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The Sneaky Key

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Imagine if you will being so depressed you want end your own life... so you take a handful of mushrooms given to you by a Wizard in a pub called The Sneaky Key only to have it fail and you go back in time instead, 28,000 years actually....and you bring someone back with you. Some one famous . Well this is what happens to our misbegotten hero, Titan Forfar, and this story is all about making friends, even if there is a gap of 28,000 years between them...there is still a bond. Please enjoy this story and leave a comment if you enjoyed it, also..... have a giggle and please....leave the mushrooms alone ok?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Ever had a favourite meeting place like bar you could go to and just have a drink and relax from the cares of the world and home life ?

Didn’t it feel good to be amongst like minded humans, trolls, dwarfs and goblins just shooting the breeze, talking shit, playing pool, flirting with a the waitress, starting a fight and watching the local games on the cracked tv screen behind the bar with a bowl of mixed nuts and a cold brew in front of you with no responsibilities?

You were by yourself.

You could do what ever the hell you wanted to do and there wasn’t anyone in that bar that was going to query you, argue with you, make you feel like yesterdays news and you could just...


Have you ever walked into a bar and the decor screamed at you from every corner of the building that you were in the right place?

Have you ever sat on a barstool and it was exactly the right height, shape and contour for your butt?

In your limited existence on this planet have you ever, I MEAN 'EVER' had a barman read your mind and place the exact drink in front of you EVERY TIME YOU WALKED IN AND SAT DOWN?

Well then my friends if you haven’t you need to find The Sneaky Key and treat yourself to the most amazing of experiences to be had in this or any other world.

It's that good!

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