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Uncertain Journey

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It all started with a key that Ashley had and a secret that she knows and no one except her. Her dreams and key played a major part in her meet-up with Levi and Jacob. There was something about Levi's dreams and visions that was mysterious and he was afraid to know. The key that Ashley has and the dreams that Levi saw put Jacob also into their journey unexpectedly. Jacob was never the type of person who believed in dreams or any other things but the sudden hallucinations he faced changed his mind. They all belonged to different families but one thing connected them. Their dreams. They were all part of a big plan of the Universe. Their life took them on a different journey and a completely uncertain situation. What if something wrong happens and they weren't ready to encounter it? But, what if something good happens and their whole world could change in a second?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

The bakery was filled with the smell of hot chocolate and vanilla cake. It felt so refreshing to the nose. She was standing in the kitchen of the bakery near the oven, checking on the cakes that she has baked. The order of two cakes was almost ready just the topping was left to be done.

"Ashley, how much more time will it take?" Her supervisor Adam asked her while examining the two cakes that were on the table.

Ashley, who was decorating the cake lifted her head " just a few minutes, sir and the order is almost ready, " she confessed while wiping the drops of perspiration from her forehead with tissue. She was decorating the chocolate cake with the little chocolate flowers and beads on it. The chocolate cake was looking beautiful after the final touch of little flowers and then she started assembling the vanilla cake. Adam was analyzing everything that Ashley was doing.

"Ahhh, finally it's done" Ashley muttered while making the last pink flower on Vanilla cake and it was ready to go.

All the staff gathered around both the cakes looking at them with astonishment. They were all fond of her baking and decorating abilities. She was a master of these skills.

"As always, great work Ash". Her co-worker and friend Emily appreciated her.

"Thank you, Emily," Ashley said happily. She was glad to complete that order as it was an important responsibility given to her by the boss. Her supervisor told her that this cake is being prepared for someone special for the boss so she had to put all the effort into it and maybe this order may result in more big orders of the cakes coming their way.

The cake was now handed over to the packaging staff and it was in the packing process.

Ashley removed her gloves and apron. From the kitchen, she went to the washroom to freshen herself. The washroom area was clean

and sterile like the whole bakery. This bakery " Eat Twice " wasn't so big but it was well set and decorated. The interior of the bakery was eye-catching as it consists of a Pink and white theme. The beautiful light pink fancy bulbs were all hanging from the roof wall. They were reflecting the beautiful fairy tale view of the bakery.

"Let's go for coffee today," Emily who just entered the washroom area said to Ashley who was washing her face.

Ashley tilted her face at Emily's voice. Her face was dripping with water.

She closed the tap.

"Yeah, sure. But let me check my schedule. I might have some tasks to do." She said while tapping her wet face with a cloth.

"Oh, Ash please don't tell me that you are busy and we aren't going. For how much time we haven't been anywhere and had a pleasant time? " Emily moved towards her and said disappointedly. "By the way, you have already taken enough of the workload so you should take some time for yourself too. "

Upon listening to her Ashley took a deep sigh.

" Who wants to struggle? It's just life that puts us into these situations. " She mumbled with a low tone while looking at Emily's reflection in the mirror.

" I know you are helpless about it, but we will surely find out a solution to all this. You aren't going to live your whole life like that. Not? You told me yourself. " She patted Ashley's back trying to console her.

Ashley nodded. She knew in this world, that it was only Emily who understands her.

Ashley has been just ten when her mother died while giving birth to her second baby. She was left in this world with her baby brother and a father. After two years his father got married again putting them at the mercy of their stepmother. He thought that they will be getting a good upbringing from their new mother, but things didn't work out for Ashley and her brother Eric as she used to torture Ashley and her brother a lot. His brother was just two years old, so Ashley used to take care of her. Every day, when she went to school she got worried to put her brother at the mercy of their mother. Their father also went to work in the daytime and came back at night so wasn't able to comprehend and see what was happening.

Many times she tried to talk about this to her father, but her stepmother attempted every means to never let this happen. It was a tough time for her. She had to be strong for her brother and that's when she started changing herself.

The stage was all set up for the concert. Jacob was sitting in the make-up room and the make-up artist was putting together his shoulder-cut hairs into a neat ponytail.

