and were both equipped with a spear. Normally they do identity checks when they let people into the village to make sure no criminals came in, but that wouldn’t be necessary with us because they knew us. Dad excitedly called out to the left guard, “Oi Artold, long time no see.” “Ah, you’re finally back, protecting the town with just the two of us was difficult. Glad to have you back, how was the big city?” Replied Artold. Dad quickly responded with, “It was very goo...” His sentence was cut off in the middle. A large monster jumped out of the ground and swallowed dad and the horse. “What the hell is a Gregor doing here?” screamed the left guard “You get reinforcements,” said Artold. “I’ll make sure it doesn’t get into town.” The left guard ran into town to get reinforcements while Artold rushed forward to attack the monster. The monster quickly attacked mom, but mom managed to partially dodge it. Mom was bitten in two by the monster. While the monster turned to attack mom again, Artold caught up to the monster and stabbed it in one of its eyes. The monster began to move uncontrollably, causing Artold to have difficulty pulling his spear out of its eye. When Artold pulled the spear out of his eye, the monster quickly attacked and managed to bite off his left arm. Luckily Artold is right-handed, but wielding a spear with one hand is difficult. Blood poured from his arm and Artold fell to the ground, but he wouldn’t give up until reinforcements arrived. So he got back up and faced the monster, mainly dodging it and making sure it didn’t attack anyone else. While Artold was fending off the monster, the half-eaten mom was crying and looking at Kelric. Mom decided to give Kelric her amulet that had been passed down in her family and said, “Take good care of it, Kellie, it’s important” Kelric began to cry as well and accepted the pendant with a slight nod. The reinforcements arrived a moment later and pulled Kelric out of the carriage to make sure he wasn’t hurt by the monster. The reinforcements helped Artold take care of the monster. “MMMOOOOOMMMM” Kelric screamed as he was carried away by someone in the reinforcements “It’s dangerous here, I need to get you out of here” More than one monster attacked that day, it was a tragedy. 5 dead, 11 wounded, mom and dad died, and three more from the reinforcements. Artold survived and was hailed as a hero of the village, even though it didn’t end well. Kelric thought back to the events of that time, to the tragedy in which both his parents died while he was bidding in the church. He held the amulet in one hand and prayed to the statue of the Goddess of Grace and Protection. “Please grant me thy power to protect my loved ones and my friends, O’ great goddess of grace and protection, Elstra.” Kelric stood up, looked at his amulet, clenched his fist, and thought to himself as he let out a tear, “I must become stronger, strong enough to avoid a tragedy like then.”

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