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Demolished Heart

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“CALIMESA! ZEKE! MCKENNA!” Staring at their dead bodies, as I fight the hold of a guard; twists and turns as I continue to struggle, to break free, halting. Just behind their dead bodies is Lexa smirking, staring at her as the smirk never slips off. Her eyes challenging me to say something; feeling my anger grow as I snarl at her, thrashing around in the guard's arm once again, trying to get the conniving bitch.

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Flower Field

Running away crying as I passed guards and the maids, but none of them tried to stop me. After all, they don’t care about me. Once I couldn’t run anymore, I lifted my head to see I’m in a flower field; glancing around the area, noticing lilac flowers, some blue flowers, and white flowers. Grabbing the three types of flowers, I make a flower crown; as I finish the first one, I continue to make more for when I make friends.

“Those are so pretty!”

Yelping, whipping my head towards the sound to see two females and a male, tilting away before giving them a smile and handing the two flower crowns I’ve made. Feeling shy, I bring my hands closer to myself as I hide behind them; there was a fairy smiling at me while helping me finish making the last flower crown; smiling back, I put my focus back on the flower crown.

“I’m Calimesa,” the girl says.

Nodding, we finish it; smiling, I put it in my lap and look up to see another person. Gulping, I shift around where I’m sitting, hoping that someone. Biting my lip, Calimesa opens her mouth and said, “Over there is Zeke. We’re friends, and then on the other side of Zeke is McKenna.”

Giving them a nod and a small wave before shifting my eyes on the flower crown.

“I’m Ruth,” I whisper.

“How did you find this place?” Zeke asked.

When no one answered, I looked up to see everyone staring at me, which made me get the hint that he was asking me, “I just found it when I was running.”

“Why were you running?” Calimesa asks.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I mumbled.

“Just tell us when you’re ready.” McKenna states.

It gets quiet. Looking up at the sky, I notice it was changing colors, so I asked, “What time is it?”

“Probably around six. Why?” Zeke answers.


Rushing up and running towards the castle, I twist my body around and yell, “We’re friends now, so come here when free.”

Six years later; walking around the castle minding my business when Lexa, my sister, comes running through the hall with our parents on her tail. Sighing, I move out of the way, since I’m not in the mood. She stops once she sees me, holding back a groan as I wait for our lovely parents to open their mouths.

“Who are you?” Lexa asks.

Raising a brow and glance down at her, but before I could speak-

“Answer the princess,” the queen demands.

“I’m Ruth, your other daughter,” I state, then walk away.

Rolling my eyes as I continue my way to the flower field but I take lots of twists and turns to make sure no one follows me. Quitely jogging behind Zeke as he’s talking with Calimesa, quickly putting my finger to my mouth as she keeps her attention on him. McKenna is already on her phone, not paying too much attention to her. I spook Zeke.


Calimesa and I burst out laughing while McKenna has a smirk on her face; falling down laughing as I try to breathe. Zeke growls before tackling me down, screaming. I push him away as everyone laughs.

“I give!“, groaning.

Rolling over, I’m able to sit up, leaning against Zeke as everyone does their own thing; when it gets too quiet, Calimesa speaks since she has an issue with silence.

“So, anything new?”

“Nope.“, McKenna and Zeke ...


“Ran into my parents and little sister.“, I mumbled.

“What happened?“, Zeke asks.

Moving my tongue to the left of my mouth before letting out a sigh, messing with my hair while putting my head in my hands. “My sister asked who I was and when I didn’t answer and just looked at her, my mother demanded I tell her who I was.”


“That’s terrible.”

“Did they get pissed?”

Tilting my head towards McKenna and smirking, “Oh, indefinitely.”

“High five girl!”

Laughing as the others stare at us in shock, falling fully down as I look at the sky, closing eyes, feeling the breeze in my hair- suddenly sitting up, I glance around the area trying to pinpoint what I was feeling but as I frankly look around; I know I’m missing the bigger picture, so closing my eyes; I let my other sense take over and find what I was sensing. Quietly getting up as I showed everyone to be quiet, quickly moving towards the unknown thing while keeping myself out of their eyesight; directly behind them, I take out my dagger and quickly cover their mouth with the dagger at their throat.

“Who are you, and what are you doing here?” I hissed.

“I did not mean to spook you.”

“Who are you?” I ask again as I push the dagger deeper into their neck until it bleeds.

“My name is Ralph and I’ve come from the kingdom of Tevelia. I was told that I would have to follow the princess around.“, he answers quickly.

“The princess wouldn’t be here.” I say, glaring at them.

“I speak the truth and nothing but the truth.“, he states while surrendering.

“Who sent you?” I demand.

“Cody Wolfire.”

Dropping my hands, I step back and put the dagger away; running my fingers through my hair and walking away from them, reaching everyone else- they look up but quickly got defense because of the person behind me but I just put my hand up and shake my head. Confused but they all sit back down.

“Why did you let me go?“, they ask.

“You said Cody sent you, correct?”


“Than shut it and sit.”

They open their mouth but I glare at them, which makes him close it; once again it was silent until Calimesa falls down from where she was sitting. McKenna and Zeke both burst out laughing while I roll my eyes at them before heading towards her and helping her up.

“Who’s Cody?“, Calimesa asks after she’s on her feet.

“The prince of Tevelia.”


Glaring at her, she shut up before whistling, while looking away from me; sighing I walk back towards the place I was before and lay down.

“So why did this Cody person send you this way?” Zeke asks.

“All he said was that I had to follow the princess around.“, Ralph answers.

“Was this the first place you went?” McKenna asks.

“Actually, no- I was heading towards the young princess, but he stopped me and said quote-unquote, ‘That isn’t the princess I was talking about. The princess you’re looking for while finds you before you make yourself known. And when that happens, she’ll hold you mouth with a dagger at your throat.’”

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