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Apocalypse Time

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The main character Maya goes to look for her friend along with her friends. Once in the city of Sanfartya, they go to the past, where many trials and mysteries await them. Will they be able to find their friend, and will they be able to escape the Apocalypse that awaits them

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

“Alex, you can’t drive so fast, I don’t want to go to the police station again because of you,” Maya frowned.

“We don’t have much time anyway, and if I drive like a turtle, then we definitely won’t make it to school.”

After a while they got to the school. Alex got his biology project out of his trunk.

“Hey, the bespectacled man is going to suck up to the teacher again,” Antonio shouted with a laugh.

“Alex, don’t mind that jerk,” Maya said in Alex’s ear.

Alex himself perfectly understood that if he answered something to Antonio, it would be even worse.

After school, Alex and Maya stayed after school at the library to study for their English exam. When they finished preparing and left the library, they saw that all the wheels of the car were punctured. Since they had no choice, they decided to go on foot and in order to get home as quickly as possible, they decided to go through a small old forest.

Having reached almost the road that will go out to their house, they heard screams.

“Did you hear that too?” Maya asked, startled.

“Yeah, it looks like it’s in there somewhere”

“Let’s go see what’s out there, maybe someone needs help”

When they reached the large bushes, they saw a very old house and two men.

“You are not a grateful son, I raised you as a man, and you have become worse than a woman,” the man replied in a menacing voice.

“Dad, it’s not that…”, I did not have time to finish as the door slammed shut.

Alex and Maya did not even have time to understand anything. The light bulb that was in the lamp lit up a little brighter and the guys saw that it was Antonio.

“This is Antonio, Alex. Let’s go help him.”

“Are you serious? He ruined my whole childhood,” Alex replied angrily.

“If we help him, maybe he won’t touch you anymore”, saying this Maya went to Antonio.

Antonio lay on the floor, holding his head. Maya ran up to him.

“Antonio, how are you?”, saying Maya.

“What are you doing here?”

“We accidentally overheard you,” Maya answered uncertainly. “Maybe you need help?”

“Thanks, but you shouldn’t have come here,” he angrily got up and left.

It’s been a week already. Antonio did not come to school after that incident. Maya, along with her brother Alex, were preparing for exams all the time. Only weeks remained until the end of their school life.

Alex did not come to school because of a headache, so Maya went to school on her own. Returning home, she met Antonio. He was quite dirty, and his hand was covered in blood.

“What happened to you?”.

Antonio looked at his hand and simply said nothing.

“Come to my house, and I’ll help treat your wound,” Maya took his hand.

“I don’t want to give you trouble”.

Maya still persuaded him to go home with Antonio and treat his wound. Arriving home, she found her brother next to the front door, holding a letter.

“Something happened?” Maya asked anxiously.

“I have the same question for you,” Alex was shocked that his main enemy is now in his house. “Our father left for Alaska without even saying goodbye to us, just putting down the letter.”

“Let’s talk about it later,” Maya replied in frustration. “Bring some bandages and alcohol from the bath, please.”

Maya began to tend to Antonio’s wounds.

“Does your father often leave?”

“Yes, he seems to have forgotten that he has children, and they also need to make time.”

“Well, at least your father doesn’t hit you,” he said sadly and quietly.

“What happened that night?”.

He remained silent for a moment and then answered.

“My mother left me with my father, I don’t even know where she is now and why she left us. Since then, my father began to drink and constantly blames me for everything. That night I accidentally broke a vase. birthday. He seemed to go berserk, rushed at me, “he covered his face with his hand.

Maya sat down on a chair and lightly hugged Antonio. They looked at each other. They looked at each other lovingly, while being silent for a very long time. Their silent conversation was interrupted by Alex.

“We were left with a letter near the door and it says that this letter is from Megan,” Alex handed the letter to Maya.

“Is today the day of the letter? Already the second letter in these two hours,” said Antonio with a smile.

Maya smiled and Alex was a little offended by both of them. Maya began to open the letter that Megan had sent her. Megan has been her best friend since childhood. They were inseparable, went to school together, walked, stayed with each other for the night. But two weeks ago, Megan left for Sanfartya to stay with her grandmother. Megan received a letter saying that her grandmother fell ill, and Megan left with her mother and nothing more was heard from them. Maya worried every day, because Megan promised to write to her.

Opening the letter. Maya saw a sheet with some numbers written on it.

“Are these the coordinates?” she asked in surprise.

“Probably,” replied Antonio.

“So, something happened to Megan,” while holding a piece of paper on which the coordinates are written, Maya almost did not burst into tears.

“Do you think something really happened to her,” Alex asked.

“Megan was silent for two weeks and did not write anything to me, after she left for her grandmother, I never heard anything about her anymore. She couldn’t just send some coordinates. It’s not like her,” Maya answered confidently.

“There are three weekend days ahead, I think we’ll have time to go there,” said Antonio.

“Great idea except we don’t have a car. Father decided to go to Alaska with our car,” Alex replied with a roll of his eyes.

“My father has an old car. I can try to steal my father’s car,” Antonio stated firmly.

It didn’t take long for the guys to get to work.

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