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The Squire In Distress

By Rachel Miller All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


I am a fifteen year old, that started writing when I was six for fun. When I started off I did short stories about princess' being saved by the prince, so I think it's about time to switch the story up.

Chapter 1 : The Gift

Today was a very special day. As for today the Princess of Echua (E-Cha) was turning fifteen. Even though everybody in the whole village was excited about today, the Princess Zara was not, for she just wanted to go out into the woods or dress up as a commoner so that she can walk around the town and get away from her duties as a Princess. Yes Princess Zara was rather rebellious, but she helped the town in more ways than one. Princess Zara wasn’t one of your typical Princesses either, for she loved to get dirty, and she even loved bugs, even though they are kind of ugly looking, but Princess Zara knew not to judge a book by it’s cover, for far too many people do that.

“Princess Zara. The queen wants to see you.” One of the maids tells the Princess. “Yes coming.” Zara replies to the maid. Zara looks into a mirror that was next to her bedroom door to check if she was presentable. Zara’s hair was cut into a long bob, her hair color a dark brown. Her crown rested on her forehead, as it was made to do so. Zara was in a gown even though it was uncomfortable, her gown was the color navy blue as to match the jem in her crown.

Zara exited her room, knowing that she was presentable to see her mother. Zara took twists and turns until about three minutes have passed and the door to her mother and father’s throne was in front of her. She knocked on the door, to see if she was allowed in, once she got a response saying that she can come in, she opened the door to see her mother sitting on her throne chair, her father nowhere to be seen.

Her mother looked beautiful as always, she was wearing her signature gown that was as white as snow, making her skin glow, as it did so. Her hair was pulled back into a braid that was resting on her shoulder. Her crown being silver that looked like leaves sitting around her head. Her brown eyes looked into Zara’s blue eyes that she got from her father.

“Happy birthday my child. Now before your father gets back I have a present for you that he would not approve of.” Zara’s mother showed Zara a wrapped up long piece of stick.

“What is it?” Princess Zara asked, curious at what it was. “Now if I told you my child, it wouldn’t be a surprise. Now would it.” The queen says smiling, at the curious Princess. The queen hands the gift over to the Princess. The Princess then almost drops to her knees, as for the gift was heavy.

The Princess was straining herself just to keep the gift off the ground, for that was how heavy the present was. “This is heavy!” Zara said strained. “Of course it is. I mean if it wasn’t then it would be a rip off.” The queen respond to the Princess. The Princess was confused at what the queen meant. The queen chuckled at the Princess, since she saw her confused face. “Now run along, before your father comes.” The queen said with a smile. Zara slowly walked to the door, not wanting to get her mother in trouble.

Once Zara was outside of the throne room, she meet a long secluded hallway, that had a red rug and jewels here and there. Zara then dropped to her knees, for she couldn’t hold herself up anymore. The gift that her mother gave was far too heavy.

Zara picked herself up, and then tried to picked up the present.

As Zara tried to once again pick the present, she heard footsteps coming towards her. Zara looks up to see her friend Astrid in her uniform, only ten feet away from her. “What are you doing?” Astrid asks Zara. Astrid had to wear iron chestplate, iron shin guards, iron on her forearms, iron pants, and iron shoes. Astrid’s long blonde hair was put in a high ponytail, so that no hair would get into her eyes. Her green eyes curious as to what Zara was doing.

“Funny for you to ask.” Zara chuckles sweat dropping, wishing that she was stronger than she was at that moment. “I was trying to pick up this gift that mother gave to me, but I’m afraid that it’s too heavy for me to lift.” Zara answers honestly to her one and true friend that she has. Astrid looks to the gift and then back to Zara, and then once again the to the gift.

Astrid walks up to Zara and picks up the gift with ease. Zara stares astonished. “Are you a flipping Werewolf or something?” Zara asks being completely serious. Astrid looks at Zara confused, yet smiling at the Princess. “You know that Werewolves are not real correct?” Astrid asks not for sure if Zara was being serious. “Yes.” Zara yes with a blank face. Astrid turns around to face away face Zara and starts walking away. “Hey wait up!” Zara says running to catch up with Astrid.

Astrid and Zara take a few twist and turns, and meet face to face with a dark brown, almost black door. Astrid led Zara here to this door for a reason, for she knew what the gift was, for she saw this shape too many times. “Huh? Why are we at the training grounds?” Zara inquires. “Hmm.” Astrid hums with a smirk and then opens the door. What the door revealed was a very large room that has weapons to no end on the left side of the room, a battleground where you can practice in the middle of the room, and on the right side of the room has some armor, where in the middle there was a vacant place that had a door instead.

“You never answer my question.” Zara says, still amazed of how large the room was, even though she’s been there before she will always be amazed that the weapon room is larger than the throne room. “Well let’s just say that you are going to be here even more so than already.” Astrid says, confusing Zara. “I don’t understand.” Zara responds, still confused as to why they are at the weapon room. “Come on, get your royal behind in the weapon room.” Astrid replied, not answering Zara.

Once they entered the room, Astrid closed the dark brown doors. “Here you need to open this gift on your own.” Astrid hands the Present to Zara, to open the present.

Zara tears open the gift, to see a sword, that was different from any other sword that she has seen. It has a baby blue handle, with silver accents, the sword was not very usual either, the blade was curved, with a wave like structure. The scabbard was a darker blue that the baby blue, but not dark enough to be a medium blue, the shape of the scabbard was the same as the sword, so that the sword would fit.

“Wow.” Zara says amazed by the beauty of it. “Mother got me a sword!” Zara yells after a few moments of silence. “Yes.” Astrid deadpan. “Let’s get to working.” Astrid then says, her changing emotion quickly. “Huh?” Zara blinking, not understanding what Astrid means. “I gonna teach how to fight with a sword.” Astrid says in a no duh tone.

“What?” Zara slack-jawed.

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1. Chapter 1 : The Gift
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