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Demolished Heart

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“Wait, what!?” they shout.

Shaking my head at them, I lean against the tree that’s closest to me before tilting my head to the left and cracking my neck then rolling it to make sure it was all good before glancing up through my eyelids to see Ralph looking at them in confusion before they turn their attention onto me but since they couldn’t see my eyes; I do nothing.

“Did I say something wrong?“, Ralph asks.


“Not exactly.“, finishes Zeke.

“I don’t-”

“We’re just confused, that’s all.“, Calimesa cleared up.

“Maybe I can help clear whatever it is.“, Ralph states causational.

No one said anything until Zeke said, “That doesn’t sound half bad.”

“So, Cody Wolfire sent you to protect the princess of Tevelia, right?” McKenna says.

“That’s correct.”

“And he also said that the one you were heading towards wasn’t the right one.“, Zeke then says.

“That is also correct.“, Ralph says with one of their eyebrows raised.

“Last time I checked, the kingdom of Tevelia, it homed to Night elves.“, Calimesa states.

“None of us are Night Elves.“, Zeke McKenna states.

“Night elves?“, Ralph says, confused.

“Moon elves.“, I say without opening my eyes.

Feeling four pairs of eyes on me, I open my eyelids to see everyone shocked, rolling my eyes at them, I close them again, hoping to get some sleep but sensing that would not happen, I sit up straight while getting comfortable for the very long conversation we’re about to have.

“Moon elves?” they say together.

“How do you think I felt when you guys kept saying Night elves.“, Ralph states.

“It doesn’t matter if you say Night or Moon elves their the same.“, I state, hoping that I’ll be able to avoid a pointless fight.

“How do you know that?” Calimesa asks.

“Because I do.”



“Answer the-”


Rolling my eyes at them, glaring up, they open and close their mouths until Ralph says, “So, what creatures are you guys? I mean, I know for a fact that one of you is a Satyr.”

“Yeah, that would be me.“, Calimesa states.

“And he’s not wrong about us not knowing what creature each of us are.“, she continues to say.

“Since we already know what you are, I’ll start. I’m a Drow.“, McKenna says.

“Drow?“, Ralph, Calimesa, and Zeke ask.

“Dark elf.“, I state.

Feeling their eyes all on me again, I keep my head towards the sky as I speak.

“I’m tired of you guys staring at me every time I say something to help you guys to understand.”

“Sorry, it’s just hard to image you knowing what we’re trying to understand when you never look like you’re actually paying attention.“, Calimesa states.

“You said you’re a Drow, right?“, Ralph says before continuing, “Why in the world would a Satyr be hanging out with an elf-like that?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Calimesa and McKenna ask.

“Drows don’t have the best history in making friends. People see Drows as troublemakers and their own kind suspect each other.“, I answer.

“Wow, I didn’t know that; but then again I’m an outcast among my kind, so that makes sense in a way.“, McKenna says.

“Well, I hang around her because we became friends and there’s anything anyone can do to make me unfriend any of them.“, Calimesa states proudly.

“Your joking.“, Ralph states.

“Do I look like I’m joking?“, Calimesa hisses.

“I guess not, but still-”

“Anyway, I’m a Western ice dragon.“, Zeke interrupts.

“What are you?“, McKenna asks, staring at Ralph.

“How do we know that you’re actually sent by Prince Cody Wolfire and you’re not actually the enemy?” Calimesa asks.

“Well, I’m a Sunrise Elf which is the opposite of Moon elves.“, Ralph states.

“Sun elf.”

“We draw power from the sun.“, he says.


“Are you saying that you’re stronger than Night elves!“, Calimesa says.

“What! God no. I’m saying if push comes to shove, I would win against a Moon elf.“, Ralph states.

“Have you actually spared with the prince?” I asked.

“Yes, a few times.“, he states proudly.

“And how many times has it been a close call?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

He gulps before answering. “Far too many times.”

“Exactly; no one is better than another because when push comes to shove as you said, the strongest will always come on top in a fight.“, I state.


“No buts.“, I snapped. “If you weren’t against Zeke, you would lose five out of ten, because Zeke has an upper hand because he’s able to fly unlike you, where you’re at a disadvantage in the sky.”

“If you went against Calimesa, then you would’ve won two out of ten because sun and Satyr work together, unlike dragons.“, I state.

Everyone stares at me in pure shock, getting up and stretching; once done, I listen to my surroundings to find that we’re not the only one here, licking my lower lip as I smirk and then disappear in plain sight. Moving around in the shadows until I’m directly behind the newcomer. Holding the dagger to their neck but was quickly flipped, mentally cursing, I dish out a low kick, bring them down, then swiftly get behind them again and choke them. They throw me off of them- landing a few feet away from them; I can hear the gasp from Calimesa. Staying low to the ground, I pull another dagger out while I scan the area before running sideways, dodging the punching, heading straight for my face with a stomach kick, which puts me in a bad spot as they knocked me down. Gasping for air, then groan as they put their knee into my back, pushing up using my hands. I could get their knee off my back before trapping them with my legs around their neck; when they struggle, I tighten my legs up while bringing up a dagger.

“Who are you?“, I growl out.

“You did better than Ralph and he’s been training to become a solider for our kingdom.“, they say.

“That doesn’t answer my question.“, I snap.

“Easy, I mean no harm!“, they shout.

“Jesus, Ruthie. I was wondering what was taking Ralph so long to find you, but I see now that you were hanging out with your friends.“, they say before continuing, “And the next time you run into our family, would you mind giving me a heads up.”

Realizing who I was choking, I quickly let go before putting my dagger away and then punching them, since they’re a bloody idiot.

“I could’ve severely killed you.“, I snapped.

“But you didn’t.“, they say.

“No shit, I figured out who you were! I didn’t fucking know you were suicidal.“, I mumbled.

“I’m not suicidal, sis.“, he says.

“That said otherwise, Cody!“, I growled.

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