"You are ready for singing now. " The make-up artist confessed to him who was looking at his mobile phone. Upon his voice, Jacob observed himself in the mirror. His hairs were braced backward with the hair gel and tied into a ponytail. He was a young man around thirty with a good body built.

"Thanks, buddy, " he said to the artist while standing from the chair. The artist leaned forward with one hand on his chest and winked at him. Jacob chuckled. His laughter was fascinating.

"Sir, Are you ready for the concert? Everything is set up. We have to go now." His assistant manager Levi arrived in the room. He was looking in a hurry. "It's already 8 pm," he said while looking at his wristwatch.

"Yes. We are ready." Jacob headed with his assistant towards the stage. They were side by side and looking at them it was clear that Jacob has great height even though his manager was medium height but while walking with Jacob he was looking smaller.

The audience was filled up with high energy and after looking at Jacob on the stage, people cheered up. He started singing and they also imitated him. This made Jacob happiest while looking at people enjoying his singing and romanticizing him. He was the only hero on the stage and everyone was in the audience. His fans were mad for him and were gazing at him with awe and wonder. He was their celebrity. An Icon. What could he ask more than that? He was living the life that many people wished for.

It was a small apartment. It consists of two rooms where Levi lived with his parents. The home was tidy and clean and everything was in place but the only uneasiness about this apartment was its space. It was quite small that when you enter the house there comes a small kitchen by the side. Following the kitchen, there was a small lounge having two rooms next to each other.

Levi entered his room and lay on the bed. He looked quite tired after today's concert.

"H, ho how was your day today? " His mother entered his room while taking the support of the walls. She looked pale and weak.

"Oh, mum. Why did you come here? You should have called me. You already know you are sick." He stood up from the bed and held his mother's hand supporting her to sit on the bed. Her hands were warm.

"You still have a fever mum." He said worriedly placing his hand on her forehead. "Let's go to the doctor."

"N.nn, No. I am fine, Levi," she stammered due to weakness and fatigue as she was out of breath after just walking from her room to Levi's room. She waited for a few seconds so that she can breathe properly. " I have taken the medicines that the doctor prescribed me yesterday. I am not going to the doctor again and again."

"Ok, but take care of yourself." He uttered anxiously while looking at her fragile body. She was getting weaker day by day and the doctors weren't able to diagnose what was happening to her. " I promise you mum that you will be fine. I will find the solution and treatment for your disease," he said while caressing her cheeks.

"So what I was asking. " she stroked two fingers on her forehead while recalling what she was asking him. " Yes, how was the concert today?"

She never felt good whenever he got so worried about her so she smartly change the subject.

"Oh, yeah that was amazing. Everybody enjoyed it and admired Jacob." He said with sparkling eyes. These were the eyes that look happier while thinking of someone that he relishes.

"Your boss is a great man. He deserves to be loved by people." She expressed having a warm smile on her face. Levi nodded.

Levi's mother always loved Jacob for how down-to-earth and helpful he was even though he was a celebrity having millions of followers. He has supported Levi many times when he needed help.

"Where is dad?" Levi asked with wandering eyes searching for him.

"He went to search for a job," she whispered as an apology as she knew that he will get upset after knowing that.

"Why mum?'' The crease on his forehead was visible.

"Your dad told me that he doesn't want to make both of us a burden upon you."

She said while looking at her hands. She knew how hurt he could be listening to that, that's why she intentionally didn't look at him.

"Why do both of you think like that?" Listening to her telling this felt like something has broken inside him.

"Because you are already paying for your studies plus these house expenses so we should be able to pay for our medicines at least." Tears rolled down her cheeks when she said that.

"Look mum, you both are not a burden for me don't think like that please, and I feel dignity in taking your and dad's responsibility. " Levi held her hands. " Don't ever say that again. I will also talk to dad about this."

She nodded and smiled with teary eyes. She was proud of her son.

"I pray that you get everything you wish for and I believe that something has been written in your fate for you my son that's going to change your whole life, this is my prayer for you." She patted his cheek.

Levi knew that whenever his mother prayed for him that thing become his reality.

Currently, the only thing he wishes for was for his mother getting well.

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